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What should I do about tickets?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by RomeGal, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. RomeGal

    RomeGal New Member

    Background: We are booked in a Cars Suite at AoA May 18-25 at a 40% discount (CM friends & family - an associate of mine works in HR, but I have a hard time getting a hold of her) I know, awesome deal, right?

    I can apparently add the dining plan regardless of whether I purchase tickets or not... (which we are probably NOT going to do since I priced it all out and there is no savings unless we eat a lot more than we were planning to...) There is apparently some history of an occassional 10-15% discount on the dining plan when added to a CM discount room around 30-45 days before arrival, so I'll check because that would be a better deal, but I don't have to make that decision until the week before we leave.

    Tickets are my quandry.
    I can obviously purchase tickets through Disney - there is no current CM discount on tickets. If I purchase them through Disney will I have to pick them up at the resort when I "check in"? Our plan is to drive down Friday night and get a motel/hotel late late that night somewhere outside of Orlando (or maybe even in Orlando) for a few bucks, and get up early and drive straight to WDW and go to DHS that day. I'd really like to be there early - like by Rope Drop. Want DS to be able to sign up for Jedi Training. However, if we have to go to the resort and check in before and all it will just be complicated. I would rather drive straight to the park, stay until lunch and then come back and check in.

    I also get the Mousesavers Newsletter and have the "secret link" to the discounted tickets from Undercover Tourist. It is not a super significant discount but every $1 counts! And, of course, they would be mailed to me directly and we could just go to DHS directly the morning of the 18th. Right?

    Other ideas? What should I do?:hourglass
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  3. RomeGal

    RomeGal New Member

    Here's the breakdown of prices, 2 kids, 2 adults (includes tax):
    7 day base from WDW - $1188.54
    7 day discount from MouseSavers Undercover Tourist - $1162

    7 day Park Hopper WDW - $1431.38
    7 day Park Hopper MSUT - $1362.80

    I was thinking we would take a day off from the parks (since we can technically be there 8 days) and do Typhoon Lagoon but now I'm just thinking we'll do a pool/DTD day since we have the cool Big Blue Pool at AoA.

    I reckon I should just order them from undercover tourist, eh? It's only $200 more for the week for PHs but I don't even really think we'll need them. We have a day planned for each park, 2 for MK and EP, and then 1 more day to go back wherever to our favorite and 1 day for DTD/pool.
  4. elcodfish

    elcodfish New Member

    Go with undercover, they have the best prices, it comes right to your home and you can go to DHS in the morning no problem.
  5. Thumper_Man

    Thumper_Man <font color=red>DDC 684<br><font color=purple>Do w

    DW and I recently did a room only discount and ordered our tickets through UT. When I ordered our tickets, we got them in a week. You will then have your tickets right away and can go straight to DHS.

    Also, if you don't think you will park hop, you can always buy the base ticket now and then add the park hopping option later if you feel like you want to park hop. The price to add the ph option to each ticket is the same regardless the amount of days on a ticket. It is a little cheaper to buy the tickets with the ph already according to my calculations, then to add it later.
  6. momto3pirates

    momto3pirates New Member

    I would just order the base tickets from UT. If you decide you "need" hoppers when you get there, you can always upgrade at the parks.
  7. robinb

    robinb New Member

    Since you don't have to buy the tickets to qualify for the DDP, I would get them from UT. They are very reputable. You can also upgrade from a 7-day to an 8-day (after using at least one day) for a very minimal amount ($9 each) if you change your mind about taking a whole day off. I would buy the tickets ASAP because I saw a post on Facebook by UT that they think that WDW ticket prices are going up soon.
  8. chimilady

    chimilady New Member

    I also go on a CM discount. Are they not doing the discounted meal plan now? I was in there in the fall and we had that deal. If they offer the discounted meal plan, absolutely get it. However, you will need to have your ADRs in place. Last year I wasn't sure if they were going to offer it or not, so I booked my ADRs and then crossed my fingers.

    There is current CM discounts on tickets, but for a max of 5 days. That may not work for you. If that won't work, I would get the UT tickets, and I would get them before May 31st in order to get the current prices. And I wouldn't get WP&M, because you are at the AoA. They have the cool Nemo pool and the awesome Cars pool. You will want a down day somewhere in there.
  9. Cheshire Figment

    Cheshire Figment <font color=red><marquee behavior=alternate>Friend

    The CM who got your your reservation can also purchase tickets at a 10% discount from Gate at Company D which is better than any of the authorized resellers.. The only potential problem is they must be purchased with cash or the CMs own card.

    I am doing this for a nephew of mine and he is sending me a check for the amount. And it is allowed by Disney.
  10. DVC4FUN

    DVC4FUN New Member

    Dang I need a CM close friend or family member! Lol...:teeth:
  11. sweetpeakaris

    sweetpeakaris New Member

    Tell me about it!! I do get 12% off tickets from my employer but I wish I was able to get room discounts, I'd stay on site.
  12. rebeccalizzie

    rebeccalizzie New Member

    I was thinking about getting my tickets separately but I decided I was too cheap to pay for parking when I am supposed to get it for free for staying on property. If I could get my parking pass too? I'd be straight to the park and check in later!
  13. kmacht

    kmacht New Member

    If you buy the undercover tourist tickets do you get the old paper tickets or the new RFID tickets? I tried e-mailing them a few days ago but they never responded.

  14. letsgoreds

    letsgoreds New Member

    CF...can the CM use Disney gift cards? I have a CM cousin who helps out with the rooms...and that would be an additional savings. So...CM can purchase up to 5 days with any add-ons available (WP&M, hopper) so just take rack ticket rate for these options, less 10% + 6.5% tax and that is what we'd be looking at?

  15. RomeGal

    RomeGal New Member

    The CM said it wasn't being offered currently but to check back 30-45 days before arrival. Apparently they release it closer to booking time? I don't know. It was 4 weeks ago when I called to pay on the room reservation - I had $750 in Disney dream rewards from my Disney visa. Yay!

    I already have all my ADRs set up! We booked in November and I do that almost immediately after it became available. I have wanted to switch several around but the website is a major pain.

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  16. robinb

    robinb New Member

    You don't need to buy your passes from Disney to get a parking pass. They'll give it to you when you check in. Sometimes the security guard will give you one when you stop at the shack so you might not even have to check-in to get your pass.
  17. laurafergie

    laurafergie New Member

    I did want to say that once we went straight to the parks before checking in, and thus did not have our KTTW card or a pass. I showed the guard my reservation print out and he gave us a pass and we did not check in first. Now this was in 2009, so YMMV.
  18. leelee9878

    leelee9878 New Member

    If you decide to buy to tickets from Disney you can always visit your local disney store to buy them.
  19. RomeGal

    RomeGal New Member

    We don't have a Disney store anywhere near us! There may be one in Chattanooga and I know there are some in ATLANTA but we are just over an hour's drive or more from each. Thanks'for the idea, though! I am leaning towards just calling Disney in a little while and ordering them direct. The UT price, even with the MS discount is a teeeeny discount. So, while I totally trust the UT folks, I just don't know if it really matters all that much.

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  20. dsneprincess

    dsneprincess New Member

    I did mine through UT & got them in 4 days. I was able to save about $90 by buying the ticket with the biggest discount from UT, which happened to be a 5DPH. I need 6 days, but after using the tickets I can add the extra day for about $30 & am still $60 (1 dinner or 2 lunches for us!) ahead. I know the December deal from UT would've been an even bigger savings for me, but I waited & lost out. It seems UT prices change about the time of the newest mousesavers newsletter so it should be just around the corner. FWIW, the deal I lost was $9 more off per ticket & an extra day.
  21. letsgoreds

    letsgoreds New Member

    Bumping for CF...can the CM use Disney gift cards as well? Thanks!

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