1. eiblehs

    Universal First-Timer and Feeling Overwhelmed

    I like to consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to planning and navigating around Walt Disney World. However, I know next to nothing about Universal Studios. I have a short trip planned to visit US/IOA next summer. My friends, husband, and I wanted to take an adults-couples-trip to...
  2. E

    HHN - suitable for kids?

    Planning a big family holiday next year, which will include my 10-year-old nephew. Will HHN be suitable for him? I've watched walk through vids etc and the houses never actually seem that scary, but I guess it's different to actually being there. The rest of the group are 25>. I'm not too...
  3. J

    Disney World Universal Split Trip

    We are headed to Orlando for a family trip (2 adults, & kids; 12, 11, 8) next year. We went a couple of years ago but only did Disney; this time we are making it a long trip and want to work in Universal as well. I need help figuring out the logistics of it all. We do not want to stay on...
  4. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure First Impressions

    Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is the latest addition to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando and it's an awesome ride, so I try to break down the experience and my feelings of it!
  5. bibbidibobbidibecky

    A Practically Perfect Disney Trip (Fall Break 2018)

    I finally finished my trip report from our fall break trip. It was a fantastic trip with Universal, MNSSHP, Food and Wine, Disney Walls, and much more! It truly was practically perfect! Day 1, Arrival and Boma...
  6. WebmasterJackie

    Are Self-Driving Ride Vehicles Coming to Universal Orlando?

    Universal is Working On Self-Driving Ride Vehicles That Pick You Up, Take You to Your Attraction http://universal.wdwinfo.com/universal-is-working-on-self-driving-ride-vehicles-that-pick-you-up-take-you-to-your-attraction/
  7. princessreilly

    Ordering a birthday cake for in the parks?

    Can someone please pass me a link with information on ordering a birthday cake to have at one of the restaurants in the parks? I have looked and can't find it, and I have called several numbers from Universal with no luck? We will be at Universal and IOA on my daughter's 16th birthday and I'm...
  8. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Using Universal Express Pass for Shorter Lines | 06/25/18

    In this episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, Teresa shares her recent experience staying at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort and utilizing her free Universal Express in the parks!
  9. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Using Universal Express Pass for Shorter Lines | 06/25/18

    In this episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, Teresa shares her recent experience staying at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort and utilizing her free Universal Express in the parks!
  10. MikeNamez

    Universal Wedding

    Looking to have our Ceremony at Universal but was wondering if anyone has ever done this before. I know there is a bunch of information on the site but was looking for some first hand accounts. Any info is welcome!
  11. Cindylieu

    Great Expectations! A Family SOG trip in June 2018 (“here now” and “just back” journey)

    I remember my childhood days of wonder, smiling family members, excitement and anticipation of a trip to Disney! My heart has built layer upon layer of happy memories- glossing over the frustrations, the headaches, and the crowds. I will seek to highlight the JOY and the MAGIC along the way...
  12. AllthingsDisMom

    Volcano Bay unsafe?

    A coworker of mine has a family member who works for Universal and warned me about the safety of the water-park due to electricity not being properly grounded. Has anyone heard anything similar? My DD is really excited about this trip. I'm a little confused because I haven't heard any reports...
  13. AllthingsDisMom

    VB and CBBR Birthday Adventure coming Spring 2018 and Universal needs to upgrade their site!!!

    It's finally happening, my oldest will be a teenager this year! So many emotions! :sail: Anywho we are celebrating by taking our family's inaugural trip to Volcano Bay this Spring! Only No Boys Allowed! She is also bringing one friend. princess:princess:princess:princess: First trip to VB...
  14. rteetz

    News Round Up 2018

    Hello and welcome to the all new News Round Up Thread for 2018! This is a continuation of the old threads. This thread is for sharing the smaller news stories that happen around WDW, construction updates, rumors, observations, etc. We try to keep discussion to a minimum here on this thread. If a...
  15. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: 2017 Hotel Holiday Tour | Universal Orlando Resort

    Join Craig and Ryno from the DIS Unplugged for a holiday tour of the Universal Orlando Resort hotels! Watch and see which hotels they thought were brimming with holiday spirit and those that fell a little flat. Have you been to any of the Universal Orlando Resort hotels during the holidays...
  16. absolutmey

    A little dark side, a little Disney - August 2017 TR - updated 9/27x2

    Hello! Welcome to my super short (mostly) dark side PTR/TR. A little PTR info Me (Megan), DS9 (Q) and my mom (Debi) will be spending one day at Universal, to experience the WWoHP and the other stuff they have there too. :) We'll be in FL visiting my grandparents and I talked DS and mom...
  17. C


    I'm so scared, I'm flying by myself to Orlando and it's my first time flying alone and the weather reports say there's gonna be thunderstorms on the day I'm leaving. It's only an hour dometic flight but I'm honestly terrified about the delays and turbulence. Advice please. Will I be okay? :(
  18. vrajewski10513

    A Super Duper Two-fer! ~ An Oct/Dec 2017 PTR! [Update 10/11/17 - FP+!]

    Hey DISers!! Welcome!! My name is Tori and I will be your host for this Pre-Trip report! This is my second attempt at a PTR here on the Dis. I wrote one last year, but didn't quite get to follow through with my trip report as we had a little visitor named Hurricane Matthew during our trip that...
  19. D

    Super Nintendo World Idea (Orlando)

    So eventually we will be getting Super Nintendo Land and unless other game companies are signing on I don't think we are getting an entirely video game themed 4th park.(Coutning Volcano Bay). So here is a map of Universal Studios. As you can see space is very limited and there probably won't...
  20. buzzrelly

    Oh, The Horror…of Food & Wine & Lumiere's Challenge! Nov 2017 PTR-Updated 9/22-FOP Fastpass!

    Hi all! I just started planning another trip and what better way to plan than to start a pre-trip report?! Actually, I've never written a PTR but, as you can see in my signature, I've written three Post-trip reports. I love writing them because it allows me to relive the memories and look back...


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