1/19 Magical Cruise - Part 4 Castaway and Disembarkment Day


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Feb 16, 2001
Part 4 -
Our cast, DW Vicki (35), DD Autumn (11), DS Billy (5) and myself, Bill (40).

Friday:):) :)
Castaway Cay day! We arrive around 7:45 and the captain backs the ship in. The navigator said that we could get off the ship at 9:30, but we were allowed to get off shortly after 9:00am.

I was the second one off the boat and began walking towards the beach. I was determined to get a hammock, as close to the water as possible. I passed on the tram and walked to the beach. The tram waits until it fills up and I didn't want to wait. I was the first one on the beach, how gorgeous! I immediately picked out a hammock/chairs on the water's edge just below Cookies. This way we could keep an eye on the children in the water and relax in the hammock and chairs.

The beach begins to fill up quickly. If you want a hammock, get there ASAP. It appears that there may be only 24(just a guess) on the family beach.

Vicki and the children arrive 15 minutes after me. We rented a couple of floats and hit the water. A little cold at first, but you quickly adjust to it.

We headed over to Cookies barbeque at 11:15 and were surprised that they were already serving. There is also a fruit stand set up with various tropical fruits.

After lunch, the children spent a little time in their kids' clubs. About 3:00 we purchased a few Castaway Cay souvenirs and headed back to the ship. We went back in shifts so that we all didn't have to wait for the shower.

Both of our children participated in the Discover the Magic show. Don't miss this. The children get a free 'Discover The Magic' t-shirt and get to perform onstage with Mickey for just a few minutes. It only takes 15 minutes, but the children love it! While the children are in their clubs 'rehearsing' for the show, the cruise director is giving a disembarkation presentation covering information on customs, bagage handling, immigration procedures and transportation. Don't worry if you miss this presentation, it will be replayed continuously on the TV in your stateroom.

Breakfast at 6:45am??? UUHHH!!! After a quick continental breakfast we get in line to debark. The line begins in the atrium and runs all the way down to the stairs by Parrot Cay!! I had to get up at 6:00am for this? Once we're off the ship, we grab a porter, clear customs and board the Avis shuttle to pick up our rental car. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to catch our 12:10 flight.

Some thoughts:
Shutters:If you are purchasing pictures from Shutters, try to do so as early as possible after the ship departs from Castaway Cay. Shutters is a zoo on Friday evening and even worse on Saturday morning.

Tipping: On the way to the disembarkment presentation and Discover The Magic show, we went to Guest Services and charged our tips and applied our 'Disney Dollars' to our account. The line for Guest Services was very long at 5:45. Try to take care of this asap.

Hope this report was helpful. I'd be glad to answer any questions. looking forward to western cruise, May 25!


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