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why do you like the poly... Oh yeah everything!

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by tinkerLA, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. tinkerLA

    tinkerLA Earning My Ears

    The polynesian is the best Disney resort, in my opinion! In fact it is my favorite resort period. It is my favorite part of disney. The poly gives you the feeling of being on a Hawaii beach while still giving you the magic of Walt Disney World! With soo many things the Poly has to offer, for example rental boats, arcade, quiet pool and volcano pool. Your Whole family will have fun. My favorite things of the Poly is staying at club level, watching Magic Kingdom's fireworks in a hammack on the beach, and all the activities for the kids/teens. This is a thread all about the poly. Whatever questions you may have anything, this is where you'll find the answer. I have so many more things I love about the Poly! Whats yours?
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  3. PHLtoMCO

    PHLtoMCO Disboards helps me cut back on Facebook.

    We will arrive at the Poly on June 30th for 8 days! I know it sounds weird but my sister and I love smell when you walk in to the GCH. Sometimes we'll be at random places back home and we'll say "it's the poly smell!!" Growing up we stayed there a lot and now it's become my daughter's favorite Disney resort as well. Some of the other reasons it was always my favorite as a kid (and still is) is the Neverland Club, gift shops always seemed to be better, convenience of the monorail, watching the lagoon parade, watching the fireworks on the beach, and taking out the sea raycer boats. I could go on and on... It's by far my favorite :)
  4. princssdisnygina

    princssdisnygina Disney Princess

    ME TOO! LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell! It reminds me of being there as a kid! And I do the same thing.... I relate a lot of smells to those at Disney, including the Poly! :rotfl:
  5. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    I love relaxing in the hammocks on the beach listening to the boat whistles as the boats go back and forth to MK :cloud9:. I also have to agree about the smell in the lobby.....I love that, along with hearing the waterfall, the minute I enter :goodvibes. We have loved all the resorts we've stayed at, but the Poly will always be our favorite.....we just love everything about it :wizard:.
  6. mickey2minnie1

    mickey2minnie1 Mouseketeer

    We love the Poly, and have no desire to stay elsewhere. My DS 14 and I love the smell too. My DH loves the access to the monorail and watching Wishes from the beach and not having to be on Main Street. My DS 11 loves the volcano pool best. My DD 8 loves playing in the sand while we watch Wishes.

    I love to walk the paths at night with my DH while listening to the music. The restaurants offer so much for all of us too. I like having a character meal right in our resort.

    We just love the Poly! It is a paradise.
  7. tinkerLA

    tinkerLA Earning My Ears

    I agree with all of what yall have said. All of these things makes me soo excited about my next trip next month!! :-)

    WDWLODGE Member

    The Poly is def one of our favorite resorts. The convienence of MK and Epcot monorails is great.
  9. Dizneefamily+4

    Dizneefamily+4 Wish I could live in Cinderella's Castle!

    I Love reading about what everyone else loves about the POLY! We're heading for our first POLY stay this August and can't wait! Poly has long been a dream and we're finally making it a reality. I hope it meets all of our expectations - not that I'm worried!
    Keep these posts coming - they make me even more excited than I already am!!!
  10. sonjaandsue

    sonjaandsue Member

    Our 5 year old son fell in love with the Poly. We stayed there in January and he is still obsessed - drawing pictures of Tiki statues, torches, & volcanoes. We just listened to Hawai'ian music this morning going to preschool. It was his favorite part of the vacation - even more than fighting Darth Vader!

    I loved the torches at night - I have no idea why I loved them so much but I did!
  11. TivoQueen

    TivoQueen Member

    We love the Poly too. We are actually staying at the Contempory Resort for something different and I am tempted everyday to switch my reservation back to the Poly. The whole Poly atmosphere is great. We love the restaurants, the dole whips, and they Poly has the best chocolate chip cookies. We will be taking a trip over to the Poly just to eat and wash Wishes from the beach.
  12. 2manydaves

    2manydaves Member

    If we could afford the Poly, we'd be there in a heartbeat. It is just fabulous. Sigh.
  13. bluejasmine

    bluejasmine DIS Veteran

    I have the most amazing memories associated with the Poly from when I was a little girl to our first meal at Ohanas to our first stay there in CL last yr.. I love the feel, the music, the ambaince, I love the smell and sound of the water in the GCH. I love shopping in boutikiki for dresses to wear on vacation and jewelery and art in Wyland.
    I love the convenience of the monorail to GF, CR and MK and Ep. Wow Im really really missing it right now.. We will be at WDW this weekend but at CBR for a pirate room for DSS.. Ill have to wait until Sept to be back at the Poly!!

    JAMIESMITH Mouseketeer

    I'm planning our first stay for next September. I can't wait!
  15. Darthmerideth

    Darthmerideth Earning My Ears

    Love the Poly! Someone said the smell, thats weird, but true, there is some kind of feeling I get whenever I go there, the whole theme sets an amazing mood, the torches really set it off, and the back of the hotel gives a secluded atmosphere, but the castle across the lake gives it a another world feel. Ohana is the best restaraunt in Disney. The Aloha show is also a can't miss.
  16. ChrisM

    ChrisM Member

    That smell is mold and mildew. Blech.
  17. mirage0306

    mirage0306 Mouseketeer

    The poly is one of a few resorts we are considering for next time. I love the theme!
  18. PHLtoMCO

    PHLtoMCO Disboards helps me cut back on Facebook.

    I think you're out numbered Chris M!! :)
  19. soarinup

    soarinup I really am as mean as I look!

    Its a soothing thought, that's what it is to daydream about the POLY. I used to watch the old Don Ho shows when I was a little girl, just so I could see a glimpse of Hawaii. I didn't care what he had to say, I just watched for the peeks of the big island. And when I go to the POLY in Sept. for my first ever stay, I will have arrived. All my thoughts every single day are about getting to the POLY. I had a near mishap at work last week, almost cost me my job, and all I could think of was "OH no, I won't be able to go to the POLY"! LOL:scared1:
  20. ChrisM

    ChrisM Member

    Oh, I know I'm outnumbered. But the nose doesn't lie!

    I can still remember the first time I went to the Poly - after all of the lavish praise I was expecting to be blown away. And boy, was I. As soon as we caught a whiff inside the GCH, my wife and I looked at each other and both said, "You have to be kidding me.". We couldn't take more than 10 minutes inside before being forced to retreat outside for some fresh air.

    Having visited the resort a few more times, I can understand the appeal of the resort to some people, I simply don't share it; if I did share it, however, that funk would be a deal breaker.

    Of the things I do like about the resort, it is uniquely situated across the lake from the MK and adjacent to the TTC. And the grounds and beach are lovely, particularly at night. But the interior and rooms come across as dark and dingy to me, the restaurants as sub-par when compared to those at the other monorail resorts, and the theme as the ultimate in kitsch - like a giant recreation of the Brady Bunch trip to Hawaii. There was a 70's era obsession with the south Pacific that this resort still seems to be attached to.

    To each their own, Poly smell lovers! :)
  21. EeyoreFanInTX

    EeyoreFanInTX Earning My Ears

    I'll be there in a couple weeks.. first time at the Poly. first time to Disney for my 5 yr old daughter. can't wait. :) we didn't do the character meal at the Poly but only becuz my dd doesn't really know Lilo & Stitch. We're doing 5 other character meals though. :)

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