where to request at marriott grande vista?

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    Mar 17, 2012
    hi! wondering what to request for our october stay. First when and how do I make a request? We are 2 adults, one 5 yr old one 15 month old. I prefer to be close to the pool but don't want super loud pool-goers waking us up. We will be doing 7 days at the disney parks, but do want to come back midday to rest or swim, some mornings at the pool as well.

    also- how are the restaurants for dinner?
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    Feb 24, 2007
    There are four pool complexes at Grande Vista - two moderately sized pool area located at the outer parts of the resort and two major pool areas closer to the center of the resort (and more or less across the lake bridge from one another). This link goes out to the resort map with building numbers for you to consider possible locations that would work for you.

    We really like the Copa Loca Bar & Grill at the Plaza del Sol pool area but I don't think we've had a bad meal at any of the resort's options. One nice thing about this resort is the presence of the traditional, full-service restaurant - Nick's - that's located above the golf clubhouse. That's a relatively unique feature for a timeshare resort.

    Grande Vista is a nice timeshare resort, you should enjoy the stay.

    **** Taylor

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