What do you guys think of the new Fantasyland?

Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by sunkissedinorlando, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. sunkissedinorlando

    sunkissedinorlando Earning My Ears

    Mar 2, 2013
    I think Beast's Castle and Gaston's Tavern look so cool! What is your opinion?
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  3. Oswald lover

    Oswald lover Hylian

    Nov 16, 2012
    I love Fanasty Land! I agree with you. I absolutely LOVE Beats Castle! I also like Eric's Castle. Be our Guest is amazing! Their sandwiches are so good! Aww man now I'm hungry. :| Fantasy Land is a great addition to the park! :)
  4. WDWsweetsixteengirl

    WDWsweetsixteengirl Mouseketeer

    Jun 4, 2011
    I like New Fantasyland but I feel like I couldn't see it enough. There is still so much construction everywhere that it just felt really congested. The park was really busy that day but I still felt like I couldn't just look around even if the park wasn't busy
  5. Orreed

    Orreed Olivia

    Jul 2, 2012
    ^That. Plus here is my thoughts from another thread.

    Beast restaurant: I did not get to eat here. The line was super long, even in off-season. It looked super pretty on the outside. I went in Belle's village. It was very charming and the shop was cute. It bored me a little, but mostly because I am not a huge Belle fan.
    Ariel ride?: This was well done. The ending was very rushed. We got a fastpass my Mickey's Phillarmagic for this one. I did not get to go through the cool interactive line but the fastpass line was pretty. The cool thing was it broke down but we waited a few minutes and we got to go in. My dad and I were the second in line! I liked walking through a line with very few people are we are not rope drop guests. My favorite part is the bubbles part. I won't spoil it, but it's great.
    Any more of the new Fantasyland that I didn't mention? The problem with the forest section (Belle and Ariel) Is the Snow White ride is on the whole right side of the walkway. I will be excited when it is done to see the whole land super pretty. What is there right now is great. I also like on the Snow White Mine ride there is peek holes you can look into! The storybook Circus is suburb. It looks lovely. I miss Minnie and Mickey's house and wish they put it in Hollywood Studios.
  6. PrincessTori96

    PrincessTori96 Disney Princess

    Jan 16, 2013
    I personally love New Fantasyland... I practically live there! I love being able to see Story time with Belle again... I missed seeing it as a kid and brings back such great memories. I've eaten in Be Our Guest for dinner twice, once during the "dress rehearsal" of new fantasyland and again after I had taken an AP test that I got an A+ on. The food is pretty decent for formal park food, but it's extremely pricey. I really enjoyed the grey stuff... I'm still not sure what it is exactly, but it's definitely delicious! (If you don't believe me, ask the dishes.) I enjoyed Belle's village.. Especially since I FINALLY get to meet Gaston whenever I want! I love Gaston's tavern and Le Fou's brew, and the pork shanks are delicious.
    I like the new Ariel ride... The queue is cute with it's new interactive game, and the castle facade is gorgeous. but the ride itself is too rushed in my opinion. The Ursula is amazing technology, but her "death" scene is really just ridiculous and insignificant. Also their wedding is witnessed by a bunch of fish instead of her sisters, which is a bit strange if you ask me. Overall the new fantasyland is an amazing expansion, and I absolutely love going!
  7. Darkwing Duck

    Darkwing Duck DIS Veteran

    Aug 10, 2006
    I really enjoyed the new Fantasy Land and my gf did also. We were down there the first week of january and got to experience the newness. We had lunch at beasts castle. I thought it was really cool, and reasonably priced. I only wish they had a wider variety of food selections. I had the steak and cheese sandwich and it was pretty good but the atmosphere is what made the meal.

    The new Ariel ride was also open. I thought the que and the waiting areas were really cool and well done. The ride is almost identical to the Finding Nemo one at EPCOT but it was cool seeing the Little Mermaid and friends in a ride

    The Enchanted Tales with Belle ride was cool but really directed towards little kids. I enjoyed it and recommend at least doing it once. Had to wait in line an hour for this one but if you're traveling with little kids they'll love it

    Gaston's Tavern was awesome. I got the pork shank (pretty much a turkey leg) and the Lefou's Brew (sp?) Both really good and enjoyable. Awesome theming. Wasn't very crowded surprisingly.

    Didnt go on the new dumbo addition with the circus, I've been on it enough over the years::yes::

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