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Whats with all the censorship ******

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by radmcg, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. radmcg

    radmcg New Member

    Not complaining love the site, just curious. I have tried to answer some questions on here for people about brokers and names. Definitely nothing negative; because I have not had a negative experience. When the post gets posted its so hacked up it looks like a Vietnam era letter home. Is there a thread somewhere of what can be put in a post. Here is an example. I can say "Rachel from Fidelity" but I can't say "**** from **********". That is to funny (and no I didn't do that the censor did). Has **** from ********** done something or did I miss something. I even tried to give the person the info in a pm and it did it there too. If I need to drop this fine. Not trying to make trouble just curious if there is something I should now. I know about the sponsor of the site and have done business with them and recommend them to everyone who ask but this just seems a little weird that one persons name and company get censored and the other doesn't.
    Anybody with an explanation or point me to a thread would be appreciated.
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  3. Jasonkat

    Jasonkat New Member

    Can you give me more information about this? Which company are you talking about?

    Perhaps try posting the actual name of the company instead of posting all the ****s...:lmao:
  4. radmcg

    radmcg New Member

    Yea Jason thats the way I felt. I was just trying to answer a question. I would get it if it was all the big 3 (or 4 depending on who you ask). But I was not slamming one and promoting the other. I was just answering a question. Anyway just curious if anyone had a post to direct me to or a explanation.:confused3
  5. Mariep26

    Mariep26 New Member

    I am confused...the OP didn't put the asterisks there, the board automatically censors it as of it were a swear word, right? So something must have happened that this vendor is not allowed to be discussed here?

    Just making sure I understand what is happening here!
  6. chalee94

    chalee94 <font color=green>I thought all sand was ground up


    now might be a good time to read through some of the stickies at the top of the forums.
  7. heynowirv

    heynowirv New Member

    It was Jason's attempt at a joke.:drive:
  8. radmcg

    radmcg New Member

    Sorry I called myself looking at the stickies my bad. At least its explained. Next time I will read more carefully. If this thread needs to be deleted fine. I got my answer. Just not sure If I should delete it or let the moderator.
  9. lodge

    lodge New Member

    When I first came to DIS, I didn't even know what a "stickey" was, and the way in which I came to know DIS didn't lead me to search out what you are expressing here. It took some time to see (from other's mistakes) about some no-no's (like don't advertise when you are a TA- travel agent, which I'm not, but didn't know you couldn't).

    There's no way to know who's broken the rules enough to be blocked with the *****, which is why the moderators request we write out the whole name and/or website/link, to let the system do as it's intended.

    I don't look at it as censorship, just that the person/business blocked has done or is involved in something that I have no business knowing anyway.

    I've seen some truly HORRIBLE things put on DIS that makes me SO GLAD that the person is blocked/banned... just really horrific comments.

    I try to give people who aren't aware of the rules a heads up, so that they can modify or delete their "offending" post.

    I don't expect I know them all either (like the TA one, as it doesn't apply to me so I never noticed the rule not to do it until someone else made the mistake).

    It's not just the sponsors that are allowed to be posted on... I haven't seen Fidelity sponsoring on here, just that "offending" companies are no longer allowed to "offend".

    Stick around a while and watch a "hot" thread (happens on the DCL thread a little bit more often), you'll see what I mean, and see why the **** can be great. I, personally, don't want to see the dark side of some people.

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