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Where's the best Diet Coke in the park?

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by EmmersIsTheMommy, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. EmmersIsTheMommy

    EmmersIsTheMommy <font color=royalblue>Ew maybe the dolls dance all

    Sounds totally hilarious :rotfl: But seriously. Anyone a diet coke nut like I am and KNOW which place is best? :lmao:

    These are need to know things, people :rotfl:
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  3. blackjackdelta

    blackjackdelta <font color=darkorchid>Uncle had an "in" with Walt

    How could it be different?, its the same formula?

  4. ParkHopper1

    ParkHopper1 New Member

    Same formula, but no two dispensers are often tuned the same. The ratio of concentrate/water/carbonation are manually adjusted by the technician setting up the machine and can vary. Unlike a can which is mixed at the factory, all the elements are mixed on site at a soda dispenser and the retailer receives a 5 gallon box of concentrate that can serve hundreds of drinks.

    ...ever get a watery coke at a restaurant...that is why.

    Although with Coke's sponsorship, I would be willing to bet that the resorts dispensers are tuned the best they can be!
  5. pharmama

    pharmama New Member

    The carbonation/syrup mix and adjustment of individual fountain machines can vary quite a bit. I definitely have places where I really do or don't like their diet coke. I totally get what the OP is asking.

    That said, I've not noticed any standout places (either positive or negative) at DLR.

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  6. CaliDisneyMama

    CaliDisneyMama New Member

    Kind of related... Mr. Pibb is owned by Coke, right? I think I remember getting a Mr. Pibb at DTD once or twice, but I can't remember if they're anywhere in the parks? I really want Dr. Pepper, but that's obviously not happening, so I'm crossing my fingers for the next best thing. Does anyone know of any places in the parks that have it?
  7. blackjackdelta

    blackjackdelta <font color=darkorchid>Uncle had an "in" with Walt

    Thanks for the explanation. I do not drink pop/soda I thought I would ask. My wife drinks tons of diet pepsi(hijack) do you know where the closest place I can get a case, we are staying at the Grand.


  8. EmmersIsTheMommy

    EmmersIsTheMommy <font color=royalblue>Ew maybe the dolls dance all

    Ohhhhh thank you for the explanation! You said it way better than I could've LOL

    Another good example..I even prefer canned Diet Coke to bottled diet coke.

    Now, all that weirdness said, I'm not crazy picky..I just likes me a good Diet Coke ;) haha!!!

    I hope someone has a good answer for this. As for if she needs a fix and you guys are checking for a place to eat outside the parks, Subway is nearby and serves Pepsi (At least all the ones here do) and my friend LOVES their pepsi :)
  9. disneyobsessed808

    disneyobsessed808 New Member

    Awesome post. I am a Diet Coke nut as well, but never thought about which one was the best. I am always parched from running around DLR, so any Diet Coke is good to me. I just like Rancho De Zocalo and Redd Rocket's Pizza Port since you can get free refills!
  10. DisneylandPlanner

    DisneylandPlanner New Member

    I do know normally the best ratio is at Mcdonalds, but in the park I go for Coke corner and I get cherry flavor added. I will be there on Saturday and right of the bat it will be having a Cherry Diet Coke and a churro. Can not wait!!!
  11. Blanche_Neige

    Blanche_Neige New Member

    I just started drinking Diet Coke or Coke Zero but the only way I can drink it is with a straw and with Lemon.

    cannot stand the taste without lemon.
  12. Girimama33

    Girimama33 "I've disgraced the forces of evil."

    I am not a soda drinker (I drink water and iced green tea). DH, on the otherhand, is a Diet Coke snob. He prefers a fountain soda over a can/bottle any day. He has had several DC in the DLR and has never commented that one was better than the other. Like PP mentioned, the dispensers are probably tuned a certain way throughout the parks.

    Black Jack - Have you used Vons delivery? You can order online, and the order will be delivered to the GC. It can even be delivered before you arrive. First time orders over $49 are shipped free. http://shop.safeway.com/superstore/default.asp?brandid=2&page=corphome&cmpid=ecom_kw_von_cpt_gn_ggl
  13. blackjackdelta

    blackjackdelta <font color=darkorchid>Uncle had an "in" with Walt

    Numerous times...we love them. We are staying at the Grand and that is the only thing she wants, we can get the rest in the parks. May have to hike down to 7-11 and get it for her. Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    I like going to Coke Corner and getting a Cherry Vanilla Coke. :) I like it because at CC they use actual syrup to add the flavor. mmmmmm :)
  15. aulani2012

    aulani2012 New Member

    I was at DL and DCA about a month ago (i'm addicted to diet coke btw) Anyway...it was pretty good throughout the parks but absolutely horrible at the Cozy Cone Motel so I would avoid that one for drinks. It tasted like plastic - and no..i wasn't drinking out of a cone lol. My dh's Sprite was bad there three days later as well. I found myself buying a lot of 20 ouncers just to be safe after that.
    have fun!
  16. EmmersIsTheMommy

    EmmersIsTheMommy <font color=royalblue>Ew maybe the dolls dance all


    I was doing a lot of 20 ozers last time..they seem so perfectly cold in DL for some reason ;)
  17. AZlady

    AZlady New Member

    I am a Pepsi only fan and need my caffeine in DL!! Can I bring in a sealed 20 oz in my bag ???
  18. sweethannah

    sweethannah Rebel Spy, 3 times in a row!

    Absolutely. Sealed or unsealed, it doesn't matter so long as it isn't glass
  19. EmmersIsTheMommy

    EmmersIsTheMommy <font color=royalblue>Ew maybe the dolls dance all

    Yep! I understand completely too! If it was a Pepsi-land I'd have to bring in my own contraband too :lmao::lmao:
  20. Baliezer

    Baliezer New Member

    I am a diet coke addict and I really like the diet coke at River Belle Terrace. For some reason it just tastes better than at other fountains in the park.
  21. lisachrystine

    lisachrystine New Member

    Oh.my.gosh. This sounds amazing. How have I not done this before? It's going on the list for next time. :)

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