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Weird-Odd-Strange-Disturbing Photo Thread...

Discussion in 'Resort Community Threads & Photo-Video' started by parrotbay, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. parrotbay

    parrotbay I got a Caribbean soul I can barely control!

    Thought this might be fun. :cool1: :surfweb:
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  3. NJRRK

    NJRRK New Member


    Jurassic Mickey D's from AK.
  4. Perditamarie

    Perditamarie New Member

    I wish I had a photo to post....but not sure the one above can be topped!!!!!
  5. shalom

    shalom New Member

  6. honeydiane1953

    honeydiane1953 New Member

    LOL to the clown HATE IT TOOOO
  7. parrotbay

    parrotbay I got a Caribbean soul I can barely control!

    Kool photos... got the idea for this thread after seeing the "River Country" thread from last fall & the "Swim to Discovery Island" blog. Both were kind of Weird-Odd-Strange-Disturbing all at the same time.

    Someone may want to move this to the Photo - Video section. I thought I was posting it there, but it posted here.
  8. RMulieri

    RMulieri New Member

    Everytime I see that clown slide I think of Pennywise the clown in Stephen Kings' IT
  9. sydneysmom

    sydneysmom ready to go back to Disney..... NOW!

    :rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2: OMG , that is SOOOOO true !! that's one freaky clown. it's a wonder kids at the Boardwalk don't wake up screaming!!!
  10. shalom

    shalom New Member

    I find the fake temple pyramid at the Coronado Springs resort really freaky.


    (image lifted from the Coronado Springs thread)

    I think I'd be okay with it if it weren't for the waterfall. I can't look at that waterfall without thinking about what fluid you'd have most likely found there with the real thing. :scared1:
  11. tallen429

    tallen429 New Member

    If it was built out of straw I'd be worried they were going to burn Nicholas Cage (or Christopher Lee, for that matter) alive in it!!
    (sorry, obscure reference...)
  12. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana <font color=deeppink>Dreams do come true!<br><font

    Really hate that clown pool!
  13. GraceLuvsWDW

    GraceLuvsWDW New Member

    At the Poly:

  14. Lisa75

    Lisa75 New Member

    OMG! That never freaked me out or caught my attention before, but at that angle, this is a whole different story now!! :scared1:
  15. OldsDr

    OldsDr New Member

    I was going to put one of my wedding photos up, but I figured my wife would not find that as funny as I do.
  16. SRUAlmn

    SRUAlmn New Member

    I have one where the Photopass Photog snapped while we were getting ready to smile for our pic and Mickey's hand is....um.....in my chest area shall we say. It cracked up my whole family! I'll see if I can find it!
  17. KatMark

    KatMark Active Member

    I do too. And one of the reasons I won't stay at that resort. :scared1:
  18. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana <font color=deeppink>Dreams do come true!<br><font

    My friend and I rented points a couple of years ago and decided on BWV b/c it was less points, but we wanted to be sure to avoid that pool. We never saw it...and weird as it may sound, we sat under some trees sipping Pina Coladas an never noticed that horrid clown on the other side of the pool bar - the bar blocked it!! [​IMG]
  19. KyCruisinSusan

    KyCruisinSusan Proud DVC/AKV Owner

    This photo is well a cute photo of a kid meeting pluto :goodvibes
    or what is Pluto thinking? :lmao:
  20. xxliz28xx

    xxliz28xx Jersey girl by birth, Floridian by heart

    I never noticed this until my fiance pointed it out to me. Look how creepy/happy he is gutting that fish! :scared1: :laughing:

  21. dfarner

    dfarner I married my Prince Charming.

    OMG!! I'd put that kid up against the creepy clown any day! :scared1:

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