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Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by 4under4, May 10, 2013.

  1. 4under4

    4under4 I believe

    Mar 15, 2010
    We are taking my Dad for his first trip, and he has a bad knee. I was thinking that we could rent a wheelchair for the days we are in the park, and let him decide when he wants to walk, and when he wants to sit. So a few questions....

    1.) For the length of stay rentals, is it for consecutive days, or can we take a break day in between park days? We'll only want it for the parks.

    2.) If he wants to walk for a little while and the wheelchair is parked by a ride, will the CMs leave it there for an extended period of time, or will it be considered "abandoned"?

    3.) Can it be parked outside restaurants? I know he won't want to bother taking it inside places like CP.

    4.) I know there are no guarantees, but is it reasonable to assume that the end of August is not likely to find them sold out early in the day? The reason I ask is that although we are a rope drop family, I know he won't need it first thing in the morning... and so I was thinking it would be easier to pick it up mid/late morning when the line is shorter.
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  3. Brian_WDW74

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    Sep 22, 2006
    I've moved this thread to the disABILITIES! board. :)
  4. lanejudy

    lanejudy Moderator Moderator

    Oct 27, 2011
    1. I believe the length of stay rental is for X number of days (you choose how many) and it shouldn't have to be consecutive if you plan a non-park day in the middle of your week.

    2. The wheelchair will have your family name tagged to the back, so it won't be considered abandoned. At least not just for a while to explore a certain area. It may, however, be moved as they CMs do frequently re-arrange the strollers and such to keep things organized. If it does disappear, just go back to the rental location with your receipt.

    3. Yes, the wheelchair can be parked outside restaurants with strollers.

    4. While they frequently run out of ECVs to rent by late morning, there isn't usually a problem with wheelchairs. No guarantee, but it really isn't likely to be a problem. And if you park-hop, just take your receipt to the next park to show it was already paid for the day.

    Enjoy your vacation!
  5. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN combining the teacups with a roller coaster Moderator

    Aug 23, 1999
    Yes, just what I was going to post.

    For length of stay rental, you choose how many days. They do not have to be consecutive.

    When leaving a wheelchair outside in an area or restaurant, make sure it is actually in a stroller or wheelchair parking area and take anything of value with you.
    When you come back, it should still be in that general area. It may not be in that exact spot because CMs move things around to keep the area orderly.

    If you find your rented stroller is gone, take your receipt to the wheelchair rental or replacement area for that park to get another.
  6. 4under4

    4under4 I believe

    Mar 15, 2010
    Thanks for the replies! I'm looking forward to this trip soooo much and was dreading having to cut our days short when his knee got too sore.

  7. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    Aug 8, 2000
    I am back from a similar trip and here is what I posted:

    First time WC user : chair-walk-chair report!


    First of all thank to all who helped with info!!!

    I am forty something and recovering from a ruptured Achilles. I am to walk as much as I can tolerate , but I am SLOW and tire VERY easily. The foot also starts screaming obscenities when i overdo it.

    I rented a chair from walker Mobility--nothing but goo things to say about their rates and SERVICE.

    Stayed at AS Music and my friend Cathy was with me, now known as She Who Offered to Push.

    She would push me to the food court then onto the bus then into the the park of our choice that day. We would park the chair, collapsed, either in obvious stroller/ECV parking or find an unobtrusive place (usually behind a trash can) and I would walk for a few hours. We tied a bright bandana to the hand grips.

    This system worked PERFECTLY!!! On the buses I would transfer to a seat and we would collapse the chair. Boarding was quick and efficient. When departing, if I was not too tired, I would step off at the back door and Cathy would hoist the chair. Or I would walk down the ramp. If I was too tired and creaky, we would use the ramp. Going up/down the steep front steps would have been hard for me.

    I am not overweight and unless you see my really nifty scar, I don't look like I should be using a chair. I got NO nasty looks from anyone, anywhere.

    If you are even considering doing this, I cannot emphasize how easy and trouble free it was! And when in doubt RENT THE CHAIR!!! I could not have endured the parks w/o it.

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