1. S

    Comfort level of heels during wedding/ MK portrait sessions?

    Hi everyone! Brand new to this board, and planning a Wishes wedding, I seem to have a lot of questions I didn't expect. I have the Fairytale Weddings Guide, but I'm not sure this particular point is covered: Has anyone here had experience with a full day of photos and wedding and etc in their...
  2. MamaDunk

    Help! Major knee issue and need advice on the best shoes to wear

    Hi there. I just started having major knee issues (45 days ago) that have led to me having steroid and finally Gel One injection into my right knee. I'm still blown away with the fact that my knee just refuses to let me do what I once could. So I'm adjusting the best I can but when it comes...
  3. MKGR2006

    Tieks! Your experience at WDW and thoughts on this trendy footwear

    My husband and I were just married in September and are INCREDIBLY excited about our honeymoon trip to Walt Disney World :lovestruc. As one might expect, I've been splurging a little for this two-week trip because we want to make it extra special. As I was searching online for this year's Disney...
  4. Wedding shoes

    Wedding shoes


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