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What is going on with reservations???

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by tinkgirl1984, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. tinkgirl1984

    tinkgirl1984 New Member

    WDW reservations is literally giving me a migraine tonight. I called to change our package. We were booked at the cabins @ FW w/free dining 9/22-9/27. I called to change our reservation to 9/23-9/29 @ AoA w/free dining. There was clearly availability on the website. I checked before I called. Talked to 2 different people in reservations, and was told there was no availability. Checked the website again. Still showed availability for all suites for those dates. Called reservations again to try my luck with someone else. Still no availability. While I was literally looking at the reservation on my computer screen. Asked the CM what would happen if I booked a whole new package. Was assured I could cancel my old package if it went through. Made new reservation online myself, received confirmation. Called WDW reservations back for a 3rd time to confirm that my new reservation was in the system and correct. It was, so I cancelled my old reservation and applied the deposit to the new reservation. I just don't understand what in the world was going on??? :scratchin On the bright side...we're now very happily booked in a Cars suite and I couldn't possibly be happier :thumbsup2
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  3. sswally

    sswally New Member

    Are you sure you booked with the free dining? The website currently shows availability for your dates at AoA without the discount, but none when you go through the free dining link, which you would need to do to secure free dining.
  4. tinkgirl1984

    tinkgirl1984 New Member

    I'm 100% positive it's with free dining.Well, upgraded to the DDP from QSDP anyway. I did book it through the link. And actually ended up booking 9/23-9/30 because when I went to actually book it I couldn't get 9/23-9/29 either. The total price for the package was around $3800. If we had paid for dining it would have been well over $5000. And the reservations CM did double check it and confirmed that it was upgraded free dining. Weirdest thing ever.
  5. sswally

    sswally New Member

    Oh, good. I wanted to mention it just in case. It would be a bummer to show up thinking you were eating for free, then get blindsided.
  6. Sandi

    Sandi <font color=red>A proud Spartans fan!

    This has happened to me in the past, too. The CM's on the phone couldn't find what I could find, so booked on-line and then called to cancel the old reservation. Glad it worked out for you!

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