What I would do/not do next cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by breakingd_awn, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. aan1701

    aan1701 DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2005
    Will do:
    1. Palo Brunch. Love it way more than dinner.
    2. Palo Tea. I just think it is very relaxing and at 5 bucks it is worth it.
    3. Watch fireworks from Deck 4 insted of fighting thru all the people to get to the Pirate party (which in my personal opinion needs to either be changed or go away as it is old and the same for the last five years) and just run to deck 4 from were I am at 10:30 and see the all to breief firework show.
    4. Do hardly anything but eat, drink, and relax at the cove durring the day.
    5. Let everyone else get off in port and I will enjoy the ship to myself.
    6. Eat lunch at the Air BBQ.

    Won't do:
    1. Go to the pirate party. To crowded and the rest I already noted.
    2. Palo Dinner. In my personal opinion way over rated like the show in Animators.
    3. Going to the regular shows. I have seen them enough, time for new ones. (I am looking forward to seeing Villians Tonight). I could use this time for more Cove relaxing.
    4. Going to topsiders on embarkation day. Parot Cay has the same food but way less crowded and relaxing.
    5. Every fly home the day the cruise gets back. Now we always spend at least 2 nights at WDW after. Thank you DVC.
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  3. breakingd_awn

    breakingd_awn DIS Veteran

    Jan 29, 2009
    I totally agree with you on Animaters Palate. I was expecting ALOT more ...I thought all the walls and ceiling would change colors. Just tv screens changed and some lights on pillars oh and our servers vests. I would not pay 4.whatever million they paid for that.I did however LOVE their food:) Palo Brunch was also one of my faves:thumbsup2
  4. aan1701

    aan1701 DIS Veteran

    Aug 26, 2005
    I completly agree. The food was great. I two was expecting more than just some simple light trick at the end to change only about 1/4 of the room. I was expecting the whole room to change. It was and still is a big let down.
  5. aurorafan65

    aurorafan65 Mouseketeer

    Jul 7, 2008
    thank you for saying this - my dh thinks I'm nuts because I suggested it for our 12 night Baltic trip - I was thinking all the souvenier space we'd end up with if we took old undies, socks & t-shirts
  6. Homemom

    Homemom DIS Veteran

    Oct 21, 2009
    Will do:
    1. Upgrade at port to a cat 3 if available, we got spoiled by conceirge.

    Won't do:
    1. Eat every night in main dining room (being in a suite we were able to have dinner from the main dining rooms delivered to our room and we enjoyed that much more).
    2. Leave the ship in Nassau. We were not impressed with it and would've enjoyed a less crowded pool/slide experience on board much more.
  7. Doingitagain

    Doingitagain DIS Veteran

    Mar 23, 2006
    I have to throw my vote in for the dry cleaning and ironing. I don't dry clean before I go, I give all our dress clothes to the stateroom host the day we arrive on the ship. Those that need dry cleaning get that, those that just need to be pressed after being in our suitcase just have that done.

    I find the cost reasonable, and it saves me spending the money at home before I leave. There are many other ways to spend a lot of money on the ship, this is one I really can justify to start enjoying my vacation right away.

    I have used laundry services on the ship, and the clothes come back clean and pressed. The first time I saw my shorts come back with an ironed crease in the front I was so excited I didn't want to wear them!

  8. Presentation

    Presentation DIS Veteran

    Dec 18, 2008
    Really a great topic!
    Will do again..
    #1) rent our own vehicle to get from the airport to the cruise port and back.
    #2) call the cruise line the day before we sail and if there are rooms available at a category above ours, get to the port at about 9:30 to get in line to try for a port upgrade.
    #3) attend the ‘til we meet again’ character gathering in the atrium the last night of the cruise.
    #4) Palo’s dinner
    #5) Book any island tour / activity on our own.
    #6) get off the ship at castaway cay right away, as soon as you can to get a great spot and get some photos of the empty beach.
    #7) Fly in at least one night before the cruise.
    #8) Bring our own wine onboard.
    #9) Use a Google pop3 email account + my laptop, log on, send / receive emails, log off then compose replies, repeat. I got my work done and had a grand total internet expense of only $17 versus more than a hundred!
    #10) Book next cruise onboard to take advantage of the 10% discount offer.

    Will not do again..
    #1) Palo’s lunch. I know many love Palo’s lunch. I don’t like cold cuts, even high end cold cuts. Had our fist and last Palo’s lunch / bruch in January of this year.
  9. DaParkers

    DaParkers The original DISard of Oz!

    Apr 26, 2007
    I didn't want to go because of I too, was tired, but, thankfully my wife wasn't having that. She made me go and I'm glad I did. We danced and had a great time!

  10. TinklednPants

    TinklednPants DIS Veteran

    Nov 26, 2008
    There's a heck of a lot offered beyong cold cuts :confused3

    Will: Palo (both)
    Arrive the day before
    Over the door organizer
    Room service chocolate chip cookies

    Won't: Pirate Party
    Character Breakfast
  11. Presentation

    Presentation DIS Veteran

    Dec 18, 2008
    If you like the Palo’s brunch, cool, go, I’m happy for you.

    I really enjoyed the dinner. I did not like the brunch.

    All the stuff I wanted to eat was there during brunch, it was just cold. I darn near asked to use the microwave in the kitchen. Cold scallops? Cold Crab? Cold soup? Cold lots of stuff.

    Yes, there were hot dishes offered but the stuff I wanted to eat was there, it was just cold.

    Hey, by us not going to Palo’s brunch there will be more room for you, right?
  12. toverly

    toverly Mouseketeer

    Jul 30, 2007
    Will do again
    - Palo's
    - Room service
    - Fish Extender
    - Post it notes on the back of the door
    - Enjoy the drink of the day

    Will not do again
    - Worry about my DS in the kid's club
    - Cast off party and Pirate party, too crowded.
    - Dress up, formal night was a myth
    - Any Butterfly farm
  13. breakingd_awn

    breakingd_awn DIS Veteran

    Jan 29, 2009

    I pretty sure I ate everything but the cold cuts:) Oh and except for the pink cheese that remimded me alot of my kids thrown up chunky strawberry milk :sick: Sorry TMI :)
  14. Angelhalo

    Angelhalo <font color=blue>Ok I was like crap I'm breaking r

    Dec 12, 2007
    Things I will do again:

    Palo Brunch
    Palo Brunch
    Palo Brunch
    Palo Brunch
    Palo Brunch
    Palo Brunch

    And the Rainforest Room

    I also would like to check out the sweets in the Cove Cafe. We never knew they were there!

    Won't do:

    I will not stand in line for pictures with characters again. Did that the first time. Now I can enjoy that time for other things.

    I will also not pack so many pajamas!
  15. DVCconvert

    DVCconvert DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2004
    presumably you had the fried spam on toast?

  16. Daisy14'sDH

    Daisy14'sDH DIS Veteran

    Oct 25, 2006
    Will do.

    1) Arrive early to the terminal. Its easier to wait around doing nothing after the check in process than stand in line to do the check in process.
    2) Park the disney terminal lot and not have any hotel reservations for disembarkment, its nice not having to rush to catch a flight or make an appointment.
    3) Get off the ship first thing in the morning for Castaway Cay. The beach was beautiful, quiet, and we had our pick off sun chairs! That only lasted an hour before the people in the back of the first row began moving all there chairs to within feet of the waterline... :(
    4) PIRATE PARTY!!! We are POTC fans, so this was great for us, maybe next time I'll have a little less rum... or not... :D
    5) Relax while the young uns are in the Club and Lab.
    6) Room Service for breakfast! I think that they were a lifesaver. Our kids are not very graceful in the AM and it made sure we were well fed before the "Day" started.
    7) FE! It was a ton of fun for the kids getting treats! It wasn't a burden for us, we didn't open many of the packages until we got to our first hotel. We just put the gifts in the case that we emptied after giving ours away. + I got to explore the ship!
    8) Get up before sunrise to explore the ship. Its amazing how much work the DCL Staff do while we are curled up dreaming of Sugarplums. I saw them dust everything every morning. (5:30 I was on deck) It was very surreal.
    9) Do the lifestyle portraits. Well worth the money when you consider the sitting fees anywhere else.

    Won't do

    1) Martini and beer tasting on the same cruise, jokes were the same at both (sorry Gilbert)
    2) Only buy 1 drink of the day cup. (Our kids didn't like their Non-Alcoholic bevies)
    3) Worry about making our seating time. There are many other places to eat on board!
    4) No need to see The Golden Mickeys or Toy Story again...
    5) Pirate Trivia, was kinda boring.
    6) Sail during an El Nino season (Maybe hurricane season but never El Nino) lol
  17. jewelmicky

    jewelmicky DIS Veteran

    Nov 18, 2007
    Won't do Again

    1. DO a 3 night cruise.....WAY too short! Was just getting into the cruise mode and it was time to leave.

    2. Travel with extended family....I was the planner and it was way too stressful.

    3. Make DD spend time with us, when she wants to go to the club.

    4. Overpack.

    5. Overplan....yeah right! :lmao:

    Will Do Again

    1. Go to most of the sit down dinners....we really loved our servers and it was nice to have the personal touch...they were great at knowing what we all liked and wanted after the 1st night.

    2. Schedule alone time.

    3. Get up early a couple mornings to roam the quiet ship.

    4. Spend time at Cove Cafe (my fave relaxing place.)

    5. Over the door organizer.

    Will Do Next TIME for 1st Time

    1. Join the DISMeet Group.

    2. See a Movie.

    3. Bring Beer and wine on board.

    4. Fly in the day before, rent a car, stay at port, and get to ship early to try for an upgrade.

    5. Get Room Service Breakfast.

    6. Dry cleaning/pressing.

    7. Go to clubs in evening.
  18. JKSWonder

    JKSWonder Twelve plus trips and counting

    Nov 25, 2008
    Will do again:

    1) Breakfast from room service every day. Even if we went and had "real" breakfast later on in the a.m., it was nice to have a pot of coffee and for the kids to snack on dry cereal while we were getting up and dressed.

    2) Palo dinner. Excellent. Looking forward to trying the brunch!

    3) Exotic Rasul - DH and I had some alone time and did not really have to deal with spa staff except to be led in and led out of the room. The champagne at the end in the Rainforest room was a nice touch.

    4) First off the boat for Castaway Cay...we walked further down the family beach and had our pick of great spots.

    Will not do again:

    1) Bingo - it was fun, but it was way too expensive.

    2) Bring my own alcohol. Apparantly, I do not drink as much as I thought and I ended up with an unopened box of pre-mixed Cosmos. :laughing: Seriously, I might just bring one bottle of wine.

    3) Bring an over the door shoe organizer. We had plenty of room for all our stuff in the drawers and on the shelves in the bathroom. Then again, I do not have a lot of cosmetics, etc.

    4) Neglect to bring my own hair dryer. The hair dryer in the room has no power to it and it took forever to dry my hair. Plus it was difficult to manipulate to blow dry style my hair and I ended up having to use a curling iron also, something I never do.
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  19. breakingd_awn

    breakingd_awn DIS Veteran

    Jan 29, 2009
    Thats what that was? :lmao::lmao: Too funny ! My kids love spam , I got it a couple years ago as a joke " your lucky I never make you eat spam" (We had it all the time as kids). So I bought it and they all loved it:confused3 I still have never made..LIVER AND ONIONS ...EEEEEW .
  20. Tinkerkell123

    Tinkerkell123 DIS Veteran

    Oct 7, 2009
    Fun thread!! :thumbsup2

    Will do again:

    Palo Brunch (I like cold stuff! :rotfl:)
    Wine tasting
    Bring wine from home
    Tea with Mad Hatter (DD LOVED this!)
    Alone Time w/ champagne this time

    Will do 1st time:

    Palo Dinner
    Hang out at the adult pool
    Go to Diversions & Sessions at night
    Set more DISmeet times during cruise BEFORE the cruise
    Take a clock that lights up

    Will NOT do:

    Over pack (yeah, right...)
    Go to work the day before we leave
    Get off the ship in Cozumel or Grand Cayman
    Take gym clothes and not use them (I just won't take them!)
    Eat too much :lmao:
  21. Dicecatt

    Dicecatt DIS Veteran

    Mar 27, 2006
    What a fun thread!

    What I will do again:
    1) Alone Time. Probably the best spa treatment I have ever had.
    2) Palo Brunch...yummy crab.
    3) Spend time in the clubs after dinner...we are always too full and too tired.
    4) Watch a sunset from the ship
    5) have that yummy Cadillac something martini that has coconut and other stuff I ALWAYS forget because I'm already buzzed when I have one
    6) Martini tasting, yum.
    7) If we go back to Nassau, we'll do the three stop snorkel through Stuart's cove again...how many 10 year olds have snorkeled over sharks?
    8) get another pair of DCL sweatpants...I LOVE them, so comfy, and my family is sick of my one pair.
    9) spend time reading on my balcony. I love that.
    10) get SOMETHING signed by the characters. we've done a pillowcase, a photo matte, and a Disney Tote bag (it is so cute). I'm thinking on something special to get signed on the Med!

    What I will do for the first time:
    1) Palo High Tea
    2) Bring my OWN clock. I never know what time it is onboard!
    3) Shower and get ready in the spa
    4) not worry about missing dinner if we don't feel like going
    5) buy one of those clocks onboard. I don't like it in my stateroom but I will like it in my house:rotfl:

    What I won't do again:
    1) Pirate party. The kids even voted to skip it.
    2) Bon Voyage party, except maybe from deck 10 and out of the way.
    3) Bingo. I won once, $140, and used it towards my first Alone Time so it was worth it, but I have given way more back.
    4) most of the shows. We aren't show people. I like what I've seen but we just aren't into it
    5) the show that the kids do on the last day at the club with the tshirts. My kids have several tshirts each, they are done with it.
    6) Vow to lose weight before my cruise...who am I kidding.

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