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Which Area to pick?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by sshuttle, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. sshuttle

    sshuttle local resident

    We're staying at AKL in September, I'm planning the weekend for a mini-family reunion. I've looked at the map included in this post and just want some validation that I'm on the right track. We're staying in a standard view room. The Zebra trail looks like it would be near the pool area and even standard view rooms may have a nice view. What do you, the experts think? Should I request a second floor room even though we may have no view? Thanks for all your help!!:) :)
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  3. beccab

    beccab "Oh! That's very different. Never mind!" Rosean

    Ok I went & looked up my map from our stay at AKL last year & it looks like Zebra trail is either water(pool) view or savannah view.
    Standard views are either giraffe trail or ostrich trail facing the parking lot. If you have a standard view, the giraffe trail is where the buses pull up. You might want to consider this in your decision. I would also choose higher than 1st floor so that you can have some privacy from people coming and going by your windows.

    Even though the standard rooms face the parking area it is still very pretty. You will be in Disney world & the landscaping is always very pretty.

    We too had strandard room booked but were upgraded to pool view. Only because after waiting until 4 or 5pm our room was still not ready.
  4. sshuttle

    sshuttle local resident

    Excellent! Thank you for this much needed info. I plan on asking for an upgrade but don't hold out a lot of hope. Last time we stayed at PORiverside they gave us a free upgrade, you never know!

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