“Our Lucaya” Resort in Freeport??


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Jul 31, 2001
We will have a stop in Freeport during our September Cruise. While searching sites tonight I ran across the “Our Lucaya" resort. This place looks very pretty and has a great nightly rate to top it off!! Has anyone had the opportunity to visit this resort? We were thinking about booking a room to take advantage of the pools and beach. Also how far of a drive would we have from the ship? Is this resort the same resort listed on the DCL site for the beach excursion?


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Mar 1, 2002
This resort is where we went when we stopped in Freeport. Yes, it is very nice!! The way we ended up there is kind of crazy but nonetheless we were there. In Freeport we had decided that we were going to go to the beach on our own (no excursion) So we told our cabbie and off we went. It was about a 5-10 minute drive from the docks. The crazy part is when the cab driver let us out, we were in the middle of a straw market and he said the beach is "that way" Well it wasn't "that way" I know you're thinking "how can you miss a beach" but it was really confusing. We expected a big open area that the public could walk through like when you go to Florida, instead all there was was a huge resort and I mean Huge! When we were there it was under construction so we asked a worker (just happened to be American) how to get to the beach. He told us just to walk through the resort lobby - out by their pool - and to the beach. I assumed that you had to be a guest there to use their stuff but you don't. They expect the people from the cruise ships to do this. They'll try to charge you $10 for a towel and I can't remember what else that gets you but we didn't pay anything. We sat by their pool and bar the whole day and since there were some other people from our boat there, I wasn't too worried about missing the ship.


BWV's= Our Second Home
Jul 31, 2001
Thanks kellyb2000-

Anyone else out there with past experience info on the resort??


We were on a Carnival cruise and took taxi into tourist area which consists of a straw market and a few watering holes and this grand resort. We walked around the resort and actually liked it better than Atlantis. It was new, clean, on the water and beach and as described before - hugh. There were swimming pools and beach access. We found rocking chairs on a porch in the shade overlooking a beautiful beach setting. This was the one time me and DH were without kids - they stayed in the kids club - the honeymoon was thought of. It was a wonderful experience. I thought that sitting by the pools or getting hotel amenities would be a question and we didnot try but now that we found this gem, next trip - it's a destination, not just a stop!


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