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Jul 26, 2001
We booked a 1 bdrm preferred view at BWV the first week of Dec. I requested a room close to the elevators and was told that we would have either a boardwalk view or an Epcot view. Is this correct?? Is there a specific room # that anyone can recommend? Our last stay was in a 2 bdrm at OKW, is it going to be a HUGE difference in size? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone have pictures? Thanks.
If you are close to the elevator, I would think you'd have either a Boardwalk courtyard view or a pool view. To get the upfront Boardwalk view you have to walk a distance from the elevators (there are staircases closer to the rooms).

Yes. There will be a big size difference from a one bedroom at BWV to an two bedroom at OKW. The size of the kitchen in particular and the lack of a large laundry room (BWV has stacking models). However, it is still a terrific set up and the location is terrific.

They are different experiences. I personally enjoy both of them and the ability to "mix things up" from time to time.

You can find pictures at www.disneyvacationclub.com or I'm sure others may post sites with photos.
The preferred views are either the Boardwalk or the water (pool included).

Since they don't assign individual rooms until 4-5 days before you arrive, I'm surprised that they gave you that promise, as requests are not guaranteed with few exceptions.

Not sure what a HUGE difference would mean to you, no question that a 2BR OKW is much bigger than a 1BR BWV, but a 1BR is more than adequate for 2-4 people IMHO.

Can't recommend you a room, sorry.

There are some resort photos on the Disney DVC site.


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