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  1. Bill_Lin

    Bill_Lin Grateful to God

    May 25, 2007
    This is a serious poem I wrote after our daughter's Wish Trip to Disney World. She has cancer, but has been free of new tumors for 4 years now.


    Beautiful baby
    Born to laugh
    Smile and play

    But pain
    Swept into your world
    Like a hurricane

    How powerless
    My father's soul
    Unable to protect

    Gladly would I
    Have ripped out my very heart
    To save you

    I remember your infant eyes
    Locked with mine
    As they carried you away

    But heroes came
    With scalpels
    And healing hands

    Through long nights
    Of chemical sickness
    They cared for you

    Prayers took root
    And grew like wildflowers
    Into a garden of life

    You grew
    And healed
    Despite the odds

    Then came the call
    On Angel's wings
    To fly you to a magic place

    Castle doors opened for you
    Smiles and gifts awaited you
    In that land of wonder

    It is a place
    Built of dreams
    Founded on love

    Because of you
    And all you overcame
    I shared that dream with you

    I will never forget
    Your Princess eyes
    Filled with delight and joy

    How beautiful the hands
    That give and serve
    And build a gift so magical

    Greeted by a whale
    And her splashing tale
    Dolphins feasting from your hand

    Princesses in regal bliss
    Stooped to bestow a royal kiss
    And speak with hope filled words

    Invited to dance and sing
    To celebrate a Lion King
    In your own joyous style

    The magic donkey spoke
    And shared a joke
    That made you forever friends

    You saw the world
    And pyrotechnics swirled
    To bring your magic journey to a close

    Now we look back
    And hold those images
    Of magic in our hearts

    The love and joy
    We planted there
    With tears of happiness

    Will grow in time
    In song and rhyme
    Into a legendary tale
  2. Bill_Lin

    Bill_Lin Grateful to God

    May 25, 2007

    We have bags
    We have crocs
    We have games
    In a box
    We have shorts
    And sunscreen
    And Disney
    Kid's Magazine
    We have shirts
    We have maps
    We have times
    Planned for naps
    And have checked
    Google earth
    Have certificates
    Of birth
    We have our
    State's I.D.
    Know the places
    to P
    Have been
    On DISboards
    And know where
    To buy swords
    Still I am afraid
    Our trip might turn rotten
    If the tiniest thing
    Is somehow forgotten
  3. Bill_Lin

    Bill_Lin Grateful to God

    May 25, 2007

    I don't know if you'll believe
    I met a Princess today
    And was greeted in her castle
    In a most royal way

    Yes I met a real Princess
    Who stooped to welcome me
    And inside her royal castle
    I met another three

    There were towers that had banners
    Stained glass windows in the wall
    And the sparkling lights of magic
    In the royal banquet hall

    A fairy flew from somewhere
    And she waved her magic wand
    Then she blessed me with a smile
    That became our special bond

    My greatest wish was granted
    And a star thats only mine
    In that land of deep enchantment
    Where the brightest wonders shine

    I became a royal princess
    At that magic coronation
    And was gifted with enchantment
    In a regal celebration

    For a princess is a princess
    When she is one in her heart
    When becoming a true princess
    Inner beauty's where you start

    I can take you to my castle
    In a land of mystery
    If you have the childlike virtue
    Of believing what you see

    If you know that there is wonder
    And perceive the majesty
    Of a child's imagination
    It will set your spirit free

    Whisk away then to that place
    Where, as a child, I flew
    There all your dreams are living
    And wishes all come true
  4. Bill_Lin

    Bill_Lin Grateful to God

    May 25, 2007
    Disney Whirled

    Parking lot
    Playful spot
    Inspection hassle
    Magic Castle
    Rope Drop
    Child Swap
    See Winnie the Pooh
    Whatever you do

    Walk slow
    Main Street
    Character greet
    Peter Pan
    Touring Plan
    Hair stylin’
    Tom Sawyer Island

    Fast Pass
    Liberty Bell
    Snow White
    Grab a bite
    Jungle Cruise
    Long-line blues

    Toon Town
    Princess gown
    Mickey Mouse
    Minnie’s house
    Pirate’s curse
    Empty purse
    Parade Times
    Count your dimes

    Aladdin’s lamp
    Hand stamp
    Gifts shops
    Potty stops
    A President
    Our money’s spent
    Haunted Mansion
    Hidden stanchion

    Rude jerks
    Small World
    Flags unfurled
    Splash Mountain
    Thunder Mountain
    Space Mountain
    Costs mountin’

    Tired feet
    We’re all beat
    Please don’t fail
    Find our car
    It can’t be far
    Its really late
    We’re out the gate

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