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    So, what is the catch for WBC? Everyone seems to love it so much. We like what we thus far too...price, accommodations, amenities, proximity. We have 3 teens and the extra space for the $ will be awesome compared to what would pay onsite. Onsite our only options are POR IF they allow us to book it or a Deluxe. We would rather spend "Deluxe $" on more time.

    So, what is the catch with WBC? Do we have to listen to a timeshare presentation? How annoying are the timeshare people? I read that they can be annoying when you pick up parking pass...is there a way to avoid that? We do NOT want to come listen to timeshare people...I would rather spend more onsite or cram or anything but listen to timeshare people OR have to worry about avoiding them...it is my vacation!

    OR is the point that there is no catch....it really is as good as it sounds.

    We were looking to rent from Ken Price.

    Any and all info from WBC Vets would be more than welcome! This is kinda the last ditch horray as a family before we start with college...and with 3 kids....college will be an ON-GOING thing for a while and therefore vacations probably will NOT be.

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    It really depends upon what you term as a "Catch".

    It's offsite, so you don't get some of the onsite perks that you pay for at a Disney Hotel.... ME, EMH, Package Delivery to the hotel from the parks, Free Parking at the parks, Disney transportation, etc.

    It's a Timeshare Resort... So that means no daily housekeeping. (No fresh towels daily. No extra soap deliveries daily. No freshly made beds and cleaned room daily.) The units do however include a kitchen (Easy to prepare meals or breakfasts in your room.... or just store/reheat leftovers from you table service meals). they also include a Washer/Dryer, so you can run the load of towels yourself as you go to the parks or go to bed.... as well as potentially do a load of laundry in the room during your trip to allow you to pack less overall.

    As a Timeshare resort, there are sales people onsite who may try and talk you into attending a sales presentation. This however is not required (despite what they may tell you) if you book thru an owner like Ken Price. Just tell them no and know you can walk away.

    Also, you won't see as many onsite dining options as you would at a Disney hotel.... however with the Wyndham Grande opening up there are more options now than before.

    ultimately, i'd say that there isn't really a catch to the Wyndham Bonnet Creek resort, per se. It is however a different way of vacationing than you may be used too if you've only ever done onsite accomodations at Disney or standard hotel rooms outside of Disney. As long as you are aware of the differences and are prepared for a more Condo-like vacation experience vs. a hotel-like experience, you should have a blast.

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