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Warning: Do Not buy the Allianz insurance through DCL!

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Lollipop's Mom, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Lollipop's Mom

    Lollipop's Mom <font color=teal>Special trip with your little one

    If anyone remembers my troubles not getting on the Feb 9th cruise with my very ill daughter.

    Well now the insurance battle comes into play.

    I will preface this by saying:
    YES I should have read the policy better and trusted the Disney name way too much and didn't really read the policy properly. I can only blame myself, but do feel DCL should be selling a better product to their customers, and I will be contacting them about this.
    I never in a million years thought I would have to actually use the insurance, so went with the flow, took a quick peek at the policy, but never imagined having to use it.
    I am not having a pity party for myself -I have lost about $2000 and just have to deal with it and call it a loss :(
    But need to warn others before they are in my situation.

    So here is why you should NOT use it (vs. other insuremytrip.com policies I have now reviewed):

    1. It only covers anything you personally bought via DCL. Does not cover any pre-paid hotels, any airfare, etc.. unless you booked it through DCL. If you had to cancel your trip before you left home, you are out your airfare and other pre-paid non-refundable expenses.
    2. They will not cover us for trip interuption where we were stuck in Florida. They will only cover up to the cruise cost. I incurred about $1400 in hotel and food expenses while my daughter was recovering. We did not have fun -we spent 85% of our time in the room, with her vomiting and sick. They do not count this as a travel delay because she was not officially quarentined or in the hospital. She could NOT travel - she could barely stand up, but they won't cover it. If I had know this, I would have gone and let her puke for a week in a $29 travelodge. When I called Allianz I was assured everything was covered up to $150 a day each, but they have changed their tune. I am fighting this.
    Now, if I had decided to take her home, puking on the plane and all that, and had to change my flights, they would have paid for my flight change. Last minute flight changes probably would have cost about $800, but no airline would have even let her fly in her condition. She was vomiting every half hour. I told them this and they of course don't care, because they are not in the business of being 'nice', they are in the insurance business.

    So basically where it has left me:
    Out $600 in airfare
    Out $1000 in hotel stay
    Out $400 in food
    plus whatever else I can't think of..... But about 2 grand for sitting in a room watching my daughter vomit.

    So moral of the story for everyone - learn from me. READ THAT POLICY. Buy from insuremytrip.com or elsewhere and see what is covered. If you or your child gets ill and causes you to completely miss your trip, are you covered for that ON TOP of your cruise expense?
    Allianz DCL insurance will ONLY cover up to the cruise expense. Not a penny more for any reason.

    Expensive lesson, but hopefully my lesson saves you $$$ :)
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  3. mmouse37

    mmouse37 <font color=009933>Mickey for Me!<br><font color=9

    Sorry to hear you have to battle them. I am surprised they don't cover it under trip interruption.

    Back in 2004 we had to deal with a hurricane (not sickness) where the ship was delayed for 2 days and we had to stay at the Poly for 2 extra days and keep the rental car for 2 extra days and of course food for 2 extra days. It was all covered under our trip insurance under the trip interruption clause. We received a check for everything.

    It is so frustrating to figure out a proper policy. but, one thing I do now is to book independent insurance for my whole trip from the day I leave the house to the day I get back...not just the cruise.

    Good luck.

  4. Justacruiser

    Justacruiser Military Veteran

    sorry to hear of your bad experience.
  5. Lollipop's Mom

    Lollipop's Mom <font color=teal>Special trip with your little one

    They only cover up to the cost of the cruise with interruption.
    So my cruise was $3200, they cover up to that and that is IT. Well thats my cruise money back - they worded it quite well in thier policy so you think differently though.
  6. neg58

    neg58 New Member

    I know you are frustrated, but you bought insurance for your cruise, not for you pre-cruise stay or travel. The premium for your insurance is based on the price of your trip, and for them your price was the cruise.

    Some people book everything through Disney, and basically have door to door coverage because the cost of the entire trip is used in figuring out the premium for the insurance. Say a family decided to go to WDW for a week before the cruise and had airfare and a suite at the Contemporary and got sick before they even left home. Would it be fair for the insurance company to cover those costs when another family booked the same cabin on the cruise, paid the same insurance premium (for the cruise only), but lived in Florida so only cancelled the actual cruise?

    If you had booked insurance through another insurer, and you wanted the coverage from door to door, they would have based the premium on the entire cost of your vacation, not just on the cruise portion. You can buy trip insurance just from the airline for just the airfare, or you can book hotels with a cancellation policy you like (may have to pay a little more for the 'insurance' to be able to cancel). You bought cruise insurance, and that's what you got. They are refunding the cost of your cruise, correct? You weren't yet checked in to the cruise when your daughter got sick, so you weren't yet covered by the cruise insurance. Just like with auto insurance or health insurance, there is an effective time when the policy begins. If you are in an accident on the way to buy insurance, you aren't going to have coverage.

  7. Lollipop's Mom

    Lollipop's Mom <font color=teal>Special trip with your little one

    Yes nancy that is what I said. I know it's my own fault and I'm simply warning others. I THOUGHT I had door to door coverage. Simple as that. Others might think they do too, so simply a warning.
    You clearly did not read my entire post.
  8. Namsupak

    Namsupak New Member

    I won't argue with you about the insurance thing as well and I did read your entire post. However maybe the title of the thread should be. Warning: Please read your trip insurance policy before buying. Or something of that nature. You will probably get a lot less flack.
  9. lizabu

    lizabu New Member

    It's great that you are sharing this information. I bet there's lots of people who wouldn't have realized the insurance is only for the cruise. I always buy trip insurance. You never know when a bag is going to get lost or when something unexpected will happen. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure you will help a lot of people.
  10. wallawallakids

    wallawallakids Active Member

    I agree. I am so sorry about your trip. I am glad you posted this because I do believe others would think as you did and just book DCL insurance without really knowing. DCL pushes the insurance and makes it sound like you are covered. If you save one person from making that mistake then it is worth posting. I had DCL insurance booked when I made my reservation and canceled it 24 hours after I read the policy and looked up online about it. However, I am a crazy nut about researching everything and I know a lot of people are not like that. And that is fine, but your warning may help them. Again, sorry about everything you went though.
  11. wallawallakids

    wallawallakids Active Member

    Also, I bought directly though Allianz and it covers our flights/hotel/transfers...everything and it was a fraction of the price DCL charges. I really have never understood why their costs are so much higher if they cover less. :confused3 I think that is confusing because to many of us in our society the higher priced product feels safer. Like it must cover more because it costs more. Silly how that isn't true.
  12. kalc12345

    kalc12345 New Member

    Yes, thank you for sharing! A lot of people may not know about Disney insurance.

    I have heard how terrible it is so we never buy it. We always purchase through insure my trip.

    I hope you and your daughter enjoy your second chance cruise!!
  13. luv2sleep

    luv2sleep New Member

    I've always assumed the insurance offered through DCL only covers the cruise itself. If I can't make it I get a portion of my money back. In other words the only trip covered is the DCL part of the trip. I'm actually surprised they would cover why of the flight at all. I've never purchased trip insurance before for cruising because I haven't had to fly to get there. If i couldn't have made it I think DCL applies my money to a future cruise (I could be dead wrong about that though!!). My next cruise involves a flight so I better check this out. I'm sorry for the confusion you ave experienced with them. It's awful that they told you one thing but did another. I've thought about booking through AAA and insuremytrip. Thank you for letting us know how the insurance DCL offers works. Again, so sorry for what happened to you guys. :(
  14. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo New Member

    When you purchase insurance through DCL (or any other cruiseline) it will only cover whatever you purchased through DCL only. If you only get the cruise through DCL, but purchase your own airfare, they won't cover the airfare. If you purchase both cruise and airfare through DCL, they will cover both the cruise and airfare.

    Booking private insurance, you can cover whatever costs you don't want to lose. These would include the cruise, and/or airfare, trip interuption, trip cancellation (including cancel for any reason), medical, medical transportation, pre or post-cruise hotels, whatever.

    Yes, this is a heads up thread. Be aware of what you're buying.
  15. luv2sleep

    luv2sleep New Member

    That's very clear. Thank you.

    So crazy that they would tell you that they would cover things they never meant to like the hotel! It's good you are going to fight it. Really annoying.
  16. Bear3412

    Bear3412 New Member

    This is actually one great aspect of DCL insurance. It does act like a "Cancel for any Reason" product, which can be very expensive. If DCL insurance doesn't pay out DCL will give you a credit for a future cruise in the full amount, minus the insurance cost. But you have to purchase it.

    Not sure this would apply to flights, hotel, WDW too, if all booked thru DCL, but it may.
  17. jelliott04

    jelliott04 New Member

    I've always wondered about trip insurance. Generally we're traveling on points so I can't really put a $ amount on that.

    We were on that cruise and were so sorry to hear how sick your daughter was.

    I see you are up for another cruise in 50 days? Tell us about that!

  18. luv2sleep

    luv2sleep New Member

    Is this also true if you don't get the insurance though? I thought they also let you do that if you can't make it. You don't get your money back but they will apply it to a new cruise. I could totally have that wrong.
  19. Bonniec

    Bonniec New Member

    Agreed. The title of this thread makes it sound like they are ripping people off and that's not the case. It really should be a warning about being careful and making sure you know what you are buying. There are many negatives to insurance through DCL, but there are positives too. I went with them because I know that if we cant make our cruise and insurance declines, we will get a credit. For my needs, that was most important.

    I'm sorry about your vacation though. I followed your other thread and it's very sad that everything had to suck so much. I've been planning my trip for years. I think I would lose my mind. :(

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  20. Bear3412

    Bear3412 New Member

    Technically no. Occasionally we hear reports of DCL being sympathetic and doing the right thing, for those affected by medical emergencies and the like.
  21. luv2sleep

    luv2sleep New Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. Figured I was wrong on that one!

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