ºoº STROLLERS ºoº I've decided to buy a new stroller for WDW trip....


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Oct 27, 2000
We have 6 strollers ~ REALLY! But no of them suitable to bring to WDW. We will rent a stroller at the parks for 7 yo dd, but 15 month old ds will need a stroller. If we can't find one that we like, we'll just bring an umbrella stroller. Here are the things I want in a new stroller, can you make a recommendation?
(1) deluxe umbrella
(2) reclines
(3) canopy
(4) basket (optional)


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We got a Kolcraft reclining double umbrella stroller w/ canopies but no basket. We bought 2 mesh bags and solved the storage problem. It was almost everything I was looking for, but it was a little hard to maneuver.

We probably have 5 strollers total and I'm not sure which one we'll bring for our trip in November because I'll have a newborn daughter in addition to 5 and 2 year old daughters. The advantage (??) is that we're driving so we can pretty much bring whichever we need to and I'm leaning toward the front to back double.

Good luck - every time we plan a trip that's about the second thing I think about - Oh no, which stroller will we bring?
My favorite stroller to use at home is Evenflo Rock n' Roller. It's a great stroller and stores everything we need. Big problem is it doesn't fold small AT ALL! IT'S HUGE! Can't bring that one. The other BIG stroller, folds smaller but it's pretty worn, it was dd's and she's 7 yo. We have a side-by-side double stroller that I was going to bring until a wheel fell off yesterday and can't be repaired. We are two umbrella strollers, very basic and one backpack/stroller, great for hiking mountains but not theme parks. I really want to find my perfect deluxe umbrella with reclining seat and canopy! I'll bring Toys R Us tomorrow.

SandraC, visit our Disney family web site www.angelfire.com/on/disneyfun
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heres what ireccommend you check out:

century capri. big basket, fully reclining, canopy, cup holders, a snap off tray for the baby, very well priced.

combi travel savvy or concience or savvy z: the convience has the best basket, they all recline and have canopies, the savvies fold very small and will fot in an overhead on the plane, the savvy z has a sholder strap.

baby trend sit-n-stand: this is the bulkiest and i opted to take the capri over this one, but it has a place for the big kid to sit or stand or you can hop the baby on the back for a quick walk to the next place.

Can you get Chicco strollers in the USA.

the Chicco Trekking or 2001 - 2003 sounds like just what you are looking for. It umbrella's, but when it's up it is a full size comfy stroller - reclines to flat (really flat - my dd slept in it on one vacation), and has a lovely hood.
It has a basket underneath, and largish, swivel wheels. You can also get matching cosy-toes which you won't want in Florida, but are lovely if you live in a cold climate (It's like a matching sleeping bag)

we had one until an airline destroyed it, and I absolutely loved it. I regret not buying another one.


Here's a couple of links Chicco USA



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I would say if you want a light weight umbrella stroller, the Kolcraft reclining umbrella is a good one, also comes in a double. That being said, I like my Maclaren much better and brought that on my last trip. If you want a well made but not to expensive stroller, go with the Kolcraft. Runs around $35.00.
I'm so glad to see this post. I too have been wondering about a perfect stroller for our June trip. I've shop around a few stores and looked online. Thus far, I've decided on a combi suv model that runs $54. But, I'm open to suggestions.

My WDW stroller is a Maclaren Techno.....I can't say enough good things about this one! Folds small, is light, has a great canopy, reclines all the way, has a basket, etc....

It is expensive, but I'm am so glad I splurged on it!

Or maybe consider the Maclaren duo and use it for both kids!


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Last May, we made our first trip to Disney with a 15mo old and struggled on the best stroller to take with us. We had so many of the umbrella strollers and also the heavy deluxe model that we use for walks. We decided on purchasing the Combi Travel Savvy. It is great! It has a large basket that fits a huge backback and my and my daughter's winter coats (to give you an idea how big it is). It fully reclines (which you can't find in most smaller strollers.) It is lightweight (14lbs), has a removable bar to load and unload with ease, 3 handbar positions (which is great for my tall husband, manuveurs great, easy to fold w/lock, everything washes up easily, has breaks on back and front wheels, and a decent size canapoy (wish it could be larger). If you have the extra cash, you might want to check into the combi travel savvy Z (only weighs 7lbs and has a larger canopy and other features.) We are going in 1 1/2 weeks and are planning on taking this stroller again for my now 2 yr old. Good luck with your decision. Oh, if you are looking for a 5 pt harness stroller, this stroller doesn't have that feature.
... if you want a super-umbrella but don't want to make a major investment. Fair warning, these are steel, not aluminum, so they are a little heavier than the really pricey ones, but usually no heavier than an ordinary American-made mass-market stroller like a Graco or Century.

Take a look at strollers4less.com, and look at the J.Mason line. They make a steel clone of the Chicco that is pretty decent for the price, $59 I think.

I have 3, a MacLaren, a Chicco, and a clone. (I got hooked on this style with the clone, then just had to upgrade because I'm gadget-happy!) The clone works just fine and is no heavier than my Graco literider was, just a whole lot less awkward when folded! I've given some clones as gifts, and the recipients have been pleased. The suspension is not as finely balanced as my Maclaren, but it's decent, and it will hold a lot of weight on that steel frame
... Kidco used to be Maclaren's US distributor, but lost the contract when Maclaren decided to start a partnership with Simo. At that point, Kidco missed the business, and they made arrangements to clone the entire Maclaren line to try to regain some of that market. Their stollers are pretty nice quality, and aluminum, they average about 40% less expensive than Maclarens. The one thing I noticed they don't seem to have is that backward slant that gives you slightly more stride room on a Mac.

One dealer I know of that sells all the Kidcos is http://www.dmart2000.com/strollers.html

BTW, Kidco just came out with a Techno clone, it sells for just under $200. They put telescoping rotating handgrips on it, too. They call it the Maverick
Wait! i think sunny is mistaken about the combi model she has. Ive sold strollers and Im pretty sure the one shes describing is the convience stroller. the travel savvy is smaller, weighs less and fits on an airplane, but the basket isnt big at all and the handle soesnt adjust (infact i find it a smidge short). both are goos considerations though.
How reassuring to see that I am not the only stroller collector! I would love to add another one to my collection (always in search of the "perfect" stroller) but my husband is having a fit as our youngest daughter is 2 and he does not see the value in it as we will probably not have any more children. A good useful stroller though does make a world of difference at Disney when maneuvering on and off buses, through crowds and closing and opening dozens of times in the course of a week.

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I Love this board for all the comments re: strollers. Last night I purchased the Combi SUBV, it holds up to 45 lbs, is lightweight, folds,inexpensive, and can be carried with a strap. I'll let you know in June the pros and cons of its WDW trip!
I just bought a Combi Twin Savvy 7000 series for our trip in June and it's GREAT! My sons will be 6 (barely) and one week shy of 3 when we go. It holds up to 90 lbs, only weighs 15 lbs, has huge baskets, canopies w/sun visors, 3-point seat belts, and the front guardrail can snap on and off for big kids to climb in too. It also has a carrying strap, and considering it's a double stroller it folds rather compactly. It even came with this cool little "Stroller Pack" attached to the handle, it says it is free in every 2001 Twin Savvy box. It has a zip pocket in the middle big enough to carry a wallet, cellphone and keys and two insulated cup holders that are big enough for about a 20oz bottle in each one. If you've ever looked at the Combi Travel Savvy, picture two of those connected together at the side. Of course, I've yet to take it to Disney but I've used it already and it's by far the best stroller we've ever owned.

I debated long on whether the 6 yr old would really need a stroller, and if so wouldn't it be easier just to rent one for him if needed. Well, I figured in the end that the price of renting a stroller for him, plus the fact that I KNEW we would need one for my younger son (airport, parking lots, ect) it just made sense to buy a double for them.

~ Edited to add photo of stroller ~

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I too am in the market for a new stroller for our June trip. I have an old umbrella, but it has no canopy (hot little baby head is not a good idea). I really like the Combi SUBV (checked it out at a local baby store), except that it has a really tiny mesh basket under it that doesn't look like it would hold much. The sales girl at the store was great, and we pulled down diaper backpacks, etc. There is no way you can fit a regular size bag/diaper bag in there. I think that will be a problem, as I'm likely to want to bring water, snacks, and a change of clothes each for my 2 and 5 year olds (god forbid my 5 year old gets wet on a ride and cant change - fuss budget). I love how small it is, feels sturdy, and can hold 45lbs (great if my 5 year old gets tired, we can swap the kids out). but the basket issue is putting me off. Anything out there in the under $100 range that's light, folds up nice like that and has a good size basket that will fit a backpack? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
I, too, am a stroller collector. I just bought my 6th stroller! Have a 15 mo. old and a 25 mo. old. I just bought the Trendsporter Twin Stroller for our trip. Has two baskets, 3 reclining positions, and great sun visors. I did not see the Combi Twin Savvy 7000! I am jealous, because it seems to have so much more...As I still have the box, I may take mine back and go look at the Combi. I will be having a yard sale, though, on 3/31 and will sell all my baby stuff for spending money at DW. We will also be traveling with two teenage daughters and will need all the money we can bring! Leaving on 4/6 and staying at the BWVillas. Can't wait!
We have a perfect stroller but don't want to carry it as luggage. Can we ship it to ourselves at the Poly?
(about the ONLY brand I don't own, it seems, LOL) ... but I can reassure you about the small basket issue. Most of us who use super-light strollers have adapted to using a mesh or pocketed bag
on the back of the stroller for normal use. I quickly found that I liked learning the trick of dragging around less stuff!

When we are @ WDW, I just use a regular nylon daypack with bottle pockets, and drape it over the handles (mine has umbrella handles, but you could stick a plastic s-hook on the combi's handle to snag the backpack's top loop so it won't slide down too far.) This is really the better way to do it, as you can snatch off the bag easily when you park the stroller outside of an attraction. As long as your child is in the stroller he will balance the weight, and if not, then put the backpack in the stroller seat if you don't want to carry it. Everything is in mine, not just clothes (cameras, snacks, etc.) so I don't want to leave it unattended with the stroller.
garycindy - I did a search on this for you. Lots of people ship packages to themselves (food, diapers). The only real issue is if & how much the resort will charge you.

If you call the poly they can tell you where to ship it & how to label the package.

Try searching here on poly package delivery & you will find some helpful info.

Hope that helps!


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