1. A

    Counter Service Restaurants with 'Proper' Plates and Cutlery

    I have been trying to form a list for quite some time now of all of the quick-service restaurants that have 'proper' plates and cutlery and this is what I have got so far. I much prefer places like these over the normal quick service offering as you feel as though you are getting closer towards...
  2. L

    Play, Stay, Dine

    I was playing around on the booking site to see what was available this morning, and when I clicked on "Places to Stay" and scrolled down to "View Offers", I noted a link "Play, Stay, Dine package". I clicked on offers, and it was not listed, and now it has disappeared as a link all together. Is...
  3. O

    POP transportation for early morning

    We are staying at POP in August with our kids (aged 4 and 6). We have free dining and are upgrading to the DDP. The kids are big breakfast eaters so we are planning a few early morning ADR’s, ideally as close to when they start serving. We don’t want to miss out on short morning lines, so...
  4. S

    First time: Disney World Vet: Dining Commendations

    Going to Disneyland for the first time in April. Staying on site at the Disneyland Hotel. Looking for suggestions on best can’t miss restaurants both in the parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney. When at Disney World I typically only do one sit down meal a day and eat mostly quick service. Two...
  5. 1

    Reservations for Ohana and Cape May Cafe

    I am planning a trip in September and trying to decide the best time to make reservations. On the day we go to Magic Kingdom, I would like to go to Ohana for dinner and then make it back to the park for fireworks. Do you think a reservation anywhere from 5:30 and 6:30 would be enough time? Is...
  6. L

    Lunch & activities after elopement ceremony??

    Hello all! Apologies for what I am sure is likely a question that has been asked an answered. I'm struggling a bit with the search function as all the results I've been getting are from like... 2015 :) The upfront question: Where can I do a lovely lunch for 6 (DF, myself, four children ages...
  7. TheLittleKatie

    Reach Out And Find Your Happily Ever After! - Engagement Trip! *updated 5/4*

    The story comes alive A new adventure there in your eyes It's just beginning Feel your heart beat faster Reach out and find your Happily Ever After! Hello hello! :wave: My name is Katie and this is my fifth trip report! “A warm welcome back to those of you who made it.” This one’s a real...
  8. jriveiro724

    DVC Split-Stay & ADRs

    Hello, Disney Friends! We have two consecutive reservations with points at Bay Lake Tower (5 nights & 2 nights) and was wondering how that worked for ADRs for the last day of our trip. We wanted to make an ADR for the last day at California Grill and wanted to take advantage of booking...
  9. T

    DDP Question

    So I am planning a 10 night stay at WDW next December. I will have 2 adults and 2 children (4 years & 18 months). I have never considered the dining plan because my daughter (4) would definitely not eat enough food to cover the costs. This visit will be different though, I won't have to pay for...
  10. M

    Where should we eat on our DHS day?

    I'm looking for suggestions for a table service meal on our DHS day - preferably for an early dinner so we can catch Fantasmic after. It doesn't have to be at DHS but could also be near the resorts our families are staying at - Pop and Carribbean Beach. We are a party of 10 w/ two toddlers, a...
  11. A

    3-4 weeks at Disney World Planning!

    Hi all, My fiance and I have decided we want to spend out honeymoon at Disney World. We want to spend an extended amount of time there, so we can really just relax and do EVERYTHING we always wish we did multiple times, or the things we always miss out on. What is the best way to book this? The...
  12. O

    Stopping for drinks at Magic Kingdom

    Wanted to make a reservation at table service restaurant that serves alcohol in the early afternoon for just some drinks and maybe appetizers - anyone ever done this? Would we have a problem if we just get drinks and some apps to Snack on ? Thanks
  13. blimpys

    Dining reservations plus 10

    Hello! My 180 days was yesterday and the plus 10 days weren’t showing to book. I eventually tried on husbands app and they showed so we booked. But today we can both only do upto 180 days again. Does anyone know why? I’ve tried ringing but not reopen till 11am. I’ve tried on a computer and...
  14. RachelleBeaney

    Disneyland Dining - Online Bookings

    Hi wise and all-knowing DIS Disneyland experts ! :tongue: I'm hoping some of you can help answer a question I have about Disneyland Online Dining bookings. We will be heading to Disney in early October, and I was under the impression you could start booking dining 60 days in advance. However...
  15. H

    Average dining time for BOG

    My group has an ADR for 6 at 5:55 at BOG. For planning purposes, I was just wondering what experiences you've had at BOG. What can I expect the dining/waiting time to be for a group of that size.
  16. B

    Skyliner Transportation to Sebastian's Bistro

    My daughter and I are taking a trip Home in April 2020... I'm contemplating making an ADR at Sebastian's Bistro at Caribbean Beach Resort on our Hollywood Studios day just so we can experience the new Skyliners and also the new restaurant. We've never been to CBR before... Do ya'll think this...
  17. H

    Not wanting to do turtle talk

    I'm going to be cruising on the Fantasy, 8-nights. I assume that one of the nights will be a turtle-talk with Crush night at animator's palate. I absolutely do not want to participate in this and even thinking about it makes me annoyed. I have no problem with turtle-talk and actually think it's...
  18. S

    Making Dining Reservations for 6 night Stay

    Hello! I am going on a 6 night trip with my significant other and staying at POR. We made a list of reservations we want to score, but wanted feedback. Sorry for the long post but here is what we have picked so far: Arrival day- Lunch- QS at POR or POFQ Dinner- Somewhere at Disney Springs...
  19. C

    Partially-Solo Spring Break Adventure: 4/19-4/28 (food, resort hopping, KttK tour & more!)

    Hello DisBoards! This is my second trip and my first trip report, so please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong forum. I'm waiting for my car to be serviced so I might as well write out my pre-trip report...and hopefully, updating it along the way might keep me company in lines! I have only...
  20. A

    Spicy at Sanaa?

    I’ve been to Sanaa once and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, they obviously cater for the American palate as the food isn’t particularly spicy. The hottest dish I had would be medium (at best) in UK. Im not a thrill seeker Phaal eating monster but I do like some punch to my curry. I was...


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