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When will the next 40-50% off offer be on for April?

Discussion in 'Disneyland Paris Trip Planning & Community Board' started by mickeymouse11, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. mickeymouse11

    mickeymouse11 Well-Known Member


    Were booking to go to DLP towards end of April, the current offer is just 15%, should i hang off for a better deal.

    Is there set times of the year the do there offers?

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  3. tennisfan

    tennisfan <font color=blue>Was told off for sliding down the Moderator

    There isn't a set pattern to deals. Have you tried other countries sites to see if they have anything different as you can book them too:)
  4. mickeymouse11

    mickeymouse11 Well-Known Member

    oh no i havent, i will try that thanks:o)
  5. mickeymouse11

    mickeymouse11 Well-Known Member

    had a look but all offers are up to 27th March, i'll hang off a bit patiently waiting:)
  6. Aussie Wendy

    Aussie Wendy Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for May so if you see any please share-and I will ditto. I can't confirm the exact week we go yet so reluctant to book til that is fixed with my and DH work and airfares secured (given travel from Aus and this will be first port of call). Hoping any price increase in new year + some discount will be at least equal to current 15% on 2012 prices or better. I was doing some maths on purchase of AP (Fantasy as need to use straight away) and non Disney hotels and coming up with only small savings cw 2* Disney hotel incl. tix which is nice and convenient (and less rigmarole!) From a random google search it seems there was a 30% deal around April/May 2009 which was quite a while ago! Here's hoping!
  7. mickeymouse11

    mickeymouse11 Well-Known Member

    Ive just checked and it now says spring/summer arrivals sales opening 30th Oct:cool1: its not giving me the option to book it now where it was before. Hoping for at least 40%off:banana:
  8. Aussie Wendy

    Aussie Wendy Well-Known Member

    Yaay! Thanks. I hadn't been able to get on for a few nights. At least we have dates fixed and airfares now secured so when they are released I can jump on board. Wishing us both pixiedust:
  9. Aussie Wendy

    Aussie Wendy Well-Known Member

    New deal for spring summer released today - 2 days and nights free so 4 night price is theoretically the price of 2 nights but the price quoted when I put dates in is much the same as the price I thought it was before the 15% discount on the 2012 deals. If I had been sure of dates booking while the 15% deal was on (on winter prices) it would have been smarter-100 pounds cheaper. Obviously quite an increase in prices for 2013. To put it another way its the same price as you are currently getting on 1 night for free on 4 night package on winter prices. Can't see that will come down any better though so may have to suck it up or stay at a partner hotel instead.... The deal is good until 31 January for 1 April-31 August bookings. Similar deal for autumn next year and 30% off for winter 2013/14.
  10. CassieReynart

    CassieReynart Well-Known Member

    The prices are very high for any dates I am trying! Can't believe they are "two nights free" - wow
  11. Donald D Duck

    Donald D Duck Well-Known Member

    I tried 4 nights at sequoia lodge for September. On the old 15% offer it was coming in at £845, today it is £684. Bearing in mind I think the 15% offer was based on last years prices and the new offers are now based on the 2013 prices, it seems ok to me.

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  12. CassieReynart

    CassieReynart Well-Known Member

    That is not bad! The prices I was getting for 2 adults 4 nights in late September at Sequoia was around £1800! Shall have to look again.
  13. rockcow

    rockcow Well-Known Member

    I can't get prices to come up for USA. Are only certain countries available? I am looking for June.
  14. Aussie Wendy

    Aussie Wendy Well-Known Member

    Currently deal only released for UK site-I tried a few other countries last night (Aus time) and none up there yet- but its rare you get good deals for US as not a major market source. Normally get best deal by booking on-line via UK deal but depends on currency conversion. I am hoping for a similar deal for one of the Euro countries as exchange rate for me is much better=cheaper!
  15. tracy021083

    tracy021083 Well-Known Member

    Hi I am new to this board today and just pricing up the disney hotels for next June (uk school holidays)
    I've never looked at Disneyland Paris holidays before so really have no clue but can anyone tell me if this is a good deal:

    2 adults 2 children
    4 nights at the sequoia lodge Tuesday - Saturday 4th - 8th June (£644)
    Flights with air France (£494)

    Total £1154

    Thanks x
  16. DLPdaft

    DLPdaft <font color=royalblue>Cannot stop singing "Just li Moderator

    I think the flight price is high - do you have any other airline/airport options?
    The Sequoia Lodge price is okay for 4 nights in June I think, is this with 2 nights free?
  17. tracy021083

    tracy021083 Well-Known Member

    Yes that's with the current 2 night free offer.
    Are there any websites that are generally cheaper than others for the flights?
    And is it best to book the hotel on the disney website?
    I'm not sure which hotel to choose really, do you have any recommendations?
    Would love the 5 star one but budget won't stretch that far!
    Flights do seem expensive in general : (
    Can only fly from Manchester our local airport, but wondering if it may be cheaper to go next October instead of June.
    It's hard making the decisions when I've never been / don't know what to expect.
    Any advice greatfully received!
  18. torsie24

    torsie24 <font color=darkorchid>Or I could call it the post

    If stick with June as October will be much busier.

    I think that's a great price for SL. And I think it's a good choice for hotel. Newport Bay can be very busy and hectic for breakfast. The pink hotel is our favourite but of course it's £££. Our second favourite is the Sequoia Lodge. We recently stayed at the Hotel New York but I preferred the SL.
  19. torsie24

    torsie24 <font color=darkorchid>Or I could call it the post

    Looked for you tracy, and if you go Sun-Thu 2-6th June you can get Jet2 from MAN-CDG for £384 for the 4 of you.

    The other bonus of that is you are there sun-wed which are much quieter days then wed-sat.
  20. tracy021083

    tracy021083 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for your help, really appreciate it : )
    I'm slowly getting my head around all the info, there's so much to consider and book etc. but guess that's part of the fun!

    I will have a look at those dates you found for flights, seems a really reasonable price!
    Is everything open in disney - shows/parades etc. sun - wed as it is other days of the week do you know? Don't want to get there and be missing out on anything.
    I don't know much about the disney hotels yet but I've seen a few people recommend the SL. Was also looking at the Cheyenne - seems good for a 2 star.
    How would we get from the airport in Paris to our hotel - is it a shuttle bus? And do you know how long the transfer is and roughly how much? x
  21. DLPdaft

    DLPdaft <font color=royalblue>Cannot stop singing "Just li Moderator

    everything is open every day at DLP, the only change to that is scheduled closures and refurbs, which are published around 3 months beforehand. You won't be missing out on anything by going during the week as opposed to weekends.

    There are various ways of getting to DLP from the airport - have a look in our Very Useful Information sticky thread at the top of the forum, look at "getting to DLP by plane" :) -


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