10 Mths of WDW Planning leads us to~~DISNEYLAND!! Report Completed~Pic Heavy!!!

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  1. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    Hi Everyone!! :wave2:

    It seems like forever since I was over on the DL side of the threads for Trip Reports but I guess really was only March......but that seems like ages ago!!

    So what does the title really mean?? In early January, we started planning our very first family trip to WDW. I have spent countless hours researching, planning, getting opinions, making & changing ADR's, resorts, etc. The trip started out as the perfect dream trip for us. Going for my favorite holiday season (Christmas), going to the 4 parks twice (which allowed plenty of time), going to explore the other resorts to see their holiday edible displays & decorations, taking a fireworks cruise, doing the fireworks dessert party, going to the Candlelight Processional with Olivia Newton-John as the narrator, eating at places like California Grill, 50's Prime Time Cafe, Ohana's, Chef Mickey's, Boma, etc. and attending Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. I even was up at 3am to make ADR's online at the 180 day mark. I had a wonderful friend that made our CP dining package ADR when we were away at family camp. As the trip started getting closer and money wasn't coming together (more on that later)........we needed to make changes. We switched from a moderate resort to a value, we dropped our deluxe dining which meant I had to trim a huge chunk of our ADR's, the fireworks cruise never was booked or the dessert party because of not having the cash to do so. We also never booked our MVMCP tickets. I look back now and go whew that we hadn't put that money out there....we would have lost it.

    So why are you doing a DL trip if you couldn't put the WDW trip together......well long story short~~~~the IRS owes me a large chunk of change that we pray will show up in time to go to DL. We can always drive from Oregon if we can't secure flights at a decent price. We've been waiting on this money since Valentine's Day!! :crazy2: Where at this point, we can't guarantee the money will be here in time to keep our WDW trip (that was trimmed back so much) but it should be here in time to go in December. (fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed) :rotfl:

    Ok, so have I lost you yet?? Confused you?? :confused3 Well hold on because with me and my reports I can go off all over the place before actually getting to my point........."hey look a chicken"!! :lmao:

    I experienced probably the hardest year of my life......last October I lost my step-mom after a 30 year (yes I said 30) battle to cancer. In January I lost my dad (he was in the end stages of alzheimer's and congestive heart failure), in March one of my 5 yr old twins had open heart surgery (successful), then I watched my step-dad's health tank and we lost him in May. While at a special camp for children with disabilities and their families, I found out my 42 yr old ex SIL passed suddenly in her sleep. So with all of that and our issues with the IRS (and them losing our 2010 amended return and having to re-submit it).......I've been a little depressed, stressed and really needing a Disney fix!!! So this is why we haven't totally given up on going on a much needed family trip.

    So here goes:

    December 6 - 14

    Hoping to start booking soon........come on IRS get me my check!!!!!!!

    Hope you'll join my family for our holiday adventure!!!
  2. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009

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  4. kaci

    kaci Mouseketeer

    Dec 16, 2011
    Hi Laurie :wave2: I'm sorry to see that your WDW trip fell through :(

    I wanted to let you know, when I first found the Dis about a year ago (lurked before I registered) your trip reports really helped me start to understand the Disney "magic" and got me excited about planning a trip to DLR! I love your style and enthusiasm :)

    I'll definitely be following along!
  5. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    So here are some introductions to the family!!

    I'm Laurie, just turned 50, wife for almost 29yrs, mother to 7 (3 bio, 4 adopted.....so yes I know what causes them!!) Lover of all things Disney! I have a Disney kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom with Disney all over the front room, family room and kids rooms!! We listen to Disney music all the time. We do Disney movie theme nights....which reminds me, we're long overdue for one of those!! I find singing therapeutic and if I could ever figure out how to put a small clip on here I would.


    My hubby & bestest friend~Mike. 51 yrs, awesome dad to all 7 kids. Loves Disney about as much as me!! Mike is a Meat Manager with Safeway. He got a really nice camera last December (our deal for letting me sneak away for a couple days to meet up with Sherry and see the holiday stuff at DL).....so hopefully we'll be seeing even more pictures on this report!!!


    Our 2nd child Tyler, age 25yrs. Tyler has been my full time helper with the kids this past year.....I think he has a greater appreciation for what I do.....but he'd gladly accept a job outside of the home if he could find one. It's been a struggle since we moved to the Corvallis area. He's also been dealing with depression (which is hereditary)....so that hasn't helped. Ty loves Disney and in fact is the one that has found all sorts of park music so we always have that Disney ambiance in the background!!!


    Our 3rd child Derek, age 23yrs. Derek has been in Florida since early June doing the College Program at WDW. We had no idea he was applying for the program when we first started our WDW planning. He had arranged to take a few days off to join us when we visited.....so now he'll take those days & fly out to join us in California!! He's also hoping to get a few more days off. Derek also loves Disney.....(like I needed to say that....lol)


    Our 4th child Anthony, age 11yrs, 6th grade. Anthony is doing swim team but also loves basketball & baseball. This will be his 5th trip!!!


    Our 5th child Adaleah (Addy), age 7yrs, 2nd grade. Addy is in gymnastics and beginning cheer. A real life princess....just ask her!! This will be her 4th trip!!


    Our 6th & 7th children~~the twins Shyann and Michayla, age 5yrs, kindergarten. All sorts of things going on with these two. Shyann is mentally delayed, approx age of 2.5yrs, just started potty training.....so pretty exciting news at our house!! Michayla is mentally delayed, approx age 1yr, non-verbal and g-tube fed. Both girls are on the autism spectrum and have a genetic disorder that hasn't been named at this point. Sweet girls who take up a lot of our time......but when you see them smile or do something for the first time.....it makes it all worth it!! This will be their 3rd trip!!!


    So my first child Nicholas and his fiance won't be joining us on this trip....but I may be treating them to a trip at the end of February when I go on the Dis Diva's Girl's Only Trip!! (I always seem to have a family member in tow that goes and does their own thing when I do the Diva things).

  6. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    Welcome Kaci!!

    Thank You so much!!! I'm glad my mutterings and pictures helped you find that magic!! :goodvibes I'm glad you'll be following along!!
  7. 6Smiles

    6Smiles DIS Veteran

    Apr 14, 2008
    Laurie -

    Sorry your WDW plans fell through, but so happy that you can make Disneyland (fingers crossed IRS comes through)! We will be arriving the day you leave.
    Waiting and watching to see what your plans hold. Did you make your ADR's yet?

  8. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    The decision to cancel the WDW trip and plan a Disneyland trip has been the topic of conversation over the last few weeks. I even have mapped out an itinerary and emailed Disney Dining today to get some reservations. This is what we have right now....days could change if the weather gets icky and our off days could be just that......off/do nothing but rest.

    Thurs, Dec 6~~
    Fly out of Portland, arrive around 9:20am (yes I have my flights pre-picked....just not paid for yet)
    Take a shuttle to HoJo's
    Check in at the HoJo's (still need to book)
    Mike catch a cab to a car rental place (why not get it at the airport?? Costs about twice as much for a big rig at the airport....even factoring in the cost of a shuttle/tips round trip)
    Rent vehicle and then come back to join us at HoJo's
    Go get lunch
    Shopping at the Disney Character Warehouse & some groceries to keep in the motel room for quick breakfast/snacks
    Go hang out at DTD
    6pm~~TORTILLA JO'S

    Fri, Dec 7~~
    Quick Brkfst in room
    Head towards Burbank (Disney Studios....yes I know we can't go in) &/or Universal City Walk (might not open early enough to work)
    Lunch at BOB'S BIG BOY in Burbank
    Head to Hollywood
    Go to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
    Walk of Fame
    Ice Cream at the DISNEY SODA FOUNTAIN
    Head back to HoJo's
    Dinner ?? (been some talk about In & Out but that might be our lunch on arrival day)

    Sat, Dec 8~~
    Head to LaBrea Tar Pit's
    Head to Los Angeles Farmers Market
    (hopefully meet up with Sherry on this day!! WINK WINK SHERRY)
    Head to Knott's Berry Farm (NO, not for the park.....ick!)

    Ok, so you're probably wondering....what in the world is she doing.....3 days in Anaheim and she hasn't mentioned going to the parks yet......well, there's a reason for that~~~Derek's 3 days off (already knows he has) is the 9th, 10th, 11th......AND~~~~~YOU CAN'T BUY A PH FOR MORE THAN 5 DAYS!!!!! :furious: We usually get the 6 day and this really is throwing us that it's no longer an option! We wanted to wait for Derek before going to the parks. If he gets a couple more days added....this may get adjusted.

    Sun, Dec 9~~
    Not sure what time Derek will be getting in, but he'll take a shuttle and join us as soon as he can.
    Quick brkfst in the room
    DISNEYLAND/DCA!!!!! We're finally going!!!
    Lunch at the JOLLY HOLIDAY
    6:30pm CAFE ORLEANS

    Mon, Dec 10~~

    Tue, Dec 11~~
    Breakfast at TANGAROA TERRACE
    Head to the LA Zoo
    Head to the Griffith Park Observatory
    Head back to Anaheim
    7:30pm GOOFY'S KITCHEN

    Wed, Dec 12~~
    Saving dinner time open for a possible Candlelight Processional Dinner Package
    Candlelight Processional (I hope)

    Thu, Dec 13~~
    Move from HoJo's to the Paradise Pier Hotel for our last night in town!!!
    8:10am MINNIE & FRIENDS
    6:00pm PCH GRILL
    Watch World of Color from our room

    Fri, Dec 14~~
    Early Entry to DCA!!
    DISNEYLAND/DCA until we have to catch flight home
    Brkfst at FLO'S V-8 CAFE
    Return rental car
    Catch shuttle to airport at 4:30pm
    Flight home

    I'll be getting a 5 day PH in our package that I will upgrade for my Premium AP (mine expires on arrival day and we love all the discounts we get)

  9. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    I was typing things up as you commented.......Look Up!!! What time are you leaving on the 6th??
  10. DisneyStitch626

    DisneyStitch626 DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2010
    Sorry to hear about the cancellation of the WDW trip. :( But will be following along on your DLR one! :goodvibes
  11. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    Thanx Andrea!! :hug:
  12. Sherry E

    Sherry E Currently tag-less...

    Jan 5, 2008

    I had to chuckle (though it's a bittersweet chuckle) at your choice of a title for your Pre-TR!

    Before seeing that you had chosen a title, in my mind I had been thinking (about your general situation), "No matter how elaborate or detailed the plans may be to go elsewhere, all roads lead to Disneyland." And then I popped over here and saw your title!:rotfl2: Ain't it the truth, though? All that planning and you're ending up back where you usually go anyway!:rotfl2:

    Just to remind the folks who are lurking and following along out there - this was more than just the falling apart of an idea Laurie had to possibly go to WDW. This was the collapse of a whole adventure, for which the planning alone was a journey of discovery!

    Laurie's plans for her WDW holiday trip were very detailed, involved, extensive, all-encompassing, etc. She made creative binders. She crunched numbers, then re-crunched them, then re-crunched them again, to try to get the most bang for her family's buck and to try to not miss any key Christmas activities. She researched. She revised plans numerous times, she changed hotels, etc. It was a big undertaking - one that I'm not sure many people would have had the energy or time to do.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm the "Sherry" who has been mentioned a couple of times so far in this Pre-TR, for those who don't know!:wave: I would imagine that many folks know me from some section of the DLR section of DIS - maybe from my own TR's in this Trip Reports forum; maybe from the main planning forum; maybe from the Disneyland/Christmas Superthread or Halloween Superthread, or wherever. I get around!:rotfl2: (Also, Laurie was part of my last Disneyland holiday trip - she was there for 2 of my 4 nights at the PPH, along with Molly/bumbershoot - and all 3 of us did different TR's documenting the trip from different angles!:rotfl2:)


    Anyway, Laurie, even though I am very sad that the WDW holiday trip can't happen for you this year (because you know I was super-excited at the notion of that trip), I think it's for the best for now. It was to the point where you had to keep scaling it back and cutting things out. When that started to happen to a great degree, I kind of had a feeling that it might be better to just hold off on the WDW holiday extravaganza until you can really do it the way you originally intended to do it, without having to cut a lot of things out. You may only have one chance to take a WDW holiday trip - who knows? - and it will, indeed, be magical and amazing when it happens, but you wouldn't want your one and only WDW holiday journey to kind of be the watered-down version of what you really want to do.

    Plus, there is no telling what madness DLR will be up to next year with a probable Christmas party and the resulting changes in the schedule - who knows which holiday activities will even still be available on non-party days? There may not be a ice rink/village in DTD next year. Who knows? Things could be scaled back tremendously. It's good to get there this year and really take it all in, just in case next year the holidays go downhill!:rotfl2:


    Now to your tentative plans for Saturday, December 8th....

    As for the Tar Pits: Remember that LACMA is right next door to the Tar Pits and you have to see that too. That's where the crazy giant rock is (which I have posted many photos of on Facebook), and also where that street light installation is that I showed you. Even without going into the gallery part of the museum, the grounds are interesting.

    As for Farmers Market/The Grove: Honestly, one of the best things about the Original Farmers Market (and biggest reasons to go there) is the food selection - everyone says so - and I am not talking about Johnny Rockets or any of the chain restaurants. I am talking about some of the original vendors and mom & pop counter service places inside the market. You can't truly experience the Farmers Market without eating at the Market! You have Storytellers planned for the morning, and then Mrs. Knott's planned for dinner. Will you have any time/appetite to enjoy the food at the Farmers Market with the big breakfast and big dinner bookending the Farmers Market time?

    As for whether or not I can meet you on 12/8 - I will have to play it by ear. If I am here, in L.A., then of course I will meet you! Both LACMA/the Tar Pits and Farmers Market/The Grove are right up the street from me. (Heck, I wish I could do the Mrs. Knott's dinner with you, to be honest - it's been decades since I ate there!)

    My own DLR plans are up in the air and I may end up at DLR around that same time frame. Depending on how I'm getting down to Anaheim or if I am riding with a friend or staying at a friend's house, I may end up being there on 12/8 or right around then, but I'd be with the people who picked me up/drove me. I'd like to hit DLR on a weekday for slightly lighter crowds, but if I am to stay overnight at my friend's house (20 minutes from DLR) and possibly get a ride to and from DLR, I'd have to do it when she is available - which would be a weekend....in which case, I might not be in L.A. on 12/8! I may be down at DLR while you're up in L.A.!

    So I have to just wait it out and see how my plans fall into place, I guess. I will keep you posted!
  13. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana Dreams do come true!

    Feb 20, 2004
    Laurie, I am so sorry WDW had to be cancelled....but [​IMG] for DLR for a holiday trip!!! [​IMG]
  14. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    I figured anyone who had followed along on the WDW PTR, would appreciate the title!! :rotfl2:

    There was a lot of extensive planning from early January on.....but it ended up being my life line as my world was crumbling around me. It was the place I could go that would make my soul smile. If I hadn't had this huge undertaking to work on, who knows where my mental state would have been. So in a way, planning a trip that won't happen is ok......because it was there to distract me and not actually go on.

    Yes, we had planned on stopping at the museum down at the tar pits too. We don't have a "meal" planned at the Farmer's Market.....but we don't tend to over stuff ourselves at the meals we do eat. No one wants to move around when you do that...... :worried: The plan at the market was to "nibble" our way thru it. We figure we're doing a later dinner at Mrs Knotts too.......just with it being a Saturday night, we figure it will have it's typical LONG line! :faint:

    So this is early in the planning........but.........if Derek doesn't join us until after we go on the 8th to do the above.......we'd have an extra seat. You could join us?? We could even take you into Anaheim if you had arrangements for a motel or a friends place to stay....... just some food for thought!! I don't think we could get you back since Derek would be joining after that and our 8 seater car would have 8 sitters in them..... :lmao: Anywhos.......we'll discuss this later when I have a better idea of when Derek will be coming from Florida.

    Now, if you are already in Anaheim that weekend.....we won't be gone everyday, all day.....the twins won't allow that! So there will always be a chance for me to find you early morning or after dinner......but again, something we'll discuss as the dates draw nearer. Hopefully we'll both have an idea on what our plans are!!
  15. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    :flower3: Thanx Christine!!! It just didn't seem like the right timing for WDW......so going to DL is always a good thing for us!!! :goodvibes
  16. DisneyStitch626

    DisneyStitch626 DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2010
    I will be following closely on this one as we are planning on going next Christmas on similar dates. I want to know roughly what the crowds are going to be like, etc. And it's also my favourite holiday too, and I loved all your photos of your trip last Christmas season.
  17. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    Yay!!!! Glad to have you along Andrea!!! :cheer2: (now we just need to get the IRS to cooperate and make this one a go!!)
  18. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    Last night we were watching our slide show from our 2008 trip. Addy's first trip. She wasn't quite 3 but was wearing her first Princess dress. We got to thinking, hmmmmmm we were planning on the twins to wear a couple of her princess dresses and wondered if they'd even fit the twins (who are 5). So we pulled them out to try them on the girls.......neither one wanted to take them off!! :rotfl2:

    So this is Michayla in Addy's very first dress~~Cinderella


    And this is Shyann's in Addy's second dress~~Snow White


    The girls together


    And my favorite~~time for some loves!!


    Just for reference......this was Addy in 2008


    and in 2009


    On our 2010 trip she got a Jasmine outfit, in 2011 for her birthday she got a Rapunzel dress.....so that is the one she'll be wearing for Halloween and to take for the one of the park days on our upcoming trip.

  19. Trentmom

    Trentmom <font color=red>A Christmas"y" tag for a Christmas

    Jan 21, 2007
    Hi Laurie

    Sorry your WDW trip did not work out, but a trip to DL sounds great and your iteniary look great:thumbsup2

    Love the pics of the twins in addy princess dresses. such cuties :cutie: :cutie:
  20. DizNee Luver

    DizNee Luver Luver of all things Disney!

    Feb 2, 2009
    Thanx Kelly!!!

    The twins really liked their pretty dresses....when I started to take off Michayla's she pushed my arms down and away from her dress......lol :rotfl: Guess I have 3 little princess: princess: princess:
  21. debrapagliasotti

    debrapagliasotti DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2011
    I was sad to read that you had to cancel WDW. I was really hoping it would work out.

    Your DL plans sound great.

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