star wars half marathon

  1. evre13

    A BB-Great Day for the Race (Star Wars Rival Run 2019 TR) *Updated 5/24*

    Jambo friends! This is my first TR on the Dis, though I do have a Training Journal and a few failed PTRs. Let’s just say that if I could get through the Half Marathon, I can surely bank on that energy to finish a TR about it! I got back last week from a trip with friends that was planned...
  2. absolutmey

    A First Order (and first trip together) Challenge - an April 18 PTR update 4/11 single digits!

    Hello! :wave: Just a bit of background, before we begin. Well, as the title implies, I’m heading to WDW in April to run the First Order Challenge (10k on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday). I’d planned to take my trip solo, but April 2018 also just so happens to be my mother’s 60th...
  3. evre13

    Hmm! Adventure. Hmmpf! Excitement. *Update 4/30*

    hi! (looks around and waves). I'm evre13, and I'm a 30-something dog mom living in Washington, DC. I used to run -- my first half was Princess 2015! -- but as work and work travel got nutty, I fell off the bandwagon. Approximately 2 years, a fair amount of casual Classpass-ing to keep my fitness...
  4. rteetz

    runDisney Events and Registration FAQ

    Hello and welcome to the runDisney Events and Registration FAQ! A lot of people have talked about wanting or needing an FAQ thread so I figured we could start one. One of the great things about FAQ threads is the participation, and I encourage everyone that has questions, comments, and answers...


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