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What am I missing if I skip Epcot?

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by DisneyVirginBeNice, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. DisneyVirginBeNice

    DisneyVirginBeNice Earning My Ears

    I have 3 small kids 7,4,2. I am thinking of either skipping Epcot of just going half a day *sceduling a chipndale Character lunch and catching the illuminations show. Is there anything else I need to see? Can I do it in half a day or should I plan an entire day? Or skip it all together? I am already planning doing Magic Kingdom for 2 days. And all additional parks a day a peice including the water parks. I have park hopper passes so I can do 2 parks in one day...Can I do Epcot and MGM in one? Or maybe Epcot and Animal Kingdom?

    I am staying at the WL resort and staying 7days *not including last travel day since I leave early* but I get there EARLY our first day and plan on hitting Magic Kingdom kicking off our trip with an early lunch at Chef mickey's then heading into the park.

    I have all parks sceduled going on days that have either extra morning or evening hours so we get the longest days...

    Thanks so much
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  3. Twinprincesses

    Twinprincesses Mouseketeer

    We usually always spend 2 days at Epcot. However if you skip alot of stuff you could do it in a half day.
  4. JennyMominRI

    JennyMominRI <font color=red>Live from Red Sox Nation<br><font

    I spend more time at EPCOT than anywhere else at WDW,so I'm a bad one to ask..we are staying at the WL in 61 days..Have a great trip
  5. tommygirl79

    tommygirl79 Mouseketeer

    We NEVER would miss EPCOT with our 4 and 2 year old DDs. We just got back last month and our 4 year old would say EPCOT right under MK for her favorite park! She LOVED World Showcase - coloring her KIDCOT mask, talking to the CMs from the countries and seeing the sights and sounds of World Showcase. She also LOVED Soarin' and rode it 4 times in one day while we were there. She also loves Imagination, the Fountains, Spaceship Earth and can't wait to try Test Track during next year's trip. EPCOT is really what you make of it - if you expect to only have a "boring learning experience" that's what you'll have. If you go into it expecting to have a great time "exploring the world" you will have a blast. This past trip we did EPCOT our last full day and wish we had spent more time there during our 7 days there....there's always next year!!!!
  6. joshsmom

    joshsmom <font color=009933>I baked a cake, put on respecta

    You'd miss SOARIN'!!!! We LOVE Soarin'! You'd miss Spaceship Earth, you'd miss lots of cool stuff. If you don't line up for Mission: Space (7 yr old? maybe. 4 & 2--no.) you would save time. I don't know how you feel about Test Track--that's another long line. I don't know the height requirements for Soarin', but I bet your 7 year old would REALLY like it.

    We also go to all the countries in World Showcase. When DS was younger, 5-7, he did all the KidCot (is that right? It's been so long) Stations and that was really neat because he learned something about each country. My mom and I love sampling the food from "around the world." I guess I'm not a good one to ask because we love Epcot too!!!
  7. DisneyVirginBeNice

    DisneyVirginBeNice Earning My Ears

    Really what am I missing looking at it online, what are the things that make you guys go? I have plenty of days to make an entire day just at Epcot just wondering why? :confused3

    Thanks so much :)
  8. JennyMominRI

    JennyMominRI <font color=red>Live from Red Sox Nation<br><font

    I'm a world Showcase fan..There is a thread,just a ways down on this forum about things to do at the world showcase..Make sure you take your little ones to Turtle Talk with Crush.We also love spaceship earth.I love the ride sin Mexico and Norway.Love te movies in France,Canada and best of all CHina.. I love to buy chocolate in each of the world Showcase countries.we also eat *around the world* getting small food items to share in each country..Soarin is not to be missed. All but your 2 YO could ride that.Use the baby swap for your little one...Go to the Ice Station Cool and try FREE soda's from around the world.. Explore the shops in the each pavilion in the World Showcase while your kids do the arts and crafts..there are tonsof other things for small kids that I'm missing. My kids are a bit older
    Oh yeah..the restaurants in the World Showcase are the best on property IMO
  9. Wendy1953

    Wendy1953 Wendy's Mom

    YOU WILL MISS LOTS, but then again Epcot may not be for you and yours. Future World is the home of Spaceship Earth, The Land (Soarin, living with the land, circle of life -lion king characters, Nestle's exhibit where the children can make choco chip cookies), Innoventions, Journey into Imagination- Figment, Universe of Energy, Test Trak, Mission Space, etc...then World Showcase is home to lots of different countrie with lots of different foods, along with great entertainment, and also some good rides - Mexico and Norway are definite do's....then you have Illuminations to see as the park begins to close down....the children can particpate in Kidcot...each area and country has a piece to hang onto their Mask that they decorate, and a passport that gets stamped as they see each country....but then again this is my outtake on Epcot...but if you don't experience it you'll never know if you would have or had not enjoyed it....the choice is yours......HAVE A MAGICAL VACATION!!!!
  10. taxmom04

    taxmom04 Member

    When we took our 4 kids(14,11,9, 3 1/2) for the first time in Nov. these were our favorites @ Epcot:

    Turtle Talk with Crush
    Chinese acrobats in China(duh) ha
    3 1/2 yr. old loved Characters in Character Connection area.

    My 3 year old loved Test Track but the rest of us felt this was the only attraction in WDW we weren't impressed with. Me and a few of my kids loved Mission Space. Wouldn't take your 2 young ones though so could save this for another time.

    We did not care for Imagination with Figment - but, the kids loved the photo play area after the ride. Very cool!!

    It depends on your kids: I can see skipping the World Showcase and even Illuminations and just do the above few things for a half day at Epcot for this stage of their lives.Don't get me wrong- we loved Illuminations but there's a lot little ones won't "get" about it but if they LOVE fireworks, then they'll really like it. It's a late night for young ones and this really tired us out - but ya'll may be a more energetic or "late night" than my family.

    But is anyone going with you and the kids? Adults really enjoy Epcot!!

    Oh, I believe Chines acrobats don't start performing until the afternoon/early evening.

    Definitely just my opinions!
  11. RobertKC

    RobertKC EPCOT Fan

    I would recommend half a day in future world for the kids. I love World showcase but our 3 and 6 year olds hated it on our last trip. They like arts and crafts but we just couldn't get them interested in the kidcot stuff. I guess they expect to ride rides at WDW. They did enjoy Imagination, Soarin and all the nemo stuff at the Living Sea. Be sure and see the Turtle Talk with Crush. It was the suprise of our trip, we all really enjoyed it.
  12. Golliwobbler

    Golliwobbler ISO the DIS-Tink-Wish'd life!

    Soarin' (my girsl 6 & 8 were ga-ga over flying)
    Turtle Talk (how does Crush actually talk to the kids, really, her actually talks to them, answers their questions, and asks questions, like he is RIGHT THERE...it is amazing, and different nearly every time you go)
    Test track (OK, not my favorite, but the acceleration around teh track is pretty incredible)
    Maelstrom at Norway...very fun with the trolls
    Innoventions, East, West, whatever (again, not my favorite, but you just can't get the kids out of the place...)
    Other stuff you got to see at least once includes Figment's Imagination, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, Spaceship Earth, especially before it is gone...

    And MY FAVORITE...Illuminations...fireworks, laser light, globe projection show at 9pm each night...will never get tired of it...
  13. mamacatnv

    mamacatnv <font color=green>I am the queen of straw!<br><fon

    My favorite park is Epcot. I love the world showcase, it lets me experience a small piece of places around the world that I may or may not ever get to visit. I really liked the Land boat ride, the green houses were amazing to see how different things are grown including the Mickey shaped pumpkins. Soarin is like no other experience I have ever had on a "ride", it really is incredible. Then there are all the little things, the sidewalks that have lights at night, the lit up walkway that in synchronized to the music playing, the many faces and messages of Leave a Legacy and I could keep going, it is like no other place I have ever been. I hope you take some time and at least give it a try.

  14. DisneyVirginBeNice

    DisneyVirginBeNice Earning My Ears

    Thank you guys I am definatly planning to give it a go :) I cannot believe how hard this all is. Like you said If I skipped it I'd never know what I was missing but I dont' want to miss ANYTHING :banana:

    Thanks again for saving our trip :woohoo:
  15. ppony

    ppony Artist in residence

    I'll be the odd person out and say we don't care for Epcot. This coming trip we don't plan on going to it at all. We just like the other parks much more, and want to spend a couple days off site as well. It's all personal preference. I hear Soarin' is really neat but being as the only things we like there are the Test Track, Shrunk the Audience, son likes SE and hubby likes Mission Space. After those, we're pretty much done so unless we change our minds while we're there, we plan to keep busy at the other parks. ;) If your plans allow for flexibilty, see how it goes when you are there. Every time we go to WDW and the day we plan on Sea World, it rains. EVERY TIME. Serves us right huh? for cheating on Disney? :teeth: This time we're being silly and tricking mother nature by not planning the day we go there. Not until we get there and see the forcasts. So it will make for an interesting vacation to plan meals and such but we're game for some flexibility. :woohoo: Sorry, tangent! :rolleyes:
  16. JennyMominRI

    JennyMominRI <font color=red>Live from Red Sox Nation<br><font

    That's the great thing about WDW though,isn't it..There is something that calls out to everyone.. Your EPCOT is my MGM.I only go there for 3 rides.I spend a half day max..I went there with preconcieved notions..I wasn't going to like the AK or the AKL..I was wrong on both counts.DIsney always surprises you,which is why on a first trip it's probably good to see a bit of everything..By trip number 2 ,I knew much better where I wanted to spend my time ..To the OP..Plans can be changed.If you get there and love EPCOT,you can always go back
  17. BroadwayGirl

    BroadwayGirl Mouseketeer

    I think people who don't appreciate live entertainment for whatever reason end up feeling like it is okay to skip Epcot. A lot of people are very focused on rides and technology based attractions and don't realize how magical the live performances are for kids of all ages. Kids also really seem to enjoy meeting and interacting with the cast members from around the world over in WS. I know that I see so many children who are absolutely enchanted with the live entertainment (Dragon Legend Acrobats, Off Kilter, World Showcase Players, etc) get dragged away because the parents are eager to be off to sample the next beer or check out the next thrill ride.

    Not saying everyone has to like Epcot or that it is wrong to skip it if it just doesn't suit your style but I do encourage everyone to give Epcot a chance to enchant you. :)
  18. JennyMominRI

    JennyMominRI <font color=red>Live from Red Sox Nation<br><font

    I love that chair Act in France.I always get caught up watching it
  19. qtwns

    qtwns Mouseketeer

    After my first trip I hated Epcot, but I realized after my second trip that I missed EVERYTHING! Now my DSs (ages 9, 6 & 6) and DH beg to go to Epcot, and as "chief planner" I am happy to oblige whenever they want. I am glad you've decided to go. Take some time doing research on what is there and where it all happens and have a blast. :thumbsup2
  20. WDW LOVR

    WDW LOVR WDW Makes us smile. Why do we never have enou

    Our kids really didn't like Epcot when we first went to WDW, and the kids were young. But we made them go any way because as adults we saw the beauty of it. As the kids grew they began to enjoy it more and more and now it's their favorite park.

    I would say even if you don't think they'll have a great time now, at least spend some time there showing them all the things you think are cool: The live entertainment, talking to CM's from other countries, The Living Seas, The Land, Journey into Imagination, some fantastic restaurants in the WS, the World Showcase Players, The Malestrom, Oh Canada, Margaritas in Mexico :banana: .....I could go on and on.

    The most important thing I tell everyone when they ask about Epcot is: TAKE YOUR TIME. Explore all the countries. All the little nooks and crannies. It's the little things that make Epcot special.
  21. LadyZolt

    LadyZolt Mouseketeer

    For me, the park I'd miss if I had to miss one is Animal Kingdom. I think you could do EPCOT and MGM in one day if you didn't do much in World Showcase (and if your kids are really small, I think they'd get more out of the other stuff anyway), and because MGM is so close, to EPCOT you could do it, too. If I had to choose between Illuminations and Fantasmic, I'd pick Fantasmic. I think MGM and Magic Kingdom are my favorite parks, but I also never miss EPCOT. I think you should look at the sites online and decide what's the best use of your time for you and your family. I'm sure whatever you decide, you'll have a magical vacation. :cloud9:

    -Dorothy (LadyZolt)

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