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Yooo Hooo, We Get a Reeee-dooooo!

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by javamom, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. javamom

    javamom <font color=green>Rumored Avatar Fairy<br><font co

    Hi, my name is Steph. Some on the boards know me by my nickname, Rockin' Javamom.
    I guess that I will address the trip's title before I proceed any further. This trip is a complete do-over for us in many ways. We were at Disney World last October, but much of the trip is a blur. Case in point, I still have video from that trip that I haven't even taken off the video camera and edited. I will eventually.

    To make a really long dramatic story short, last year consisted of the following events strung together, end to end, something like this starting in August 2010:


    Should I add my dog died, my son got out of prison, and the truck got hit by a train? Just kidding, but I was starting to sound like a country and western song. I really just want to leave all of that carpy stuff behind, and just concentrate on having some fun again!

    I am declaring this year a do-over. I can do that, right?
    And, I am going to start this year over with a trip to Disney World!!:banana::banana:

    So without further ado, here is the crew:

    Me - Disney obsessed Mom, and now shiny new travel agent to boot! Yes, I went from no job to 1 and 1/2 jobs this year. This was taken last October at the California Grill:

    Also in that picture is our own "Phineas" pictured here with our own "Candace"

    Their character names say all that you need to know about these 2. They live to annoy one another. I have never been so glad for Summer to be over in my life. But oh the many joys, of starting Middle school are not to be forgotten...

    Last, but nevah least, is my partner in crime and hubby Mike (AKA Crashdad around here):

    MIA for this trip, and likely many more to come, is my Marine:

    That is the Reeeeee-doooo Crew!

    Ok so when are we heading back? September 22-26th in order to squeeze out one more trip on those APs sitting in my wallet! I don't know what the future holds, there may be more trips, maybe even a few cruises while I finish up some of my courseware for my travel agent certification. Trust me when I say that I am taking nothing for granted. Life can change quickly, near violently, in a very short space of time. If I have learned nothing else from this horrid year, it's that factoid.

    Carpe diem, or in this case Carpe Disney!!
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  3. Wannabinnc

    Wannabinnc New Member

    Oh Wow, what a time you had!!! Sorry to hear about your Mom. Glad to hear about your Marine and that you are going back to Disney!!!!!! Yea!!!! Will be here to read all about it and cheer you on. Take care and congrats on the job and a half, LOL..
  4. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom New Member

    Hi Steph!
    You better hurry and get this written fast!!! Anyway, I'm here to read along!
  5. javamom

    javamom <font color=green>Rumored Avatar Fairy<br><font co

    Thanks! I hesitate to say it, given what happened last year, but our pre-trip disaster cloud may be hanging around a bit early.

    Friday our Phineas came down with the stomach flu. By Monday, I had it. Now I think that my visiting Marine may have gotten the bug too, despite having him keep his distance.

    The GOOD news is that this time, maybe, it'll run it's course through the family well before departure date!!

    So back to the report:

    "The Plan" was to stay at Pop Century because part of "the year from heck" included selling our DVC property at the Boardwalk. Yes it was totally a reactionary move on my part, but what is done is done. Unfortuantely, there is "no room at the Inn." I have not been able to book this resort, not even as a travel agent. None, zip, zilch rooms have been available at Pop, and I have checked at various dates over the last few weeks. So, I gotta build my bridge and get over it. We will be staying at All Star Sports, which will actually be good because it'll be one more Disney resort to research and gain first-hand travel agent experience with. So, this is a good thing!!

    Ok that's all for today, gotta get my booty to work now!

    Ok where is the tooting moped smilie....:moped: Ah there you are old friend!!
  6. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom New Member

    I think Baylor would like staying at All Star Sports, good thing you have an excellent reason for staying. All in the name of research and all!!!
  7. javamom

    javamom <font color=green>Rumored Avatar Fairy<br><font co

    Goodness, I have been really busy!! Have a monster project going at work, and it's going to be hectic right up until we leave on the 22nd.

    I am REALLY going to need a vacation by then!

    Got some things taken care of this week, kids are excused from school and the verified the kennel reservation.

    I STILL don't know what to do about costumes for MNSSHP? Any suggestions DISers? Something fairly easy, maybe with a theme that we could all share in.

    My DD wants to do "Zombie Prom" (ala Wizards of Waverly Place). My son wants to do "Angry Birds," but I told him that was the wrong brand for this trip.

    We did cute Halloween themed matching T's last year, so I really don't want to re-do that... but I am running out of time and energy.
  8. javamom

    javamom <font color=green>Rumored Avatar Fairy<br><font co

    You know there really IS a reason that my ring-tone for when my kids call me, is Daffy and Bugs arguing whether it's Duck Season or Rabbit Season.

    They bicker. Constantly...ish.

    We "decided" upon a Haunted Mansion type of theme. Bought my DD a lovely black bridal dress complete with creepy vail and green lights in the dress. DS on the other hand, didn't like anything. He is going to be a character from his favorite video game, Dr. Diggins. Which consists of a white lab coat, and blue spray for his hair. I am thinking he'll look like a cross between a mad scientist and a grave digger.

    I have NO idea what DH and I will do. Probably nothing, but that is reeeeeallllly boring.

  9. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom New Member

    How about hitchhiking ghosts for you two?
  10. javamom

    javamom <font color=green>Rumored Avatar Fairy<br><font co

    We went costume shopping today, and decided upon a pirate theme!!

    So... we'll have 2 pirates, a scientist, and an undead bride. Sounds like a Stooges movie.
  11. javamom

    javamom <font color=green>Rumored Avatar Fairy<br><font co

    WOOT!!!! I just called and was able to get Pop Century!! Umm, so much for research...LOL!

    We'll be happier there.

  12. wigdoutdismom

    wigdoutdismom New Member

    :banana::banana: These are for getting POP Century! That would be my choice in a value resort too!
    I did a resort change for our spring break trip today too, it must have been in the water around here.:laughing:
  13. Wannabinnc

    Wannabinnc New Member

    The costumes sound terrific and so very glad you got the POP!!!! Your DD bridal outfit sounds totally cool. Good work!!!
  14. Zuzu03

    Zuzu03 New Member

    Bless your heart, you HAVE had a difficult time! I'm so glad you're able to have a nice trip and I'm definately on board for your TR! :goodvibes
  15. javamom

    javamom <font color=green>Rumored Avatar Fairy<br><font co

    So, how do you know that you have Disney kids?

    When they walk into your room and say, "Hey Mom, we need to make up the acronym for DUMP shop.... How about, Disney's Ultimate Money Pit?!!"


    Well, the plane leaves in a couple of hours, so we are good to go!

  16. Backstage_Gal

    Backstage_Gal <font color=darkorchid>Let me rephrase the dog ste

    Found it! Have a great trip!

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