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Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by sablebomb, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Now that I've bored you to death with dining details...I'll throw in you really don't have to make any hard choices for quite some time. You will probably want to have some dining choices lined up when you get to the 180 day mark, and around then you may want to have airfare lined up. You won't be ableto book your room until August at the earliest (full rack rates), and a discount offer probably offered in the November/December/Jan time frame.

    So I'll get back to this post.
    If you ipcka deluxe resort, or evne a mod, then eating at your home resort's TS at least one night is smart and easy, and gives you lots of flexibilty. It's a good idea. If you pick a top tier deluxe like Poly - you may well want to eat at yoru home resort twice.

    While Disney pricing seems high, and it is, keep in mind that disney does give you somethign for your moeny, and it's not always clearly spelled out on the website. Oftne the intangible factor is high quality dining, well themed decor, and convenience getting to the parks, and nearby deluxe resorts. the BC/YC/BWK are all close toeach other, they are also very close to LOTS of restaurants in Epcot. The monorail resorts (contemp/Poly/GF) are clsoe to MK and each other. Contemp probably has the least intersting decor, but offers convenience in location. the moderate resorts give you LOTS of theming, great pools, very good dining- but you lose quite abit of time getting aroudnwitin the resort and getting to/from the parks. the value resorts- are least expensive, are super clean, and give you a ton for the money- but they are not fancy, the rooms are not huge, and the beds are full size. Where as deluxes are queen beds. Aong the top themed resorts are WL and AKL, but the rooms are slightly smaller and the transportation not quite as good as the top tier deluxes. Still they are oth amazing and beautiful. They are both among my faves. I haven't been to the newest AoA yet, but the food court sounds great. the DVc resorts have a ktichen, but are pricey, and locations may not be quite as great as the deluxes. (even where they are nextdoor to a deluxe, you lose time walking to the pool/food court/bus stop.)

    Most ypically these days, I opt for deluxes or value resorts.

    I suggest onsite is good place to stay based on what you've told me. There are LOTS of amazing offsite resorts. Offfsite, you often get more space for less Money - but you trade the convenience of being onsite. If you are ina situation where you have lots of bonus points, and could stay at somethign lieka Marriott using points, then yeah! do it. If you love the idea of renting a house, offsite might be for you. Probably though, onsite is going to be best, since it's easy.
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