13 Months ago today.....


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Nov 26, 2000
I made my first post here on the DIS Collectors board. I was looking for Villain character pins so I could make a Villains pin set. I did not like the one Disney made, although I do like the pins :D , and decided to make my own which I still haven't finished. :rolleyes:

In the last 13 months I have been bitten so deeply by the pin bug that I doubt I'll ever get him to let go! I have waited in lines at 4a.m. (something I thought I was over after after trying to get concerts tickets as a teenager) and even enjoyed it! (flashlight pin trading!) I have traded with people all over the USA and even a few from Japan, France, England, Canada and Germany. I have been to WDW as many times this year as I have in my entire life prior to 2001. I have become a moderator on PinPics and come to be known as ..........and Dom.

But the best part of all I have made some great new Disney friends and strengthened a few existing friendships all through pin trading!!!! I want to thank Pete Werner for helping to make this possible and all the people on this board for the wonderful community that exists here.

I look forward to the next 13 months!!!


Sep 29, 2001

I just staarted trading in Sept. And you have help me out alot. Got some well needed pins from you. Thanks
Happy New Years and Many More


magic is in the heart of the beholder...
Dec 28, 1999
Dom, we have enjoyed trading with you and meeting you several times at our CT meets. It really should be

DOM.......... and the Three Caballeros (don't tell my friends i said that!!)


Here's to many more months !! Caroline and Roger


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Feb 16, 2000
Ahem....Caroline???? Partaking of the Christmas eggnog?? DOM...and the Three Caballeros??? (picture hands on hips and foot tapping) Excuse me????? :D

Congrats on lucky 13 ....and Dom!!!



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Nov 26, 2000
Now Leslie!!! After I got up with only 4 hours sleep and got you the LE 2000 Beuty and the Beast pin??? I should at least get one less dot!!! :D :jester: :D :jester: :D


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Apr 24, 2000
Well I have never met the first 12 Doms, but I KNOW Dom #13 is a swell guy! I'm glad to count you among my friends :bounce:

Happy 13th anniversary!!

BTW, did i ever tell you 13 was my fraternity jersey number in College??


Ms.Mad / Pin Connoisseur
May 31, 2000
I think you sent me a pin that was suppose to go somewhere else. LOL
maybe you need a pin vacation...........come out to California instead of Florida next time. Barbara


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Jul 22, 2001
It was so much fun getting to know you this past week....New Years Eve was a blast...
We never did get to trade...but I don't think the princessess are your style....

Keep up the good posts!!!



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May 18, 2000
Congratulation on the Continuing the Traditions pin
:bounce: :bounce :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


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Nov 26, 2000
Yes, Kath, 13 is a lucky number for me. My very first youth soccer team won their first game on Friday the 13th. It has popped up alot since then, it is my extension at work, as does the combination 67. Definitely pops up more than it randomly should.

Donna, no princesses are DEFINITELY not my style!!!

Barb, I may have to come out there this June if the reports I'm hearing about the Spring pin event is correct. I'm hoping it is early June as Late will be out of the question.


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Jan 26, 2000
I should have picked up on the significance of the 13 months sooner, but I'm still recovering from my week at WDW. Of course with Dom we don't celebrate 1 year, we celebrate 13 months! And the reason Dom comes after the Three Caballeros has NOTHING to do with his importance, it's just the the three of us have been around longer. We coined the 3C name before Dom joined us and we just could NOT come up with a Disney foursome name. Besides, the boards wouldn't be the same without the Caballeros now, would it. So please allow us to claim our seniority but know that Dom is our #1 "AND".