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Jun 13, 2016
Hi everyone and especially The DIS Unplugged Team,

I have read and can see many comments on the last podcast after that horrible Sunday morning in Orlando... :sad1:

And on YouTube and Facebook the LOVE has been flooding in. :lovestruc

First off, this is an AMAZING community (The DIS). And I just want to put my 2 cents in and a TON of LOVE from across the pond. :rainbow:

I am a returning DIS member (I was a moderator here when this was the Disneysites board). And even though I haven't been active for quite some time, I have kept coming back to Disney and with that been visiting Orlando and central Florida quite a few times over the years. And that has in turn blessed me with some great close friends in My community (LGBT) and great Disney peeps too. :grouphug:

So when the news started rolling in on that awful Sunday morning here in Sweden. My heart just sank... fear struck and concern out of what I could have ever imagined.

Where are my dear friends? Are they OK? Why can't I find any check-ins (before FB had a chance to put it up). And to me it went well into the afternoon and early evening before anything more solid would surface in regards to stories coming back to us (via the European versions of the big news channels) about people making it out and a few check-ins here and there. It was a horrifying and gut wrenching day.

And I will not compare, so please don't get me wrong here, but I must say that it hit me harder than the attack in Paris, although that's closer to home geographically.

With this thread I just want to give a heartfelt and sincere acknowledge to the amazing team at The DIS Unplugged, we hear you, we see you and we feel with you from all over the world. Even from the far corners of the North of Europe! :hug:

:tink:THANK YOU! :smickey:

Pete Werner - Your moving intro and how your feelings carried through really went straight in to my heart and feels. And although the conversation took its up and downs as feelings were running high, you managed to moderate and carry through the podcast until the end. I couldn't respect you more as a podcaster! :love:

John Magi - You didn't say much, but when you spoke it was straight and sincere and very relevant all the way. Thank you for your strong voice!

Kevin Klose - The Father, the Protector and the biggest heart with a roaring passion. Every syllable hit through the air, I could literally feel your passion inside me as you spoke. The issues during the course of the conversation changed and you carried through all the way. And when you walked up to Ryno I had to take a break and collect myself too. :flower3:

Ryno Clavin - A more honest and bare display of how you felt, without masking or trying to wrap it in some "stay strong"-bs . You spoke and felt the words, every single one of them as you spoke them. And if I could I would reach out ad give you the biggest hug too. You summed up the distressed feelings of despair, mixed with a genuine fear and honest grief. And the fact that you still chose to make your way through the podcast, shows exactly what Kevin summed up so nicely; "If you stay quiet you're also guilty" it might have sounded harsh taken out of its context. But when you spoke you spoke from your heart and soul. That really touched me! :flower3:

Now let's look forward and stay strong together! :rainbow:
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  • Fuzzylife75

    Formerly known as: Jºoºnas_Swe
    Jun 13, 2016
    :thanks: Thank you so much! :thanks:

    I'm very excited to be back and so much has happened here since last time. :jester:

    I'm also hoping that a webmaster/moderator could help me either revive my old account or merge with this, if possible. I am still the same guy. :rotfl::thumbsup2


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    Jun 15, 2003

    The Fuzzylife75 account is no longer active - I am Jonas_Swe here again! :earsboy:
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