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Who feels like a threadkiller - Take 4!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by pixie dust 112, May 9, 2009.

  1. pixie dust 112

    pixie dust 112 DIS <font color=limegreen>Vet<font color=black>era

    Oh no!!!!:scared1::scared1::scared1:A venom spewing sewer....that is a frightening scenario! Sorry things got bad at work, hope all is ok now and that things get better!:hug:
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  3. Hollyann

    Hollyann <font color=blue>ZJO for just today!<br><font colo

    Same goes....I hope things are smoothing out.

    DU - sounds like a plan! I love the Muppets 3D Adventure!
  4. Cruisin

    Cruisin <font color=green>If you can't carry it, you don't

    Venom spewing is allowed around here if you feel that it is necessary and helpful to you:thumbsup2

    We are here to listen and help anyway that we can.

    Morning all.
  5. Hollyann

    Hollyann <font color=blue>ZJO for just today!<br><font colo

    Wow! REALLY quiet here today! I spent a lovely day with DH. We went out to breakfast, went to the range, had lunch, read a book, took a nap and went out to dinner. We're now in our jammies and ready to read and spend a quiet evening!

    I hope everyone else is having a great day!

    DISUNC <font color=peach>I cried like a baby watching the

    Whadda day.:eek:

    Elvis jumped off the stairs, about 5 steps this am (he is sooo stoopid), and dislocated his knee!!!!:scared1: So I spent most of the am at the vets. Anyhooo his kne is back in place, but lotsa medicine. And no jumping up or down, or running for 6 weeks.:scared1:
    Now how does one get a 9 month old puppy to NOT DO THIS.:confused3
    Anyhoooooo he seems fine..just walking with a slight limp.

    DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Tell us. I'm into listening to others PO work related problems. I BLEWUP at my boss the other day, Went all .." I am the only one who does any #$@%& work in this #@$%^* godforsaken @#$%^ hole...and he dont have the #$%^ to stand up to these other lazy $#@%^ I work with"
    :lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao: Got an extra week vacation to take whenever i want outta it!!!!:lmao::lmao::lmao:
    Note: I was never one to 'hold back' or 'bite my tongue':banana:

    Sooo how did you wind up in the middle? I usually just like to start/instigate...then quietly walkaway!!!!pirate:
  7. tiggerwannabe

    tiggerwannabe <font color=red>Optimistic Realist~ <br><br><font

    Ive been doin Travel class and Magicmeet stuff all day...start school back up on Tuesday morning-cant wait to see the few I get to see in August~
  8. Dalpal

    Dalpal <font color=ff00cc>Has a brand new granddaughter!<

    Hello TKers,

    Busy day today....worked 8-4, and I have the same hrs. again tomorrow...Then Im off for TWO days:cool1: Ill also be done with training..:thumbsup2

    I went outside during my lunch break today. Really nice out around here..in the 70s..sunny...Blue skies..Beautiful!:sunny:

    Ann, Sounds like a fun day for you and Tom!...Im ready for a quite evening too!..actually Mikes playing his guitar..as Im DISing..So it is very relaxing....;)

    Poor Elvis!:sad2:..
    I hope he gets better soon..and you dont really keep them from being Pups..Its just not gonna happen...Unless he's really bad off..and you didnt sound like this is the case...Im sure with your care he will be good as new in no time!:thumbsup2 :dog:

    Busy busy for you too!...Good luck with getting back to school..Youll do great Im sure!

    Well Im gonna go...:faint:
    Its my bedtime...:cloud9:Have a good evening my friends...pixiedust:

  9. Cruisin

    Cruisin <font color=green>If you can't carry it, you don't

    Hmm :scratchin

    I never would have suspected that from you:rotfl2:;)

    I don't think you can hold puppies, kittens and small children down, no matter how hard you try. It just isn't in them to stay still for very long.

    Have a good rest Betsy, I think you deserve it after working so hard.

    Ann, sounds like you had a very busy day eating, sleeping and reading :teeth:
  10. sewer

    sewer Is it really Monday again!!

    Well I "let" my crew engage in "shop talk" during the day. One of the "shop talkers" complained to HR about the others, and I got in trouble for it. I was told I should have known what was going with them at all times, and quickly put a stop to it. I mentioned when they are in the field I have no idea what they are talking about since I'm not there, and since the "shop talker" never complained I never had an clue something was wrong. Anyway I was reassigned to administration/engineering at a different location.
  11. KimRaye

    KimRaye <font color=navy><b>DIS Sponsor*Silver</b><br><fon

    That stinks! :mad:
  12. pixie dust 112

    pixie dust 112 DIS <font color=limegreen>Vet<font color=black>era

    You mean you don;t have spy cams focused on them all day?:rolleyes:
  13. Cruisin

    Cruisin <font color=green>If you can't carry it, you don't

    Yeah, come on sewer:rotfl2:

    That is a really silly thing:confused3

    You cannot possibly know what people are talking about when you are not physically there to hear them:confused:

  14. Cruisin

    Cruisin <font color=green>If you can't carry it, you don't

    :wave: We had our street party tonight.

    It was decided that we should have a "back to our basic roots" party.

    Our street party tradition started about 18 years ago with just the people on our little circle and the street that attachs to it.

    Over the years it grew to be very large with people inviting friends etc, so large that it got so that I hardly new anyone who was attending it anymore:confused3

    So this year it was back to only people who live on these two streets again.

    We still had about 35 people but it was very nice.
  15. pixie dust 112

    pixie dust 112 DIS <font color=limegreen>Vet<font color=black>era

    We have an annual clambake that started out as 4 families whose back yard connects. Somehow, 4 or 5 years few ago, it too became huge, people I don't know in my backyard! We decided to go back to the orignals a couple of years ago too. Much nicer when it is the original people. So does the guy who interferes with garbage cans come? Cause I'd like to eve's drop on your conversations!:rotfl:

    We had 2 of my sisters and their families over for dinner last night. grilled London broil and pork loin, roasted red potatoes and salad. Simple but yummy.
  16. sewer

    sewer Is it really Monday again!!

    There has been some trouble in our lab (not my dept.), and the company has been in court because of it. They want to make sure it does not happen again, so I became the scapegoat for internal problems.
  17. Cruisin

    Cruisin <font color=green>If you can't carry it, you don't

    :rotfl2:Nope, they never come:confused3

    Not really fair is it? It was not something that you had any control over:confused:
  18. DISUNC

    DISUNC <font color=peach>I cried like a baby watching the

    Went to bed Friday night at 11p, woke up Sat at 12:45pm!!!!:scared1::scared1:

    Did food shopping, and My niece, dh James & Makie came over. I BarBques...just hamburgers & hotdogs...corn yadda yadda.

    Then we went to a festival on Mainstreet (as usual it was a bust)..This town can't do a thing right!:sad2:

    Then we had a FIERCE Thunderstom roll in around 9pm, lost electricity at 10:00..(didnt come back on into the middle of the night) and now today it is FREEZING out!:confused3

    So far thats my w/e. Going to the movies tonight with James.Then Tommorrow dad has a appoint with the eye dr cataracts) & James has a dentist appointment (had to keep him out of school)...he has a tooth growing right in the middle of another toot.:scared:

    Then I go back to work. BUT I work Mon, Tues & Weds this week...then dont go back until the Saturday after Memorial day!:thumbsup2

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH for Kripessake!:sad2::sad2::sad2: Reeeeeeeeediculious! Did you tell them you KNOW ME?:3dglasses

    MMMMMMM good. Have fun...wear your parka!:goodvibes
  19. tiggerwannabe

    tiggerwannabe <font color=red>Optimistic Realist~ <br><br><font

    My niece is 15! She is the youngest of mine and my sister's kids-we are headed over there later for cake~have I told you guys my sister is gonna be a granny? Her 19 yo DS and his girlfriend are due in september. Its a good thing they have a strong support system and Brianne seems to have a good head on her shoulders-I think they will be ok. Apparently she wasnt aware of the bad idea of mixing antibiotics with the pill ~

    I am loading pics I took of my friend's band. The web guy is finally adding them to the website-its only been a year in the making. The jerk had the nerve to complain when I got tough on him taking so long to get the update done. I am so over his petty-ness. I like Walt's quote, "keep moving forward." I hate going backwards on stuff and that includes dwelling on kayrap that is over and done with :)
  20. Hollyann

    Hollyann <font color=blue>ZJO for just today!<br><font colo

    Hiya Threadkillers!

    Everyone is eating yummy food and having really nice get-togethers....I'm glad!

    TW - I like your attitude - keep moving forward. I hope all goes smoothly for your sister's grandbaby as well.

    DH and I are off to visit a friend in the hospital. He had what we thought was minor cancer in his lungs and it's spread to his bones and his brain. Unfortunately, he was out and fell, they took him to the hospital and he looks like he's had a stroke....his left side is affected.

    Tom is very sad today, they are good friends. The family's arrival is scattered between today and tomorrow, so I'll make a casserole (gobbler cobbler & salad) for them for tomorrow's dinner.

    Oh! On a funny note! I was cantoring mass yesterday (voice is better) and in the middle of a song (for those of you Catholic - the Lamb of God) the mike FELL OUT OF THE STAND! Crash, Bam, Boom! It hit the floor like a well mic'd ton of bricks! :lmao:

    What could I do, but get down on my knees, fish the mike up and keep singing! When you cantor on Saturday you are the ONLY singer! Fortunately, we had someone else there as a back-up incase my voice wasn't up to par, so she kept singing! But with only two people and her voice is soft, soft, SOFT! You could really tell. :rotfl2:

    After mass a friend of mine walked up to me and asked, "Drop something?"

    Ya'll take care and I hope you enjoy your Sunday!
  21. pixie dust 112

    pixie dust 112 DIS <font color=limegreen>Vet<font color=black>era

    I used to sleep into the afternoon when I was a teenager too!:rotfl:

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