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Why is adding on direct so popluar lately?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by kaytieedid, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. kaytieedid

    kaytieedid New Member

    I've been seeing posts lately for people really interested in adding on direct for the "older" resorts. I know this has always been an option, but all of a sudden it seems everyone wants to get on a waitlist to add on. Is something changing that makes this more desirable than doing resale? I think the price is increasing for direct add-ons but is it that much more than it was before? I feel like I'm missing a deal or something.....

    We own 2 contracts at BWV and would LOVE to add on. But hasn't the price always been over $100 per point to go through Disney?
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  3. disneynutz

    disneynutz <br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/i

    Disney just did a marketing web video on the older DVC resorts.

    Who says that advertising doesn't work! :thumbsup2

    :earsboy: Bill
  4. Sandisw

    Sandisw Moderator Moderator

    Yes, the price for BWV was $115 until recently...now I believe it is $130.

    As Bill said, they did promote them in the webcast and sent out the message that the price was going up and it was enough to get people who wanted smaller contracts to add on through Disney.

    Since those are hard to come by on the resale market anyway, knowing that there was going to be a price increase was enough to get people to buy.

    And, look at resale now, supply is drying up and prices are on the rise...
  5. BillPA

    BillPA New Member

    I think more and more people just don't understand math. :confused3
  6. okw2012

    okw2012 New Member

    Nowadays everybody who goes to WDW hears about DVC multiple times. I'm sure only a small fraction know about the resale market. I'd bet most people buy direct thinking it is the only option.
  7. ELMC

    ELMC New Member

    People are rushing to add on direct because the price that they once felt was too expensive now seems like a deal compared to the new, higher prices. There were a lot of posts on here around the time of the webcast where people talked about how much they saved by buying before the price increase. They actually didn't save anything, they just avoided having to pay extra. But they don't see it that way.
  8. dcfromva

    dcfromva <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/index.

    I'm on the wait list for a small amount of points (got put on the W-L on the last day). But, I have been watching resale listings for a while and have not seen the small number of points I want listed. I have been thinking about going direct for a while--I thought if I was going to go direct I might as well do it now as opposed to 6 months from now at a higher price. :thumbsup2
  9. dbs1228

    dbs1228 New Member

    And many added on 130+ points which I do not consider a small add on because the "price was going up";)

    Yup exactly:thumbsup2
  10. DizBub

    DizBub Totally Addicted

    Am I the only one thinking that in a couple of years we will be seeing a lot more small contracts on the resale market due to all this activity? ;)
  11. dcfromva

    dcfromva <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/index.

    Might be.
  12. csharpwv

    csharpwv New Member

    Well, I think there are a variety of factors at play here...

    It is getting harder to get into more desirable resorts at 7 months. Like BCV is really almost impossible to book at 7 months during peak periods.

    With 4 DVC resorts now located off WDW property (HHI, VBR, VGC, Aulani)
    there are more members who want to stay at WDW, but don't own there.

    Next, the economy has been on track with an up-tick in many parts of the country. More people getting raises, bonuses, and other additional sources of income that had dried up for a few years.

    People see what is coming down the pike... VGF... and it isn't what they were hoping for...Poly...

    When it comes to the changes made to resale contracts, when you compare the price, direct add ons are better for people who use the trade options.

    Resales are a pig in a poke - they are a PITA when it comes to waiting for things to pass, seller issues, finding the right number of points, the right UY, and how the contract is positioned at sale (loaded, stripped etc).

    We own four contracts, two direct, two resale, and we got the best deal possible on every point purchase we have made - for what we wanted. We first bought direct, then resale, then direct, and our last contract was a resale.

    So people are buying what makes sense for them!
  13. GBPackers

    GBPackers New Member

    For me, I am on the waitlist for OKW. At $100 pp and ownership until 2060, this appearred to me as a "happy medium" as most OKW resale were for contracts until 2042 at $65ish pp.

    I went on waitlist on 3/11 and getting really close according to my rep. We are going in Sept/Oct so I hope to get into a 1 bedroom right away on one of the resorts down there.

    I've been wanting DVC for 3 years and won't see another deal like this again. Price for OKW went up to $135 pp.
  14. Minniesgal

    Minniesgal New Member

    We went on the waitlist for VGC as we didn't think we would get what we wanted in our UY resale. Ironically we found just what we wanted after 6 weeks on the waitlist but the price we have to pay isn't that much below what DVC are charging so we will buy resale if ROFR allows or from DVC if not and it will not make a massive difference cost wise.
  15. kaytieedid

    kaytieedid New Member

    thanks for the replies everyone:)
  16. DannysMom

    DannysMom New Member

    I think you are right. In a few years, when I am ready to add on, the problem of small contract availability on the resale market may be solved! Yay! :thumbsup:

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  17. DannysMom

    DannysMom New Member

    I also agree with it being tougher to book the smaller resorts on site at WDW at the 7 month mark. More folks are buying points for specific uses, I think --WL at Christmas time, BCV/BWV during F&W.

    Anyone planning a WDW DVC trip at less than 7 months out has to be very lucky in order to not have to stay at SSR. More people are getting serious about owning where they want to stay, I think.

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  18. cbnsoul

    cbnsoul New Member DVC Gold

    This is why we own at the 4 resorts we like most (and also why we will be buying points at the Poly when it finally gets built).
  19. DenLo

    DenLo Active Member

    I think people have decided to admit that they buy direct. The offer for classic DVC resorts brought people out to declare their preference.

    If you read most of the posts on these boards the recommendation is to buy resale. I know I've typed posts recommending resale. And some posts are more condescending than giving advice. So I imagine people were pretty intimidated by heavily biased posts, but with so many other DVC members taking advantage of the offer and telling us here on the DisBoards many others decided to say were buying or on the wait list too.

    Financially I agree it's better to go resale. But some people really care about the exchanges especially into DCL despite others telling them it would be cheaper to rent their points and to pay cash. Some might like the loan without a credit blip. The most common would be buying a specific and/or difficult to find UY with an add on for a small number of points.
  20. dwight16

    dwight16 New Member

    very very simple well at least for me....my first buy was resale 160 SS points back in dec 2010. i wanted to start to add on to my points but in 25 points at a time i want to pay cash and not have to borrow any money. first thing i hardly ever see any 25 to 50 point contracts come up on the market and when they do they are gone in less then 24 hours. people generally receive asking price or more. Secondary closing costs on resale can be up to 500 bucks. so your end up if you can get your hands on one saving a few hundred. now the contracts tend be current or stripped very rarely have any banked points. when you buy from Disney you receive current year points and if your close to your use year its almost like getting double. In my case i have a sept use year and i have my 2012 points banked already so i feel like i received and extra years worth of points. i know i did not but i look at as in sept i have 60 points to use on top of my 160 already. that is why i bought 30 points at VWL direct. i am looking for another 25 points at BWV on the waiting list.
  21. NoleFan

    NoleFan New Member

    How long is the waitlist?

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