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Wishes in Catsablanca: 7.22.13 Epcot Wedding PJ&TR! Updated!

Discussion in 'Planning our Happily Ever After' started by LittleKittyMarie, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. orion2185

    orion2185 Member

    That would be wonderful!

    Thank you
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  3. pommiepup

    pommiepup Earning My Ears

    Your rings are AMAZING!! and your invitations even more. Great job
  4. librarygeek

    librarygeek Mouseketeer

    Your rings are so cool! I really love that idea!
  5. LittleKittyMarie

    LittleKittyMarie Mouseketeer

    Okay, so I've been bugging DF about the original invitation pages to post up on my PJ. Unfortunately his USB key with the files is still MIA. :sad2: And to add to that, DF's mom is now also bugging us to find it because she wants to use the invitation in a scrapbook she is making. This has not helped it to turn up. I have managed to turn up a couple of the text files I wrote for the invitations and some test files from when we were still working out the details, however, so I will post those. As a note, some of the text files were edited down to fit on the pages.

    And hopefully I will have another update shortly after this with a few new things that have happened! :goodvibes



    The Boardwalk Inn
    The Boardwalk Inn captures the feel of Atlantic City of the 1920s and 1930s. It is located on its very own boardwalk, a hub of fun and entertainment for all ages. The Boardwalk Inn is a quick five minute walk to Epcot and a 15 minute walk to Disney's Hollywood Studios, or a short boat ride to either theme park. The Boardwalk Inn's amenities include three pools with hot tubs, a 200 foot water slide, lounge, a spa, fitness centre and easy access to the boardwalk restaurants, shops, and night life.

    Room Rates: $XXX + XX% special discount for guests attending our wedding

    Caribbean Beach Resort
    The Caribbean Beach Resort is a lush tropical paradise on the grounds of Walt Disney World. It is conveniently located near Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Downtown Disney. The resort's buildings are grouped in 6 villages: Barbados, Martinique, Aruba, Jamaica, Trinidad North, and Trinidad South. Each village has its own pool, white sand beach with hammocks and playground, bus stop, and parking area. Additional amenities include a sit-down restaurant, a food court, boat rentals, and a store. Please note all buildings are two-storeys, however there are no elevators.

    Room Rates: $XXX + XX% special discount for guests attending our wedding

    Pop Century Resort
    The Pop Century Resort is Disney's newest value accommodation resort. The theme of the resort spans 20th Century Pop cultures, the way people lived, played and communicated. It is adorned with large oversized icons, silhouettes illustrating dances of the decade and catch-phrases of the time. Pop Century's amenities include three pools, an arcade, food court and store.

    Room Rates: $XXX + XX% special discount for guests attending our wedding

    All Disney resort stays include free transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport, free internal transportation to all areas of the Walt Disney World Resort, as well as access to additional park hours.


    Walt Disney World Tickets

    Perhaps the single greatest attraction of Walt Disney World is its four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you are interested in experiencing some of the rides and attractions at the theme parks while visiting, you will need to buy park tickets.

    The most cost effective way to get tickets is to purchase a “Magic Your Way” base ticket. The ticket is selected based on the number of days you will be visiting parks. By buying a base ticket, each subsequent day after the first day is less expensive.

    Tip: Once you’ve paid for the first few days, extra days cost next to nothing!

    There are also a number of options that can be added to your multi-day base ticket. These include:

    Park Hopper – This option allows you to visit more than one park on a single day. For example, visit Hollywood Studios in the morning to ride the roller coasters before the lines get too long; go to EPCOT for lunch; and visit Magic Kingdom for the evening fireworks show.

    Water Park Fun and More – This options includes one admission per day to your choice of Disney's two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, the DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive theme park, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course (with reserved tee time) for each day of your ticket.

    Tip: If you think you will visit any of the above mentioned attractions more than once during your stay, this is a cost-effective add-on. If you plan on skipping these attractions or visiting only one during your stay, it is more cost-effective to buy a single admission to your attraction of choice.

    No Expiration – With this option, your unused Park ticket days and Water Park Fun and More option visits never expire. This includes Magic Your Way Base Tickets, which normally expire 14 days from their first use.

    There are sometimes discounts available for park tickets through AAA, CAA, Air Miles, Aeroplan, and very occasionally Canadian Resident discounts. Another online ticket broker called Undercover Tourist offers discounts if you subscribe to the Mousesavers.com (a Disney Discount information site) free newsletter. Reportedly these ticket discounts are lower than discounts offered from all of the above mentioned sources.





  6. LittleKittyMarie

    LittleKittyMarie Mouseketeer

    First of all, thank you so much to everyone who commented on our wedding bands! It means so much! :grouphug:

    Finally I have a few things to catch up on to warrant an actual update. January and February were kind of slow months for wedding updates. We have sent back our planning kit and we are totally ready for our Disney mini-break/planning session!

    In other news, I managed to get both my bridesmaids together to choose their dresses. I went with each of my girls to two stores (the second store they were both able to attend at the same time) and they both picked dresses from the second store they visited. This was actually surprisingly painless! Probably because I had virtually no conditions placed on them--except that they both get a dress in the same colour (silver/grey), which was a stipulation that one of my girls actually suggested. So, I'm super easy to please. Basically they could choose any dress, any price, any style, but order it in grey.

    Ashley, who decided first , went with this dress by Da Vinci in mercury. I think I can actually safely say it looked better on her than it does in this photo. But she practically has model proportions herself.


    While we were at this place Ashley was running late (because her GPS pointed her towards a different city for some reason!) and the manager was getting very edgy because we had out stayed our welcome, apparently Vanessa heard them say, we were only supposed to have an hour. Meanwhile, we were literally the only people in the store that weren't employees. Finally Ashley gets there and in miracle time finds a dress she likes. And behold they wanted so desperately to kick us out they had practically forced us out the door before we could get in an "Excuse me, she wants to BUY a dress." Things turned around quickly, and it was all, oh come back in and have a seat. What is it with bridal salons and snippy service?!

    At the next shop Vanessa found a dress, which makes her look quite sophisticated and more grown-up. This is good because she is frequently mistaken for a 16 year old. (Definitely going to have to tell her to carry her ID around EVERYWHERE when we're in Disney.) Anyway, her dress was by B2 Jasmine in platinum.


    The experience at the last place was much different and more pleasant. The consultant basically left us alone in the room with the bridesmaid dresses, we pulled anything she wanted to try on and had our little fashion show with no hovering or sales pressure. :thumbsup2 It was fabulous.

    And I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing the two dresses together. I am super excited about them being two different shades of grey! Haha. And they both have draped features, which should help make them look cohesive despite being so different!

    In other news I am now trying to make a decision on a veil and I would love some opinions. According to the woman at the snippy bridesmaid dress shop, you need to order your veil at least three months in advance. This was news to me! I was thinking about making a veil, but now I'm starting to wonder if I want to do that still. Mostly because I found a really beautiful little cap/hat/fascinator thing on etsy and I am seriously considering getting it.

    Headpiece by Agnes Hart on Etsy.

    I love the art deco/vintage feel of it. There are two things holding me back:

    1) I've never tried on this kind of thing before and I don't know how it's going to go with my face or hair (which I still don't know how I want styled).

    2) It's going to be around $350. So, I want to be sure I'm going to love this thing. That being said, when I was in the snippy salon I tried on a simple fingertip length mantilla lace veil, and it was $270. So, that's not as high as $350 but at least that little hat is encrusted with hand-sewn beading.

    It's so hard to find a unique veil with a vintage touch. I would actually be okay with a mantilla veil, but I'm worried about matching the lace and colour of the dress. It doesn't seem worth it to buy a veil like that, because I could make it for far cheaper, but it will be hard to get a really nice match. Sorry, I feel like I am going in circles with this one.

    Well what do you guys think? Should a splurge on the fascinator? I really do love how it looks in that photo!
  7. MoonBunny

    MoonBunny Earning My Ears

    I've enjoyed reading through your thread. If you don't mind me asking, did you and your fiance both study graphic design and page design? You both seem rather skilled at it and you followed a lot of traditional design rules in your invitation book. It was even more surprising to see how well you constructed the books. You said you're a costume designer and he's a high school teacher, but is bookmaking something you normally do? Amazing job! Out of even more curiosity, what design software did you use? InDesign? Pagemaker? Quark? :yay:
  8. charliegirl76

    charliegirl76 Member

    I love the fascinator. It's beautiful! :love: I think whomever does your hair will be able to work with it no matter what hairstyle you eventually decide to go with. If you're really not sure about the fit, you can always try finding a specialty store in your area, or check department stores to see if they have anything similar. Spring is upon us, meaning there will be lots of hats out for all those Easter hat lovers!

    As for the price, well, I think that's along the lines of a typical veil, and you're getting more since it's actually a hat too. Good luck in your decision, I know it's not easy. :goodvibes
  9. librarygeek

    librarygeek Mouseketeer

    Both the bridesmaid dresses are pretty, but I really love the second one! I also often get mistaken for a 16 year old, so maybe I need to go and find that dress for me too ;)
  10. LittleKittyMarie

    LittleKittyMarie Mouseketeer

    Thank you! :goodvibes My fiance teaches computer art, yearbook and other "modern" strains for art such as digital photography. He keeps up to date on different design programs and occasionally reads various design books and magazines. We have A LOT of art books. As for myself, all the things I know about design are more or less self taught through online tutorials and trial and error. And it was our first time making a book (I guess we did a trial run before really dove into it). We bought a book about book binding and did a few internet searches before tackling this -- which in retrospect sounds crazy, I'm so glad it worked out! To make the book designs we used Photoshop for the layouts and some of the graphics. And DF used Illustrator to do the rest of the graphics.

    That's a good idea about checking out some local stores for easter hats, I may have to try that soon. Thanks for your input!

    Haha! It really is a very classic dress, but it was just the right length and the neckline is what really makes it. She has pretty good taste, haha! :goodvibes
  11. MoonBunny

    MoonBunny Earning My Ears

    Ahhh, yes! That explains a lot! Well, you both did a fab job! :cheer2:
  12. I love the fascinator! It is so vintage inspired and unique. I honestly wouldn't balk at the cost of it, because right now I'm looking at tiaras and veils and they are running me the same price, and in some cases even more. I think that the fascinator fits your theme perfectly. I also forgot to comment earlier, but I love the rings!!
  13. Ashley Marie

    Ashley Marie Member

    I've just started reading your PJ... I love that cap/hat/fascinator! What Etsy shop is it from?
  14. Bewitch324

    Bewitch324 Mouseketeer

    Love your invitations and think the rings are magical and unique and very very cool. Not nerdy at all, just really special!! I really like the two dresses for your attendants, I think they will look great together but they're each pretty on their own too.

    Can't wait to

  15. LittleKittyMarie

    LittleKittyMarie Mouseketeer

    Thank you very much for your comment! If I'm thinking about tiaras than the cost really is put into perspective.

    I totally forgot to post the shop! Oops! Thank you for reminding me. The fascinator is from Agnes Hart on etsy. She has a lot of really unique headpieces. :goodvibes

    Thank you very much! :hug:
  16. Ashley Marie

    Ashley Marie Member

    Thank you for sharing the link to Agnes Hart's shop!

    Have you decided if you will be getting the headpiece? It's so beautiful - I'm considering it myself now!
  17. LittleKittyMarie

    LittleKittyMarie Mouseketeer

    No problem! :goodvibes Yep, I ordered it and I am very excited with my decision! Can't wait to get it! :woohoo: You should definitely consider it, it's so unique and lovely!
  18. LittleKittyMarie

    LittleKittyMarie Mouseketeer

    So one last update before we head off to our planning session. We leave on Sunday on at 6:30am (meaning we'll have to be at the airport around 4:30am - but really make that 3:30am because of daylight savings), the things I am willing to do for Disney! But aside from that I am completely, totally, utterly excited. :cool1: :banana: :cloud9: :yay: I still have a few things to pack, and a few things to print out for our planning session, but other than that I am totally ready for this mini vacation and any excuse to get away. Anyway our planning session is on Tuesday (the tasting was cancelled as I suspected it would be, because Monsieur Paul does not hold tastings). And my birthday is on Monday! I am so happy for this vacation.

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Okay, now that little squeal moment is out of the way...

    Here are the invitations for our At-Home reception. We are finally almost done these and ready to (actually, need to) get these printed out soon. I am debating whether we should go with Staples and totally DIY them or get them printed through Vistaprint for a little more money, but it will save us a lot of work and time with the cutting.


    Along with that, half of them have text in Cantonese on the back and the other half have Portuguese. Technically only one person in my family needs to have the Portuguese text (my uncle in Portugal who probably won't attend anyway) but I guess everyone thinks it will be nice to have the cultural touch for our friends, etc. Along with that we designed a map, a schedule of events for immediate family and an RSVP. It's a lot to print and cut.

    Now back to the Disney wedding. I started working on our programs.


    We are doing a fan style invite (I'm sure our guests will appreciate it for the fanning aspect in mid-July). I'm debating doing a fourth page with something (tidbits, significance of certain elements, a thank you), but I have no idea what I want right now.

    Also along with the program, we have pretty much finalized the music. DF and I got into a bit of a disagreement with the music. Basically every time I brought it up it would end with us both angry with each other. (To be clear I am talking about the "seating" songs.) Eventually I solved the problem by disregarding some of the songs I wanted from the beginning. Overall the new selections work well with the locations, the theme and they go very well together. The only downside is there is no sentimentality, they sound lovely but nothing more. Oh well though, that's compromise and I have the processional songs I want, so I am happy about that. The last thing we need is a second recessional song. And to be honest, this is going to be a tough one, it was hard enough to select one.

    If anyone is interested I threw together a playlist of the songs in order on youtube:

    I didn't really announce it, but I did order the headpiece I posted about earlier. Thank you to everyone for your help, it really did help put things into perspective price wise and it's just too unique and special to pass up. Anyway according to the seller it will take 4-5 weeks to make and then a little more time to ship it over. So hopefully I will have it by May at the latest in time for my fittings so I can see whole thing together and still have time to put together a simple veil - i.e. cut a piece of tulle. (The headpiece does not come with a veil.)

    I think that's all I have for now. Once I get back from Disney I will do a report of the planning session and post all the cake, decor and floral inspiration images that I will be taking with me.

    So excited! :cloud9:
  19. Bewitch324

    Bewitch324 Mouseketeer

    I really like your at home invites...it might be worth the extra money to get them done at vistaprint so you don't have to cut them out but I think they'll be really sharp looking!

    I love the fans so far, I agree that's a great idea for a July wedding!

    Enjoy your mini vacation, I look forward to hearing about the planning session!

  20. 1000HappyWishes

    1000HappyWishes I know every mile will be my worth my while.

    If you do add a foruth section to your fan, I think you might want to consider putting a thank-you and the inspiration behind your wedding. You can point out similarities between your wedding and the inspiration for it. You certainly don't have to do it, but the guests might enjoy that aspect of it.

  21. Disneymoon2013

    Disneymoon2013 Dec 2013: 1st time to WDW, getting married, & Disn

    If you print through Staples, you should be able to have the invitations cut out, too. Here it's a $2 per cut fee. So, if you only needed the stack cut in half, for example, it'd only cost $2 extra (for all). If you bring your own cardstock, the color copy rate drops significantly as well.

    We haven't gotten to the music selection for our wedding yet, so I'm confused about this. I'm listening to the playlist in YouTube, but I don't understand which goes for which part of the ceremony. Is there a while of seating music?

    The fan invites are cute! Are you using a brad to hold them together? Is that what it's called? A brad? I haven't seen those things in eons. \

    I watched "The Aristocats" on Netflix yesterday and fell in love! I can totally see how your whole wedding matches the theme of the film. I agree with the other person on Disboard -- a final panel for the fan would be neat (explaining the concept behind the theme)... unless of course it's already a given for all of your family. I finished our (newer) invitations and thank you cards last night! I need to catch up in my PJ!

    HAVE FUN ON YOUR TRIP! pixiedust:

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