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website issues still a thing, (please say yes?)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by ThreeBeans, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. ThreeBeans

    ThreeBeans Now with FOUR Beans

    I paid a sizeable chunk o cash for an 8 day stay in a deluxe villa for six last night, got the confirmation email.

    When I signed onto the website this morning it had switched my name with my husbands :confused3 I switched them back. The reservation is gone. I entered the reservation number and our last night and it says the number is invalid :confused3

    WDW didn't eat my money right? :eek:
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  3. Ninja Mom

    Ninja Mom New Member

    Time for a phone call to Disney reservations. Only the superheros working the phone lines can straighten out a mess like this. Call sooner rather than later and if the CM you are working with does not appear equipped to deal with your problem request a supervisor.

    Good luck with this one and may the Mouse be with you.

    ~Ninja Mom
  4. fla4fun

    fla4fun New Member

    Usually it asks for your arrival date when looking up a reservation, not your departure date. Are you sure you were entering the correct information?

    It's also my understanding that you can't change the lead name on a reservation without cancelling and starting over. That being said, I've read a lot of reports of reservations not having the right info on the website, but the confirmation emails are correct, and when a phone call is made, the CM sees the correct info on their screen as well. So the name thing could just be a glitch in the not so perfect new website.
  5. ThreeBeans

    ThreeBeans Now with FOUR Beans

    the bolded should have said, 'our last name' not 'our last night'.

    It did indeed ask for the reservation number and last name and then insisted the number was invalid.

    Apparently the 120948120948th time was the charm though because when I entered it this morning it popped right up? :confused3:lmao:

    I am not at all clear how the names got switched, either. I have an Account, I paid, and listed all the names of the party. When I logged in yesterday the log in changed from Welcome, Jane! to Welcome, John! And when I went to my account to see why I had been renamed Mrs. John Peter Smith .....despite the fact that Mr. John Peter Smith was listed further down on the list of family.

    I'm going with quirky. And now I've printed everything out. LOL.
  6. ThreeBeans

    ThreeBeans Now with FOUR Beans

    and sorry, I wasn't very clear....my name had been changed when I logged into WDW.com, main screen. Not the reservation, which at that time had disappeared.
  7. GrandCalifornian

    GrandCalifornian Can't Wait To Go Back

    We are having similar issues with the new site. My name and my wife's show up interchangably in different places. The new site can see our confirmation number for a bit, but then it disappears and says no reservations found. I think it is just teething issues with the new site, and they'll get it sorted out eventually.

    On another thread I read about using the "Customized Maps" link on the bottom right once you're logged in to get to the old site where you can then click on "my Reservations" and see the old page. It works for me, and I can see my full reservation info and the payments that have been made, which I havent been able to on the new site.

    Good luck, and don't worry too much, Disney won't mess it up too bad...
  8. AppleSister1

    AppleSister1 New Member

    The website lists my room reservation under my sister's name, and her room reservation under a misspelling of her name. :confused3 I called to confirm, and it's all correctly listed with Disney, so I'm just going to ignore the website for now. :thumbsup2 All my dining ressies are there.

    But, like you, I have now printed out all my ADRs AND the confirmation emails for our room reservations. Better safe than sorry!!!


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