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Yet another Dining Plan Question-Planet Hollywood

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by jojosmom, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. jojosmom

    jojosmom New Member

    I see that Planet Hollywood is listed as being on the dining plan. We are getting a Planet Hollywood voucher at check-in. Can I, dh, ds6, dd8 use 3 ts credits and the voucher. I understand the voucher may be for something small, but if I use my ts credit and get the app., entree and dessert we should have enough food with dh using the voucher. Is this allowed?
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  3. hayleypiesmom

    hayleypiesmom New Member

    I'm really curious about this, too. Over the weekend, I posted a question about this "voucher," but no one seems to know what it is. Maybe it's new.

    I noticed we've got 1 voucher for food and 1 voucher for merchandise from Planet Hollywood-- there are three of us going (package with dining plan.)

    My dh really wants to try Planet Hollywood, so I was happy to see it on the plan.

    Anyway... just thought I'd bump this up, in case anyone has info on the voucher. HS
  4. jojosmom

    jojosmom New Member

    I've heard that the merchandise is a keychain. I was really hoping for a t-shirt. However, this Planet Hollywood voucher seems to be coming with just about every package that is booked through AAA; I booked directly thru Disney. There was a thread that I posted maybe a week ago (forget which board) and some replies were that the food voucher was only for a salad. Take note that it also is ONE VOUCHER PER PACKAGE. So only one person would get the salad and keychain. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  5. jezabel_007

    jezabel_007 New Member

    I got that too...even though 2 of us are going, the voucher is just for 1 person...kinda annoying actually!!
  6. hayleypiesmom

    hayleypiesmom New Member

    Salad and a keychain-- woohoo!!! :rotfl2:

    I was wondering the same thing-- if the food voucher was something substantial, then it might be worth it to save a TS credit for another time.... or let my dd8 eat from the food voucher, if it was worthwhile (an appetizer, for example.)

    Somehow, I don't see her very excited about a salad, though.

    Thanks for the replies! HS
  7. curlz2tite

    curlz2tite Member

    I believe it is also good for a burger. I just got my travel packet in the mail.
    It is only good for 1 meal.
  8. Letsbgoofy

    Letsbgoofy <font color=red>Can live with dry heat<br><font co

    The CM I spoke with said it was good for a meal (chosing from a set list), not just a salad. (and we know we never get false information from WDW CMs!!) We probably won't use ours as it is only 1 per package.
  9. mouseketeer

    mouseketeer <font color=blue>Disneyland veteran, <font color=d

    Who gets this voucher thingy? WHO!!??!?!?!?! Resort guests? ::confused3
  10. mouseketeer

    mouseketeer <font color=blue>Disneyland veteran, <font color=d

    okay disregard my last post...I'm a nimwit sometimes!
  11. Piglet843

    Piglet843 New Member

    So does anyone know what this "select list" is?
    DH is a picky eater...
  12. zachnlucy

    zachnlucy New Member

    We booked directly thru Disney and got a voucher. It says "entree".
  13. Piglet843

    Piglet843 New Member

    I haven't got my voucher yet - but my Magic Your Way package says "Enjoy a select entree and non alcoholic beverage from Planet Hollywood" So you have to pick from a "select Menu"
    Has anyone seen this "select menu"? What's on it?
  14. Piglet843

    Piglet843 New Member


    Has anyone recently come back from a trip - using MYW Package plus Dining that can help with these questions?

  15. tinkerbell211

    tinkerbell211 are we there yet?

    Hmmm... My AAA agent told me the PH voucher was good for an entree up to "around" $20.00-$25.00.
    I just booked today.
  16. PrincessTrisha

    PrincessTrisha I know what he won't do for love.<br><font color=b

    The select menu is:

    Any burger platter (with fries)
    Pasta Pomodoro
    Ceasar Salad

    Also includes a soft drink, coffee or tea.

    I can't help you with whether or not you could combine the voucher w/your dining credits but I can tell you that PH on the dining plan was a very good deal for my family. The food was really good and the desserts were awesome! The piece of chocolate cake was about 1/4 of a cake and served with really smooth and tasty vanilla ice cream and the cheesecake was among the very best I've ever had.

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