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You there! Put down those planning guides! Our Honeymoon Oct. 5-10 PTR

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by carps09, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    Hello everyone! I don't think I can consider myself a lurker because I have been starting to post a bit over the last few weeks...but this is my first trip report!

    We will be celebrating our honeymoon October 5-10 at Disney and this will be our first time staying on site together. DF has had the privilege of staying at CBR and BWV with his family, but I've never stayed on site before! We are local annual passholders and often just go for the day and then come home, so we're very excited about getting to spend the night at Disney...and about our Deluxe Dining Plan!

    I LOVE planning for this trip, and need to stop changing/canceling/rearranging all of our plans so much! I think I'm finally happy with what we have...but I just love planning, I can't stop! :goodvibes

    After several color-coded spreadsheets and a fairly successful 6am ADR booking session, here's our plan:

    Oct. 5
    Check-in to POFQ in am (We're just driving over, so we'll be there first thing in the morning. We'll leave our bags there and then head back to POFQ before dinner to put our things in our room and freshen up before Cali Grill dinner.)
    UPDATED: We just changed our reservation to SSR after learning about renting points for DVC. We're paying less for the room and got a definite upgrade! :thumbsup2
    Visit DHS
    Lunch @ Sci-Fi Dine In
    Dinner @ Cali Grill (8pm res - we'll get to see Wishes!)

    Oct. 6
    Visit AK
    Bfast @ Tusker House
    Quick Service Lunch
    Back to hotel after AK closes to put our costumes on for MNSSHP
    Dinner @ Tony's

    Oct. 7
    Bfast @ resort
    Keys to the Kingdom Tour (lunch included)
    Spend some time at MK in the afternoon
    Go back to hotel to relax/freshen up for...
    Dinner @ Citricos

    Oct. 8
    Day of rest!
    We plan to sleep in and then go to Disneyquest (we like video games!)
    Lunch somewhere in Downtown Disney...haven't quite decided
    This is the only night during our stay that Fantasmic is being offered, so...
    Dinner @ Brown Derby
    and then hopefully we'll stick around and see Fantasmic (we've seen it before, and we'll definitely see it again, so if we don't make it, it's no big deal...although we do love it!)

    Oct. 9
    Breakfast @ Kona Cafe
    Head to Epcot
    Quick Service Lunch - we'd like to try Tangierine Cafe...or perhaps snack our way around the world for lunch! (It is during Food&Wine Fest)
    Dinner @ Le Cellier
    AK EMH - or stick around Epcot - whatever we feel like doing

    Oct. 10
    Sleep in and check out
    Final Honeymoon meal at Les Chefs de France
    Head Home!

    We already have our bride and groom ears - we picked them up on a recent visit. :yay:

    I look forward to updating everyone in a fantastic honeymoon post-trip report in October!
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  3. vikkii19

    vikkii19 New Member

    Great plans, we might also cross paths at SSR. Do you leave on the 9th?
  4. deslynnpatterson

    deslynnpatterson we will be married for 5 years:) and will be spend

    love your restaurant picks:) and congrats on getting married how exciting!! my hubby and i also had our honeymoon at disney in 2004:) i look forward to reading more:) count me in:)
  5. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    We're leaving on Saturday the 10th.
  6. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    As I've been reading more and more TR, I've realized what makes the good ones so fun to read - photos! Then it dawned on me that I should probably post some pics of me and my DF.

    Here we are in Morocco at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival this past April:

    And here we are at Star Wars Weekends 2008:
    (I went through a phase where I dyed my hair a lot...with the wedding coming up, I've gone back to "natural" blonde)

    We are big kids...
    ...and we love Disney!

    DF has recently gotten into pin trading, so we are looking forward to making our first trades during our honeymoon! We have been stocking up on pins during our last few trips, but we would like some more pins that we would be willing to trade - so far, all the pins we have we love too much to trade!

    We are at DTD last weekend and didn't know at the time that we'd be spending our honeymoon at SSR! Here it is in the background:
    We are very excited about our recent resort change.

    I really enjoy reading all of the trip reports, and I hope that mine will be as fun to read as some others have been!
  7. deslynnpatterson

    deslynnpatterson we will be married for 5 years:) and will be spend

    i love the pictures of you and your DF!!! you make a very nice couple:) you both look very happy:) and congrats again on your weight loss you look great!!!
  8. DisneySweetheart

    DisneySweetheart Mouse Groupie

    Congrats!!!! You are a lovely couple!

    DH and I Disneymooned in 1998! Many happy years and 2 children later, it's still magical for us.....

    Wishing you the same!!

  9. My2Qtz0205

    My2Qtz0205 New Member

    Hi there, popping over from the October 2009 thread. It is getting soooo close! Best wishes for your wedding!
  10. Leitadala

    Leitadala New Member

    Thanks for posting on my PTR. We were so close to being at Brown Derby the same night! (we changed to Hollywood and Vine... hope we don't regret it...). Are you guys planning on dressing up for MNSSHP? Can't wait to read more!
  11. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    Yes, we are dressing up for MNSSHP! We knew we couldn't go without any costume at all, but we also didn't want to do the full head-to-toe outfit either. After some consideration, we decided to go as Lady and the Tramp! I have brown dog ears with light colored curly hair that I will hot glue onto the ears. DH has the most perfect "tramp" hat - he kind of looks like the little boy from Where the Wild Things Are. We will both wear dog collars and have on Lady and the Tramp t-shirts. And we're having dinner at Tony's...so we might ask someone to take our picture doing the spaghetti pose. ;)
  12. BELLE1109

    BELLE1109 New Member

    great PTR- can't wait to read more :-)
  13. ammeador2

    ammeador2 New Member

    Hello!! Just checking out your PTR for now..everything looks wonderful! I do hope that you will keep us posted!
  14. Nicole786

    Nicole786 New Member

    That sounds ADORABLE!! We are going to be at MNSHHP on the 6th also so i'll look out for you!
  15. Sarilas

    Sarilas Ruled by the mouse.

    A girl after my own heart. I change my hair color so often my kids hardly know what I look like from day to day! lol
  16. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    25 Days until our Disneymoon!!
    We are getting so excited now!! I have a few designs from the fabulous Creative DISigns board that I need to make into t-shirts. I also want to confirm our ADRs, our KTTK tour reservation, and our MNSSHP tickets (I'll pick them up at will-call). I also need to buy some additional memory cards for our camera - my DF LOVES to take pictures!! And, I want to pre-order the PhotoPass CD (just waiting until I get paid!) :goodvibes
  17. Leitadala

    Leitadala New Member

    That will be so cute! It will make for a very memorable picture! We're going to eat at Tony's too, but our costumes will be more obvious (once we actually decide on them) as we'll be dressed head-to-toe, I hope that's acceptable for MNSSHP nights lol
  18. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    We just booked a spa pedicure for our last day at SSR! :goodvibes It will be a nice way to end a week of walking miles and miles around the World! After our pedicures, we'll enjoy a nice lunch at Chefs de France and then head home.
  19. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    I took the day off work today so that I could finalize some wedding/honeymoon projects. I finished designing 2 t-shirts for us (one is for MNSSHP; the other is just for fun, we'll probably wear it on our AK day), and I bought the t-shirts that the designs will go on. I was originally going to buy transfer paper myself, but then I went to Staples and found out they will print, in color, onto transfer paper for $1.85/sheet. Since I only need 6 sheets, I think that's better than buying a whole stack of paper that I won't use and printing on my piddly color printer. I can't wait to see how these come out! My DF is such a good sport for wearing matching shirts. I made sure that he approved all designs first. ;)
  20. DisneyObsessive

    DisneyObsessive New Member

    I'm on board! I'm an October tripper too, 15th to 19th. You guys are adorable!
  21. carps09

    carps09 Norway's spirit always has been, and always will b

    Thanks! :blush: Your trip is coming up soon!!

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