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Worried since I read some reviews about LM rooms

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by mevelandry, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. mevelandry

    mevelandry Active Member


    DH and I are going to AoA in two weeks and will stay in the LM section. I heard reviews about the beds being "short" ... My husband is 6'1" ... Is it true? Also I heard the soundproofing was terrible. I'm bringing hearplugs in my bags because it's one thing I just can't deal with in a hotel room.

    We already have a backup plan if the room is not comfortable enough, we have our Plan B and Plan C (and saved the money just in case) if we decide to upgrade after our first night at AoA.

    I really wanna love AoA but I'm a bit worried since I read some reviews. We always stay moderate or deluxe, it's going to be our first stay in a value.

    I would really appreciate to hear the voices of people who tried LM rooms who can tell me more about the size of the beds and I would especially like to hear the voices of people who are "Moderate or Deluxe kind of people" to tell me what are the big differences they've seen in those rooms...

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Disneylover99

    Disneylover99 DIS Veteran

    My husband who is 6 feet is lying down in a LM bed right now.

    If he lays on his belly, his feet hang over (but he says it's very comfy). if he lays on his back and stretches out, his feet just reach the edge.

    The beds are quite comfy (more comfy than Pop).

    Soundproofing is great. The resort is at full capacity, and we are on the third floor with people above us, below us and beside us. The only thing we hear are the toilets flushing, but just faintly.

    At pop we could hear the sound of people peeing and brushing their teeth. :rotfl:
  4. dsneprincess

    dsneprincess Active Member

    We always find the walls seem thinner, if you will, in the bathroom. I close the bathroom door every night which cuts down significantly on the outside noise. After you do this a few times, you definitely know if you forget one night!
  5. stauncie

    stauncie Active Member

    the beds aren't 'short'. they are a typical full size bed.
    Which is why, when we stay at AOA we stay in a family suite, because DH is 6'5", and he needs the added length that a queen bed provides.

    The only way DH will stay in a value room, is if its just the two of us, and he can have a whole bed to himself to sleep (he sleeps corner to corner to 'fit' on the bed)

    I didn't notice much noise coming through the walls, but we did hear doors 'slamming shut' from neighboring rooms. The only other noise we noticed were when people were walking by, literally right outside our door.(we were just around the corner from the elevator) Otherwise, we didn't hear anything.

    I don't think the sounds were any different than our stays at POR, or CS, or even WL or AKL.

    but I will say, my experience has been the higher category the room, the higher quality the mattress, and a good nights sleep can make or break a trip.
  6. catwalk82

    catwalk82 Active Member

    My husband is 6'1" and had no problems in those beds. We were also on the third floor during a very busy period this last January and had no noise issues.
  7. mevelandry

    mevelandry Active Member

    Ok so... Closing the bathroom doors, requesting a higher level ...

    We have a king bed at home so when we're in Disney we always sleep separately, he picks one bed, i pick the other (and we think it's hilarious). :rotfl2: (we give a good tip to the mousekeeping since she has to make 2 beds)...

    Oh, talking about mousekeeping, is it true that thy don't clean as much in the values?
  8. Ames389

    Ames389 Active Member

    The beds are very comfortable. We stayed at AoA for a couple of nights and then moved to POFQ which has queen beds. The Mermaid room beds were more comfortable! Do you have room to pack a small fan? We drive so we always take a fan to block out the noise.
  9. mevelandry

    mevelandry Active Member

    We travel with handbags... Couldn't sleep with the fan anyway. Sorry to give you my own performance of the princess and the pea. :rotfl2:

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