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WDW Commando Club

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Community' started by Disney Commando, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    :welcome: You are member #73. I see you are going in Oct, great time of the year to go, are you going to MNSSHP:confused3
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  3. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    If anyone has been to WDW in Oct, and went to MNSSHP . Lets offer advice & tips to those who are going this year (maybe for the 1st time). Being that this is a 5hr event, IMO everyone who attends MNSSHP will go commando at some point during the event:lmao:

    I will be posting my findings from my trip last year on Halloween Night:scared1: soon:cool1:
  4. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    My Commando tactic for MNSSHP, this is extreme level, don't expect total agreement on this, so If you would like to add please do so.

    MNSSHP 7pm - 12am Halloween Night. most likely the most packed out of all the MNSSHP dates.

    Since this is a timed event 5hrs, it is a challenge to complete:scared1:

    Eat dinner before you get there, & don't plan on doing rides if you want to cover all the events.

    IMO the 1st things to hit are the Meet & Greets , some of them are very rare photo opps ex, Snow White & all 7 Dwarfs, Cindy's Glass Coach etc,

    Skip the 1st parade and get in all the M & G and dance parties, Catch the 2nd parade, found by the shooting gallary was a great spot to see it ( not crowded & not as well lit as the rest of the park):cool1: Then go to see fireworks (found by CP along the fenceline on the river was a really good spot, no one can get in front of you if you are at the fence:woohoo:)

    After the fireworks then do the Trick or Treating (you can breeze through all the locations with no wait + they will give you alot more candy:woohoo:)

    We did get to do The Haunted Mansion during the 1st parade, had a 10min wait, so figured what the heck it's Halloween:lmao: but other then that time whenever we past line was past the riverboat:scared1:

    We only did 1 ride & ate before we got there, but the way I look at it, I'm paying big bucks on a 5hr event, I'm going to get everything in that is not offered on a regular day:confused3 IMO the rewards were worth the sacrifice:goodvibes
  5. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    Member Role Call is now on page 1, first post:woohoo:
  6. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    Has anyone done MVMCP, I will be going to it for the 1st time this year, I know its a timed event 5hrs, I want to get everything in, Anyone have any tips on MVMCP:confused3
  7. Add me to the commando list! I love using Ridemax to get the most of my day, while ensuring my husband that it is for the best, since we won't have to stand in line. I want to do WDW from sun-up to sundown every day were are in Orlando this Fall, can't wait.

    I will be following this thread so I can learn some of the commando strategy.
  8. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    :welcome: You are member #74. When will you be at WDW
  9. dvczerfs

    dvczerfs DIS Veteran

    dont go on a weekend or the "special ticket price" nights. it can get rather full!:thumbsup2
  10. afwdwfan

    afwdwfan <font color=red>DIS Dad #460<br><font color=green>

    My wife brought up planning for a vacation in 2011 yesterday... She wants to go somewhere for a week. Her idea is we can go to the Orlando (or as I call it, Disney) for a day or 2 and go to a beach for the rest of the week.

    How commando can I be with a reluctant wife and an 18 month old with only 2 days in the parks?:lmao::rotfl2::rotfl:

    It really doesn't work very well though, she doesn't appreciate Disney as much as I do and I get bored to death at the beach after about 2 hours.
  11. TinkerBellSam

    TinkerBellSam Member

    Arriving 8:00 am Sunday morning August 8th. Hoping to make 8:45 rope drope at AK, after picking up park passes. What is everyones opinion of on-line check-in?

    Hope we have everything ready! This is kids 12 and 16 first trip. DH has only done a day trip to EPCOT!

    Wish us luck!!:cool1:
  12. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    We did the online checkin on our last trip, it worked out much better then I thought it would, It asks for ETA, we put down 10am, we got there around 10:30 to check in, I was only expecting to get our tics and go to the park, but they had our room ready:cool1: The whole check in process only took a few minutes:woohoo: and we were on our way:yay:

    I'm thinking they might not have your room ready at 8am, but you never know:confused3 But you should not have to wait around to get your tics, it should be all printed out and ready on your arrival:goodvibes

    Have a great trip, feel free to list your plans, we would love to see them:confused3
  13. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    Looks like your going to have to meet somewhere in the middle to keep everyone happy:confused3. You could do the beach in the morning & early afternoon and hit the parks after dinner (early one of course:lmao:), I don't know how far the beach you are going to is from WDW, but even if you have a hour drive, you will be able to get in your week of WDW:banana: IMO WDW at night is the best time to be there, when the lights go on it gives you a whole new magical feeling:goodvibes
  14. afwdwfan

    afwdwfan <font color=red>DIS Dad #460<br><font color=green>

    LOL, good idea, but I'm sure it is going to be a split week between a couple different places... she hates the beachse on the Florida Atlantic coast. Probably end up somewhere on the gulf coast or panhandle. I'm going to fight hard for more Disney days though. I'm considering maybe trying to talk her into a short Disney cruise instead of beach time... I'll just have to do some homework and see what I can come up with.
  15. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    Tell her the beaches on the Atlantic coast will be better, (remind her about the BP spill and possible oil in the water or on the beaches):scared1: maybe she will change her mind:confused3
  16. jmm476

    jmm476 Active Member

    The problem is, I like to do everything commando-style and see and do EVERYTHING. :rolleyes1 The people I'm with, especially DH hate it and I'm no longer allowed to even speak of Disney in his presence.

    So how does everything hide their commando-ness from others who don't "approve" of it?
  17. Disney Commando

    Disney Commando <font color=red>DDC<br><font color=purple>Disney F

    :welcome: You are member #75. Try to get everyone going on a one to one and ask them things they want to do at WDW. Tell them you want to make sure everything everyone wants to do is included.(not that it wouldn't be in your plans anyway:lmao:) But if they feel included and see what they want to do on the list, they will less likely to give the attitude:mad:

    When you go over the plan of attack with everyone, make sure when you come up to something someone wanted to do, say that was Bob's idea:idea:(example) and hopefully everyone will have a great time and be looking forward to what they suggested, even though you were planning on doing it anyway:goodvibes
  18. We will be there Oct 13-20, my 40th birthday celebration!
  19. DisneyWitch

    DisneyWitch Member

    I'd like to join your Disney Commando Club. I'll even wear britches! (trust me, you are all better off for it) The following is only my opinion, so apologies if I offend anyone.

    I do dang near everything commando (in the "i can haz underwear" fashion)...if I have a new hobby, I have to read every book and spend countless hours on the intarwebz researching. If I want to learn about a particular topic, I immerse myself in it so I can get the most comprehensive experience possible. Same thing with this vacation. Why go through the hassle and expense of traveling if you're only going to experience a fraction of it? I might as well stay at home and spend the money on ice cream and amaretto sours.

    As far as I'm concerned, being Commando is not about being OCD or being a Type A personality. It's not something to be ashamed of, or something we need to explain away to others. We should not feel we have to hide the fact that we feel it's important to plan, friends. This is about wanting to experience life 100 percent! I think it's a good way for us to show our families how much we love them - it shows them that we want everyone to have the best time possible! If we can make educated decisions on how to spend our leisure time - which in the US is precious and all too short - we can make that special time even more memorable. I don't want to remember my vacation as a disjointed mess and missing all the good stuff because I was too lazy to prepare.

    OMG I think I just became Braveheart. :faint:

    I've never been to WDW, but these boards, and all the others I'm on, have been invaluable to me. I've got books, lists, spreadsheets, etc., and am learning as much as I possibly can before going in order to have the best time I can.

    Thank you all for listening!
  20. Motomom06

    Motomom06 Member

    Yep sure am. Sun Oct 17th.:woohoo:
  21. afwdwfan

    afwdwfan <font color=red>DIS Dad #460<br><font color=green>

    You say it like that is a bad thing.:confused3 :lmao::banana:

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