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    between apple cider and apple juice:confused3 Over here cider is an alcoholic drink (rangin from 2-8%) but for you it seems to be an apple drink you can give to kids. Is it like a cloudy apple juice, or does it have additives? (sweeteners etc.)? I'm only asking as I've seen crockpot recipe I want to try and I want to use the right stuff:thumbsup2
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    There's not much difference in the US. "Hard cider" is the alcoholic version here. In the juice aisle of our store, they look nearly identical. Fresh cider does look cloudy, though -- I think it's pasteurized versus non-pasteurized.

    For a crockpot recipe, either apple cider or apple juice should be fine, I'd think.
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    Cider is not as sweet as juice- the juice has more sugar added to it. The cider I have here at the house is pastureized but has nothing but apples in it- most of the juices have more addatives. I have always had to keep cider in the fridge(even before opening) while the juice can be in the cabinet until opened.

    It should not make any difference in a recipe other than adding a bit more sweetness if you use juice instead of cider.
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    From AllAboutApples.com

    Apple Cider vs. Apple Juice

    Apple cider is essentially apple juice that has not undergone a filtration process that removes coarse pulp or sediment. Cider may or may not be heat pasteurized. Apple juice has been filtrated, pasteurized, and vacuum sealed to give a longer lasting, clearer looking product. Most juices add additional water and other ingredients to maintain flavor and clarity. Outside the U.S., the term "Apple Cider" typically means "Hard Cider" while "Apple Juice" usually will get you a sweet cider.

    Essentially apple cider is the juice you get when you press apples and nothing else (kind of like extra virgin olive oil --just the olive juice). Apple cider is big here in the US in the Fall and around Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    If your stomach is sensitive to apples (if ya know what I mean) then be careful when you drink cider as it has a lot of fiber still in it. :rolleyes1

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