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What flavor do you like best with chocolate?

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Jennasis, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Jennasis

    Jennasis <font color=red>It's a miracle! I stayed awake du

    Simply put. What do you like best with your chocolate? And is it milk, dark or white chocolate? Maybe it's peanut butter, or raspberry. Or cinnamon. Share with the group!
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  3. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

    I like dark rich chocolate paired with tart fruit like rasberry or strawberry.


    NFLDERS New Member

    Dark Chocolate & Orange! :goodvibes
  5. TifffanyD

    TifffanyD New Member

    Milk chocolate with toffee! nom nom nom
  6. usnuzuloose

    usnuzuloose <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src= http://photo

    I love peanut butter!
  7. design_mom

    design_mom <font color=royalblue>I am probably more like my d

    dark chocolate... either plain or with peppermint.
  8. Meriweather

    Meriweather <font color=blue>Maybe we will have an arrival or

    dark chocolate............with lots of pairings......mint, raspberry, orange, caramel..........all so yummy
  9. Neesy228

    Neesy228 New Member

    This! :)
  10. Acklander

    Acklander New Member

    Milk chocolate and caramel and sea salt
  11. Handbag Lady

    Handbag Lady <font color=teal>Disneyland Bride 2000<br><font co

    It's like asking me to choose between my children.

    Strawberry and milk or dark is DIVINE!

    Milk Chocolate and caramel is lovely.

    Marshmallow and chocolate, milk or dark is SO GOOD.
  12. chobie

    chobie <font color=teal>Fish are friends, not food<br><fo

    Peanut butter and milk. Coconut and dark.
  13. Uncle Remus

    Uncle Remus Raconteur<br><font color="blue">can't name 'em Jeb

    All of the above. :lmao:
  14. thedonduck

    thedonduck New Member

    That really depends on what I am enjoying the chocolate for.

    Sweet/Salty- salty pretzel and chocolate
    Sweet and sweet- caramel
    Sweet and fruity- strawberry covered

    I could go on and on and on... I LOVE chocolate :-)
  15. willowsnn3

    willowsnn3 Tagless not by choice but by circumstance

    Milk chocolate.
    Almond Joy w/coconut
    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    Also love to have a chocolate bar and Lay's original potato chips.....
  16. JennaDeeDooDah

    JennaDeeDooDah My oh my what a wonderful day!

    I'm the same. The darker the better, in my book. Along with the fruit, caramel goes quite well with it. Then again, there is something to be said about eating it by itself.
  17. kaytieeldr

    kaytieeldr Reserving the right to make jokes out of typos - b

    Dark chocolate with more dark chocolate; then with (a) peppermint or (b) coconut or (c) raspberry.
  18. pigletgirl

    pigletgirl <font color=green>You do have a life. It is just i

    Almonds or peanut butter. Otherwise plain!
  19. EmJay2001

    EmJay2001 New Member

  20. Wendy31

    Wendy31 New Member

    I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate, but love either milk or dark chocolate w/ my favorite being dark chocolate.

    W/ milk chocolate, I like caramel or peanut butter or other nuts like almonds or pecans. I also like milk chocolate-covered pretzels. And I steal my kids' peanut butter cups at Halloween! ;)

    W/ dark chocolate, I like fruit (orange, raspberry, strawberry) or caramel w/ sea salt. I also love eating dark chocolate plain! Plus, dark chocolate is semi-healthy! :thumbsup2

    And coffee w/ chocolate - perfect!

    The only time I prefer white chocolate is w/ a cranberry oatmeal white chocolate cookie I make at Christmas.

    GRUMPY PIRATE First rule, always!!

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