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Will there be no free dining for 2013?

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by DisneyMom0709, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Kat016

    Kat016 New Member

    I hope thats just a really ugly rumor. We're going for Halloween and I'm waiting for the free dining discount to be offered. We are actually thinking about putting our dining plan savings towards the maharajah trek. We'll only have to pay an additional $200 than for 4 of us.
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  3. mommyrosa2

    mommyrosa2 New Member

    Considering that last summer's BB FD offer for this year begins on 8/18...I wouldn't expect the GP FD to come out until a week after, if that.
  4. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend New Member

    The later fall deals usually come out in July, so that could be where they got July from.
  5. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    I am a disney visa card holder and almost missed free dining promo last year, ( thank you mike the CM)

    How do you guys find out the day its announced? I signed up for every email I could and found out on DISboards!!' ) almost a week later!!)
  6. disneyfantotheend

    disneyfantotheend New Member

    It's always on this site days prior to when it will come out. Keep watching the discount boards. Plus Disney Visa Rewards site lists it once it is open. Disney Visa DOES NOT email everyone with the discount. There are years I got the email from Disney Visa and there are years I haven't. It is open to anyone with a Disney Visa, but they do not let everyone know.
  7. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    Okee dokee

    I don't see a thread for watching for it to subscribe to....

    Maybe we should start one?
  8. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    There are plenty of ongoing threads already.
  9. Gr8t Fan

    Gr8t Fan New Member

    Actually, last year's general public offer started 1 week later than the bounceback offer, so August 24th is a pretty good guess.
  10. mymeme

    mymeme New Member

    First time to have a Disney Visa. Please point me to the thread that would be best to subscribe to for this fall discount.
    Thank you
  11. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    I'll be sure to post here whenever I have confirmation.
  12. xipotec

    xipotec Grinning Ghosts

    Awsome!!! Many hugs!
  13. mymeme

    mymeme New Member

    Thank you !!!
  14. Kat016

    Kat016 New Member

    I just talked to a cast member and he told me he doesn't think they're going to be offering free dining this year but to check their home page for special offers. So I guess we'll see what they do. I hope they offer it. That would be a BIG help.
  15. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    Do keep in mind that, of all the people that know...cast members are usually the last.

    Just about every year when I call on the first day of free dining bookings, the cast member tells me something like "there's no free dining, where did you get that idea?", or "I'm sorry, but we're not doing free dining this year". Then I have to explain it all to them and many times even had a code...they put me on hold, read their memo, and "Oh, I'm sorry sir, I have it right here".

    I always get a chuckle out of that.
  16. lustergirl

    lustergirl New Member

    I have called in to modify my existing ressie to include the free dining promo and have had CM's say "Heard it on the disboards?":rotfl2::rotfl2:
  17. Kat016

    Kat016 New Member

    That's what I figured...I'm not putting a lot of faith into what they say at this point. I'm just going to keep my eyes & ears alert to see when the offer comes out. I find it hard to believe they would just stop offering it since they offer it every year.
  18. Kat016

    Kat016 New Member

    That's funny! I just started following the DISBoards but my one girlfriend stalks it constantly. Lol
  19. black562

    black562 Dept of Redundancy Dept

    I promised I would post, so here it goes.

    Free dining for dates of Sept 2-25. General public can book on May 9, Disney Visa holders a few days before that.

    This will include quick service for values and regular dining for mod/deluxe resorts.

    A minimum 3 night stay and 2 day ticket is required.

  20. DonnaBoo

    DonnaBoo New Member

    wow this is great!!!:cheer2:

    where did you get the information on this?
  21. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

    Here is the main thread about the upcoming deal. There are over 50 pages. But all of the deal info is mainly in the first post...


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