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  1. M

    Geyser Point confusion

    Hi! I went to Geyser Point when it first opened but I had heard things have changed now. Half of our party will have QS DP and we won't. Can one half order from lounge menu and the other from the QS but ALL sit in the lounge area? Thanks :)
  2. DisneyyDaydream

    To the Ends of the Earth, Would You Follow Me? A 2 Week Oct/Nov 2018 TR *Updated 5/5*

    So finally, it’s happening. It’s happening. I’m sitting down to start typing up this overdue (by only 2 months, in my defense) TR. My first ever TR. The entire trip I stopped to take pictures of everything and made sure everyone knew that under no circumstances were they allowed to eat anything...
  3. captaindavidhook

    Can you share a place you couldnt wait to eat but was a huge letdown

    It can be more then one place. It also be can a cs or ts. I am looking forward to hearing some of the answers. For me hands it was San Angel Inn. I love Mexican food. Let me start off saying that. In all my trips I had never eaten in any of the Mexican restaurant's at Disney. So I was excited...
  4. M

    Disney Brunch/Breakfast Spots

    I am planning a big group Disney trip and we wanted to do a nice brunch with cocktails and possibly characters. I have been to a few different breakfast options at Disney. :stitch2:Kona Cafe, which was amazing, the Polynesian egg platter came with a cute Mickey muffin and has a delightful...
  5. WishesFantasmic

    Birthdays at Disney Springs

    Are there any perks or must-do's at Disney Springs if you're celebrating a birthday? I remember hearing that if you sign up for the loyalty program at Earl of Sandwich, you get a free sandwich. Not sure if they still do this but wondering if there are any perks for birthdays at the Springs.


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