1/29 We're Drinking Water Question-


DIS Veteran
Feb 12, 2001
How much water are you drinking per day? How do you keep track of this amount to be sure you are reaching your daily goal?

I am trying to reach my daily goal of a minimum of 64 oz. - I use my DCL mug which is 12oz, and try to fill it 5-6 times each day. After that amount, I stop counting.
Ok Jody most days I seem to drink about 80 ounces!! I have a 20 ounce bottle and try to drink 2 in the Am and 2 after lunch while at work then all my water gets in. sometimes I get more but don't really keep track to much after the bottles. I do try to write it down as well as try to write down what I eat ina day but it does not always work.
I try to drink 32 ounces at least, this is a big accomplishment for me, I don't like water but I'm doing it. I hope to increase that a little more, actually yesterday I drank more than the 32 because I refilled the bottle half way and I almost drank it too.
The only thing is I have to make sure I pee before I go to bed..LOL!
I'm not actually keeping track. I just make sure I keep drinking. I probably should be, though. It would help as an incentive to keep on drinking! :)


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