08/11-18/07-Boma/Kona/SanAngel/LeCellier/APoint/SciFi/CoralReef(PICTURES ADDED)

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    :confused3 I'm going to attempt my first ever review. I have now updated with the few pic's I had.

    Cast: me-44, DH-47, DS16, DS12 - not on Dining Plan

    08/11/07 - Checked into WL
    LUNCH: Roaring Forks
    DH & DS16 - burgers & fries; DS12 - chicken nuggets - everyone satisfied w/ fries. DH said burger was fried not charbroiled which he prefers but it was OK.
    Me - chicken salad - this was lettuce, cheddar, apples, chicken, croutons w/ an apple vinagrette. It was good, not great, a little bland.
    DINNER: Boma
    Drinks at Victoria Falls before dinner. Had YOMD martini. It was OK. DS12 loved the glow cube.
    I picked a Saturday ADR because I had heard they had ribs. I thought the ribs were wonderful. A little sweet and spicy. DH & sons did not like the sweetness. DH loved the prime rib - nice smokey taste. He enjoyed the potatoes w/Afritude - I thought they were OK. I loved the coconut rice, carrot/ginger soup, avocado salad best.

    LUNCH: Biergarten (not planned, no ADR's but got right in)
    We all loved this. It was a great escape from the heat and we all enjoyed the show. Highlights were: Me-meatballs, red cabbage, spatzle w/cheese, bavarian cheesecake. DH & DS16 loved the sausages and smoked meat sticks.
    DINNER: Kona
    DS12 had Sticky Wings and Chicken Noodle soup (2 appetizers) for his dinner. He enjoyed both but wiped the mustard sauce off of the wings. He had a Kona Cone for dessert and ate every bite.
    DS16 had the shrimp and scallops. He enjoyed this but did not like the wasabi sauce which he wiped off.
    DH had Sticky Wings for an appetizer (he loved them and I sampled one and also enjoyed it) The mustard sauce gave it a very unique taste. He also had the prime rib which was done perfectly and was a nice size - bigger than expected. He had a glass of Syrah.
    I had the Mahi which was incredible. It had onion straws on top. I ate every bite. I had St.Michele Riesling which was just right.

    LUNCH: San Angel Inn
    DS12: was allowed to order from kids menu. Very nice selection shaped like Mickey. One chicken finger, spaghetti w/sauce, veggie mix and fruit mix. He liked everything but the spaghetti which he did not like the sauce.
    DS16: Tacos al Carbon - Beef - He's a picky eater. He enjoyed it but picked out all the onions and most of the peppers but said he enjoyed it.
    DH: Nachos de pollo - nachos which were made out of a whole tortilla shell. He said it was very good.
    I had the Tacos al Carbon and asked for half chicken/half beef. It was good but nothing special. I also had the Fiesta Margarita which was wonderful. Later in the week I got the same thing at the stand outside Mexico and it tasted nothing like this one. It had no flavor.

    DINNER:Le Cellier
    DS12 - Roasted chicken- He ate every bite and loved it. He had Chocolate Moose for dessert.
    DS16 - had cheese soup and shrimp cocktail for dinner. Not wild about the shrimp (wasabi again which he doesn't care for)
    DH - cheese soup and Prime Rib. Loved everything. The prime rib was done perfectly and was a nice size. Had a nice red wine with this but I can't remember what it was.
    I wasn't overly hungry since we had a big lunch so I had the cheese soup (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT) and request the field greens salad with chicken. This was really good. They grilled the chicken and it had a nice flavor to it.
    We ended up waiting quite awhile for our entree. Our server brought extra breadsticks which we didn't eat. Then when she brought our check she told us she had taken 20% off our food and drinks since we had to wait.

    DINNER:Artist Point
    DH and I went by ourselves. DS12 and DS16 picked up dinner at Roaring Forks and brought it back to the room. We could see our room from AP which was nice.
    We had a 7:30 ADR and were seated promptly. However, we were seated against the wall with one seat being a booth type seat and one a chair. The chair (me) would be staring at the wall. Sharing the spot with us were 2 men with 2 very young children. Now I didn't leave my kids in the room so I could sit with other peoples kids. I saw a beautiful table for 2 by the window which overlooked our room and asked to be moved. No problem. I felt bad for the server because he did not have that table and would have to loose a tip. Anyway, back to the food. I am a seafood girl. I have been known to eat nothing but seafood on vacations. DH loves seafood but is a HUGE meat eater. With that said, we changed places this time.
    We shared the Venison Spring Rolls for an appetizer. We had them the last time and enjoyed them. This time was no exception. They are served with some spicy greens that looks like coleslaw. I'm not sure what it is but I like it.
    DH had the halibut which he let me try. I had never had halibut before but there is not a fish I don't like and this was no exception. He had the Columbia Gerwurtraimer wine which I picked for him and it went well with the fish.
    I had the Buffalo sirlion - OH MY! It was perfect. I had it medium and it was
    so tender and juicy - I ate every bite. The onion jam on top tasted wonderful with it. It also came with a mashed sweet potato with some kind of nut on it. It tasted like a dessert to me - YUM! I had a glass of Stomp Cabernet with it. I had the server write the 2 wines down for me because I enjoyed them so much and hope to try to get them at home. I had the Berry Cobbler for dessert. I was disappointed with this. I had heard about it for a long time. I loved all the berries but the cobbler itself was dry and I got only about 2 tablespoons of the ice cream with it.

    LUNCH: Flame Tree Barbeque
    Me, DH, DS16 had rib plate: ribs were great, corn muffin too dry, beans okay
    DS12 had chicken: loved the chicken, hated the corn muffin and beans
    DINNER:Sci Fi Dine Inn
    DH and I were dreading this. We made this ADR for the kids. We were pleasantly surprised. While it wasn't the best meal, it was not as bad as expected and the atmosphere is so much fun.
    DS12: Cookies and Cream Shake (loved), Rib plate - he said the ribs were really good and he ate them all so they must have been.
    DS16, DH and I all had Shrimp Penne Pasta: It was alittle bland but still good. I was really needing a pasta fix by this time and I ate every bite.
    DS12, DS16 and I all had hot fudge sundae's for dessert. DH had another beer.

    LUNCH:ABC Commissary (MGM)
    DS12 - Kids chicken nuggets with grapes and applesauce. Discovered he can eat more than a kids meal. He was still hungry
    DS16 - Fish and chips. Hated the fish. Said it tasted bad. Just ate fries.
    DH - Cheeseburger - okay but prefers charbroiled not fried.
    Me - stir fry vegetable noodles. Okay, but a little dry.
    DINNER: No real meal. Snacked around EPCOT
    DH and DS16 ended up at Territory Lounge to watch football and had wings and nachos.
    DS12 and I had creme puffs at bakery in France. I didn't care for them. The filling tasted like cool whip which I hate and I ended up throwing mine out. When we got back to WL, DS12 got fruit plate from Roaring Forks and I had fruit and cheese plate at Territory Lounge.

    DINNER: Coral Reef
    This was DS16's 17th birthday. I had the personalized menu and diver scheduled. It turned out perfect.
    We were seated at a table next to the glass. DS17 was given his personalized menu and was really surprised. We all enjoyed watching the fish. It was so much fun.
    DS12 had the roasted chicken which he loved.
    DS17 had the shrimp pasta. He said it was okay but wasn't crazy about the sauce.
    DH and I both split the crab claws appetizer. The we both had the Cajun Catfish. This was fantastic. Nice and spicy, it was served over cheesy grits which were SO good. There was a tomato salsa on top of the fish. I had Fess Parker Riesling with my fish. Very nice.
    When we were halfway through the entree, the diver came. Our waiter and another came by the table I believe to block people from getting in the way. The diver swam up to our table with a banner that said "Happy 17th birthday Jesse". Then it looked like he was singing happy birthday. After he picked up the shells and threw them in the water like confetti. It was so cute. DS17 was really surprised and not as embarrassed as I expected him to be.
    When it came time for dessert I wanted him to order something but he wasn't that hungry so DS12 and I were the only ones who ordered dessert.
    DS12 got the kiddie sundae and I ordered citrus creme brulee. I was alittle disappointed with it. The citrus taste overpowered the creme brulee. Our server brought DS17 a complementary dessert which was a cheesecake with cranberries and a chocolate banner that said "Happy Birthday" and also a spun sugar decoration and a lit candle. This was such a special dinner and everything turned out perfect. We had eaten at Coral Reef years ago and left hungry. DH was not looking forward to it. Now after this experience he wants to go back.

    All in all we were very happy with our meal choices. I think the quality of the food has improved.
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    Thanks so much! It sounds like you ate well and had a wonderful time!

    Thanks for posting!
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    Excellent, thanks for posting.
  5. Schucraig

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    Thanks for the great reviews and pictures!:thumbsup2
  6. cdtommie

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    May 25, 2005
    Thanks for the reviews - I used to get the Berry Cobbler all the time at AP but last year switched to the coffee two ways - I really recommend this highly. Love that buffalo too.
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    Apr 7, 2004
    A great review and pictures :thumbsup2 thank you
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    Nice reviews and pictures. Sounds like you had some wonderful meals!
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    Nov 28, 2004
    hey! i probably either ran into you at one of the restaurants or at least at Roaring Forks
    DS15 & I were at VWL 8/12-17
  10. Moira222

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    Jan 30, 2008
    Hey Cuz!:rotfl: Saw an Easton post on 'nilla's TR & popped over out of curiousity. LOL when I saw this last photo!
  11. POLY1985

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    May 20, 2003
    LOL - figures you're a DISer too:rotfl:
  12. Tracerr00

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    Nov 26, 2010
    Great reviews! I've been a little scared of Sci Fi as well. We have reservations during our next trip so I'm glad to hear that you were pleasantly surprised. I'm also a little bummed out that I didn't do Artist Point when we were staying at WL last week. Maybe next time...
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    Sep 8, 2009
    I just told hubby that Kona must have added Prime Rib when I looked up at the date and saw that this review was from 2007. :rotfl:
  14. POLY1985

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    May 20, 2003
    Sorry - my cousin just found me on here and commented on my review which sent it to the top:rotfl:

    So Boma does not have prime rib now - that's a shame! It's also sad that they don't do the diver at Coral Reef either. I'm glad we experienced them when we did.
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    We had it there in the beginning of August. It must be prepared the same way too because it had the smokey flavor your DH enjoyed. Maybe it's a man thing cause my DH liked it too, but I didn't really care for it...


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