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WL vs S&D Christmas stay help :-)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by valenrandy, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. valenrandy

    valenrandy From Astroworld to Disneyworld

    Really need your opinion on this guys so here goes.


    Planning on taking the family from Dec 22nd to the 31st.

    2 adults and a 17 year old and 16 year old.

    Annual pass holders, Tables in Wonderland card.

    We will be driving to WDW this time around.

    Last year we stayed CL at the Poly which was fantastic but carried a super sized $$$ to it. This year we dont want to spend as much but still stay deluxe.

    from the 22 to the 31 the room only cost would be:

    Dolphin standard room would be roughly 3,300 for our stay including daily resort fee and parking fee. (Swan is a couple of hundred more).

    WL standard room would be about 4380ish for the same stay.

    I have stayed at WL before and loved it. We have never stayed at S&D.

    I love that S&D you walk to DHS and Epcot, Boardwalk and its resorts.

    WL feels like Christmas though and I love the boat to MK.:cool1:

    Considering the huge crowds durring our stay, amenities, transportation options, food choices, and anything else you can think of where should we choose our stay?

    I just want to know i'm making the right choice for my family. Thanks!pixiedust:
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  3. KonaKaiTom

    KonaKaiTom Mouseketeer

    Given that it is Christmas, I would go with WL -- their theme is so wonderful for Christmas and it is just so cozy with the fireplace roaring, etc. While I have enjoyed both S & D, to me you won't get the same Christmas Magic at them versus WL.

  4. valenrandy

    valenrandy From Astroworld to Disneyworld

    Thanks Tom, I know what you mean. I just saw several photos with the Christmas overlay and they look great.
  5. D!sneygirl89

    D!sneygirl89 Earning My Ears

    I would have to go with WL:thumbsup2. It just feels so much more like classic Disney to me than S&D. My family is staying at WL this December and the photos I've found of past Christmas decorations are stunning!
  6. Belle83

    Belle83 Mouseketeer

    While staying at WL during the holidays sounds great, that is a huge price difference. IMO, you can have just as much fun at the Dolphin. I think that teenagers would like staying in the boardwalk area. Plus, there's something to be said about trying a new resort.
  7. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    I would go with the WL, especially at Christmas :santa:.
  8. tgropp

    tgropp Mouseketeer

    I am a little biased but for the extra money, the Wilderness lodge at Christmas time beats all other resorts, hands down. Since you are booking a standard room, may I suggest getting an atrium view room above the WCC. You walk out of your room every day greeted by the lobby and Christmas tree and are just steps away from the 3'rd/4'th floor fireplaces. My first Christmas at the Lodge was 1994 and all my past Christmas stays there have been as magical.
  9. Desnik

    Desnik <font color=teal>I actually love packing and plann

    I agree with the others. For a Xmas stay it has to be WL over the Swan/Dolphin!!!
  10. valenrandy

    valenrandy From Astroworld to Disneyworld

    This sounds interesting! How would I go about requesting a room like this and what is WCC? Do you have a map or pictures of said room/area?


    Also, the main reason for S&D was the price vs the other deluxe resorts and being able to walk to Epcot and DHS. Having the ability to easily checkout the boardwalk area resorts and their christmas decor. BTW I just found the AAA rate for my dates and the price I have now is 2800$ for our stay at the dolphin.

    Would we spend an extra 1500$ for WL???? Yes we would, But it is not money that is the issue, its the experience, atmosphere, convenience, food, ect.... I do love the suggestions! Thanks for your input!
  11. jnfr2424

    jnfr2424 I'm Tink I got my Peter Pan and together we love t

    We usually stay at Dolphin for the holidays and this year we are doing WL CL just because of what every one else mentioned. Same as you, we are AP holders TiW we rent a car not saying S & D are not beautiful at the holidays but there is something magical about WL during the holidays that I just want to be immersed in!

    If $$ is the top deciding factor as well as mainly visiting Epcot and DHS then by all means stay at the Dolphin but if not don't think twice WL all the way
  12. amzking

    amzking Mouseketeer

    LOVE LOVE LOVE WL at Christmas, but wow is that a big price difference!

    With teens I would say S&D. The rooms are larger and the quick trips to Epcot and HS are great.

    But, oh, I do love the Lodge, and the Christmas theming is just awesome. A quick run from the end of the wings to the hot tubs too, nice in the cold weather.

    I simply cannot decide. Do a split stay. :rotfl:
  13. amzking

    amzking Mouseketeer

    Then stay at the lodge. The Christmas decor at the other resorts pales in comparison. Plus at the lodge, you have to walk through the lobby to get anywhere, so you see the decor all the time, and being that it has a compact footprint with everything all under one roof, it's quite convenient. The busses only share with FW, so they are good. The boat to WL or CR or FW is quite magical. Plus you get a balcony. Do it.
  14. tgropp

    tgropp Mouseketeer

  15. valenrandy

    valenrandy From Astroworld to Disneyworld

    Are the rooms above whispering canyon cafe considered standard view or woods view? I think woods view cost more.

    I think we might consider a split stay. On the nights of the 22,23,24 there are ap discounts at the Lodge. Once again thanks for the replies :-)
  16. tgropp

    tgropp Mouseketeer

    The first two floors above the restaurant are standard view and floors above are woods view. When you get to the hotel always ask (very politely) if there is anything available on the upper floors.
  17. DisneyFansInLINY

    DisneyFansInLINY Mouseketeer

    I have been to Disney several times for Christmas but this is the 1st time we will be staying onsite. We have stayed at Dolphin this past May and really enjoyed it. We did a split stay and rented points at BLT. We are booked to stay at the Dolphin 12/23-1/1. I understand your decision between Dolphin and WL as I woud love to spend 12/23-12/25 at BLT but cannot justify the price. Our rate is $149 for 12/23 and $169 each night for 12/24-1/1 plus resort fees. BLT is triple the price! I can easily visit the resort and the other resorts during my stay and spend the money I save by staying at the Dolphin for all of the extras like food, souvenirs, alcoholic beverages, etc. And I will give that advice to you, that you can save the extra $1000 to spend on your trip and visit WL. There is plenty of things to do there that you can spend money on such as the sleigh ride for $60. Also, something to take into consideration is that WL isn't in walking distance of anything but Dolphin is in walking distance of hotels, stores, restaurants, nightlife, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Yes, WL has a boat but so does Dolphin. True they don't go to the same places but you are getting similar benefits. But even so, I much rather know that I can walk then wait for a bus, boat or monorail as the crowds at this time are insane. And then if you are worried about the Christmas feel at Dolphin, check this out: http://www.santasfavoriteresort.com/
  18. valenrandy

    valenrandy From Astroworld to Disneyworld

    169$ a night is a phenomenal price for S&D over the holidays!!!
    Wish I could get that.
  19. valenrandy

    valenrandy From Astroworld to Disneyworld

    After some thinking between DW and I, we selected the Dolphin :thumbsup2
    We got a great rate of $2200 for our 9 day stay and I am happy with it and am really excited:cool1: I know its not the Lodge but we have stayed there previously and probably will stay there in Feburary;). We will make it a point to visit the resort for pictures and we have a ressie for xmas eve dinner:goodvibes

    Thank you everyone for your help! With the money saved vs Lodge will go for some very nice xmas presents for the kids and wifepixiedust:

    Now We join the waiting club!

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