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  1. Lindsay's mom

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    Dec 27, 1999
    Well our last day-it's always so depressing to leave Disney. We got the 8:30 shuttle again and were at the park in about 10min. Apparently the California Adventure was open that day to certain people so we got to see the huge California sign uncovered. The Disneyland band was out playing as you walked in the gate-that was pretty neat. We headed down Main St and checked out some shops since the park hadn't officially opened. At the rope drop we headed to the Plaza Inn for our character breakfast. Lindsay was soo excited about having breakfast with Pooh and friends. We had a really good time and the food was good too. We got to see Piglet-one of Lindsay's favorites who we hadn't seen-so she was really excited. The character interaction was very good too. Well after breakfast we started over to Tomorrowland and met Buzz Lightyear. Lindsay loved this because we had missed him at WDW. Well into Tomorrowland-no line for Star Tours so we took turns going on because Lindsay was not too sure about it. Next stop Fantasyland. Lindsay and daddy rode Dumbo while I did Mr Toad and Snow White. Of course we had to do Small World-one last time!! We saw the pricess storytelling at Tinkerbell's Toy Shop. Belle was the storyteller and it was very good. And there was only a few people there which was nice. Lindsay had a nice visit with Belle. I thought the park would be crowded since it was Saturday but it wasn't crowded at all. After the storytelling we headed over to Frontierland. We rode the Riverboat-nice and relaxing. The Columbia was also sailing but we didn't ride that. When we got off there was no line for Big Thunder Mt so I went on it while Lindsay and daddy had a snack. She finally got the cotton candy she had wanted. As I said earlier I think she tried every snack they sell. We walked around a little and found Pocahontas near Adventureland so Lindsay was excited. We had one fast pass ticket left from our package so I used it for Space Mt. Lindsay and daddy went back to Fantasyland. Space Mt was terrific-I hadn't been on it for a while and it seemed much better than WDW-I loved the music. And I couldn't see a thing. It seemed like at WDW it was a little bit brighter inside. Well we decided it was time to leave because we were visiting our relatives before we headed to San Diego. We did some shopping on Main Street and had some icecream. I loved the shops on Main St-I could have really bought alot but I controlled myself. After our visit with the relatives we made it to San Diego without any problems. It took us about 1hr 45min-I think. We were staying at the Town and Country Resort for my husband's conference-it was located in Mission Valley. I'll post another report of Lindsay and mommy do San Diego!!
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    Thanks so much for posting a trip report! I am so excited to be able to read a new one. I've printed each day out and will enjoy reading them this weekend. Thanks again!


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    Great report Lindsey's Mom. I can't wait to read your San Diego report. I hope you had a wonderful time while you were here. I'm sorry you missed the "Believe" fireworks and "Fantasmic". They're both incredible. You missed out. :D


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    Mar 25, 2000
    A great time was had by all. Enjoy your time in San Diego. Thanks for posting!

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