Your First & Best Disney Memory

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by dsnydale, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. dsnydale

    dsnydale Earning My Ears

    Mar 30, 2008
    I want to hear everyones thoughts & be as specific as you can :dancer:

    I Think I Remember Waaaaay Back To About My Second Or Third Disney Trip In 2000 Getting On The Disney Cruise :simba: And When I Played Hide-And-Seek/Tag In The Hotel With My Cousins And Family It Was A Decent Sized Hotel Lol Big Enough To Run Around In Without Disturbing People :cool1::cool2:
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  3. Orreed

    Orreed Olivia

    Jul 2, 2012
    The thing I remember from my second trip when I was five was at EPOCT and in line to meet Aladdin. The character attendant told me Aladdin was on a magic carpet ride, and I totally amazed. I don't know what that is the only thing I remember, but it was sure very magical to me. Goodness, things like that make me want to to be Cast Member!:earsboy:
  4. Fairywings

    Fairywings <font color=purple>"Besides, the world isn't split

    Apr 27, 2010
    I was seven on my first trip, so I still remember the first time I saw Cinderella Castle.

    I was standing next to my mom on the boat to MK from WL, when we first came into view of the park, and I saw the castle. I was bouncing in place (it was one of my habits when I was a kid) and pointing a the castle and telling my mom I could see it and asking her whether she could see it.
  5. expeditioneverestgrl

    expeditioneverestgrl DIS Veteran

    Jul 31, 2012
    Gosh, there's a lot!

    1. I was in 3rd grade and my brother was in 1st and it was maybe our 2nd trip that we were able to go on Big Thunder Mountain and my brother and I sat by each other. When we went on all the turns and hills we kept on saying, "Not Scary! Not Scary!"

    2. I went to Disney World a week before my 12th birthday and we were getting fastpasses for Space Mountain and the woman who watches the Space Mountain Fastpass area said happy birthday to me because I had a "Happy Birthday" Pin on. She ended up pressing a button that gave three times the # of fastpasses that you usually get (and we have five people in our family) so we got fifteen Space Mountain fastpasses. Every time we went on Space Mountain in the fastpass lane, we got right on the ride! :thanks: Space Mountain Fastpass lady for making my birthday extra MAGICAL! pixiedust:
  6. diskar2

    diskar2 Mouseketeer

    Dec 30, 2010
    Ok mine is probably on my 3rd trip, I was so afraid of roller coasters back then and my family really want me to go on space mt. I was so scared and nervous... We started going up the hill when the ride stopped. We were stuck for 20 minutes!! After they got the ride going we got to ride with the lights on and I got to see what it was like with the lights on, it was not a scary roller coaster at all. I thought it was fun and I got over my fear of roller coasters!
  7. soccer_mickey

    soccer_mickey Mouseketeer

    Feb 4, 2011
    I have two pretty early memories.

    1. I was on my first trip, so I was 5. We were only in Orlando because my mom was on a business trip, so me, my dad, my mom's coworkers kid (my age), and his dad went to MK for a day. I only remember two things, a) I was really disappointed that I didn't get to go to Sea World and b) When we got to the Sword in the Stone, my friend and I got really competitive trying to get the sword out. We thought we would actually be able to to it. Our dad's had to drag us away.

    2. On either my second or my third trip, my dad and I stayed for MK EMH, so it was late. My dad finally got me to go on Splash Mountain for the first time. I was so scared for the drop and closed my eyes most of the time, thinking it was around every corner. When we finally made it back, the CM's told us since their was no line, we could stay on again if we wanted. I shrieked no, that I wanted to get off, but my dad convinced me in the end to go again. This happened 6 times, me begging to get off between every time. Of course, by the end I was really having a blast.
  8. SouthCarolinaMinnie

    SouthCarolinaMinnie Earning My Ears

    Jan 12, 2013
    i remember when i was a little girl when i would see a disney princess and i thought i was meeting the real princessprincess: i would be like " im meeting a famous person, i mean the real deal" haha good times :rotfl:
  9. DisneyWorldGirl16

    DisneyWorldGirl16 Earning My Ears

    Dec 31, 2012
    I was six years old, my parents and I were staying in All Star Movies in the Herbie The Love Bug part. There were water fountains (you know the ones that you run through when you are a kid) and because I was not used to the temperature I ran straight towards them, I didn't even get to the hotel room, my parents always joke about it even now (10 years after)
  10. AngelStitch

    AngelStitch Stitch's #1 Fan

    Jul 25, 2011
    My first memory was just being so amazed at how amazing everything was. I was especially so happy when I got to ride inside Spaceship Earth. I thought (at being 7) that it was impossible to build a ride inside, and was so amazed when I actually rode on Spaceship Earth.
  11. DisneyBalloons

    DisneyBalloons should have been born into a Disney fairytale

    Feb 24, 2013
    This doesn't really count, but I vaguely remember playing with a Tinkerbell doll on the monorail as we passed through the Contemporary Resort (I'm tempted to say I was just three years old if even).

    Anyways, my first REAL Disney memory is sitting on the sidewalk on Main Street during the Spectromagic! parade and I had been eating one of those blue Mickey-shaped lollipops. But it was towards the end of the parade, and Mary Poppins (who I have always LOVED) walked by and said in her perfect British accent "You have BLUE LIPS!" Probably the most magical experience a little girl could have, having a lit up parade character single her out in the dark for long enough to note the color of her lips....:rotfl:
  12. Goatcheese34

    Goatcheese34 Earning My Ears

    Feb 26, 2013
    When i took a poop on soarin'. It dropped down to the glider below mine. it was an accident and pretty embarrassing so i blamed it on the kid next to me who i later found out was autistic so it all worked out. i was 15 at the time. Best poop ever.
  13. DisneyChef

    DisneyChef Earning My Ears

    Feb 21, 2013
    I was 12 when i first went to Disney World. One of the coolest parts was driving under the arch! We went to MK first, and I had seen pics. of the castle, but in person, it was absolutly amazing. One of the first rides I went on was Astro Orbiter, I it was amazing to see the beautiful view of the park.

    Unfortunatly, I was too scared to go on Space Mountain, so I missed out on a real thrill?:guilty:

    looking forward to my next trip!! sometime in 2013 or 2014!
  14. MeganKniveton

    MeganKniveton Earning My Ears

    Jan 20, 2013
    In can remember the first time I went it was when I was 9years old 2008 it was amazing we turned up at the airport and my mum said were going to disney world omg it was the best day ever :) xxx but my best memory is watching wishes for the first time it was so magical and is every time we go :) xxxx
  15. Fab

    Fab Earning My Ears

    Mar 2, 2013
    My first memory was when I did Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and I couldn't stop giggling!! I loved it but I was gutted when I had a shower and my hair all came out and I tried to re-do it but it wasn't perfect. I also loved it after I had Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique when I visited all the princesses and they all complemented me it felt very magical :-)
  16. Emma76

    Emma76 Earning My Ears

    Aug 2, 2012
    My earliest memory is from way back in 2001 on my first trip. We were watching a parade and I was pulled in to dance with cinderella. It was so magical to my 4 year old self and I remember my nan crying at the side :)
  17. disneyfreak18

    disneyfreak18 Earning My Ears

    Jul 16, 2012
    The first time I walked into the Magic Kingdom was during the afternoon parade. My family went up the stairs of the train station to watch the parade but we were right on the end where when you looked straight out all you could see is candy shop. I remember walking by myself to the middle of the train station and my mom was questioning why I was walking over there. All I wanted was to see Cinderella's Castle, the thing I've always imagined seeing, so that was such a special moment for me.
  18. niallsprincess

    niallsprincess "Lets never lose sight of one thing; It all starte

    Jul 1, 2012
    I also have two first early memories.

    1) Of course the first one is going to be the time when I first saw Cinderella's castle on my first trip, which I think is when I went for my seventh birthday. My whole family, consisting of my mom, my dad, and the two best brothers in the world were walking down main street, and being as short as I was, I could only see the top of the castle so when we got right up to it and I could see the whole thing, I was absolutely thrilled. I remember begging my dad to take a picture of my mom and I right in front of the castle. I felt like I had really accomplished something big when I got back to school after the trip and got to tell all my friends about seeing Cinderella's castle- and believe me, they thought I did too. :)

    2) My second memory was really scary when it happened, but now that I'm looking back on it, it was really cool. I was getting on the Tower Of Terror with my dad and brothers- my mom was too afraid to ride it. So I sat down in my seat and the seat belt was messed up (I think it wouldn't pull or something), so my dad got the attention of the cast member on the ride. The cast member came over to see what our problem was and I said "My seat belt won't work." I was a really awkward child. Anyways, he responded in a creepy voice with "I guess you'll just have to go without it. You'll end up like the rest of them." At first I thought he meant it, so I was really scared :scared1:. He fixed it for me, but that short moment of paralyzing fear will probably stick with me for the rest of my life. :rotfl:
  19. PrincessTori96

    PrincessTori96 Disney Princess

    Jan 16, 2013
    My first Disney memory is watching the Main Street Electrical Parade on the first night of my first trip when I was five. I remember looking at the Blue Fairy float and witnessing actual Disney magic, watching her sparkle and cast a blanket of magic over the parade route. I remember seeing Cinderella and Mickey and being brought into this wonderful world of dreams that started my life and inspired my dream to move down to Florida and work hard to get a job with Disney to help spread the magical moments like I've had to children who can appreciate them like I have.
  20. dsnydale

    dsnydale Earning My Ears

    Mar 30, 2008
    these memories are wonderful i know everyone wishes they can relive them.
  21. jessidoll

    jessidoll Rebellious Princess who wants to be a pirate

    Jun 21, 2010
    Oh my gosh, I can't believe I remember this far back but I think I had just turned three years old and we went to WDW to kinda celebrate it. I remember sitting in my stroller that my dad was pushing with my sister in a stroller next to me pushed by my mom and it was our last day or next to last day I think. We were in Magic Kingdom and I think we had just gotten off the train but on our way down an older woman cast member walked over and saw my birthday pin that was on my shirt. I remember her smiling at me and giving my little sister and I a couple Mickey suckers that we were so happy about getting that we screamed 'Thank You' and went off towards the rides.

    I don't know why but I always get happy when I remember that memory! Maybe it's because I used to think the cast member that gave us the candy was the fairy godmother in disguise haha!

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