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Waiting For ROFR

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by shellbelle1971, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. shellbelle1971

    shellbelle1971 7 young DIS-ers in our castle

    Have you ever had Disney give word on ROFR in less than 30 days? I wish... We're on day 19 today. Sigh...
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  3. JMW123

    JMW123 New Member

    Yes, when the buy your contract from under you....

    It seems that a rule of thumb is that if they are going to exercise ROFR it happens usually in less than 21 or so days.

    If they are going to let you pass you usually find out on a Tuesday or Weds and it is the last Tues or Weds possible that falls with your 30 day period.

    i.e. I submitted on a Weds and found out 4 Weds's later, exactly 28 Days.
  4. johnsbelt

    johnsbelt New Member

    Yes, when we purchased, we passed ROFR in 7 days. That was before any restrictions on re-sale AND IS DEFINATELY NOT THE NORM. I guess I had quite a bit of pixie dust sent my way from the ROFR angels. :-)

  5. lodge

    lodge New Member

    7 days! That must be a record!! I have never seen that!! Yep, pixie dust for sure!!pixiedust:
  6. shellbelle1971

    shellbelle1971 7 young DIS-ers in our castle

    Ok...patience is a virtue, I guess. It's just not *my* virtue. :coffee:
  7. shellbelle1971

    shellbelle1971 7 young DIS-ers in our castle

    WOW!! 7 days! I'm trying to restrain my jealousy!
  8. Joey7295

    Joey7295 New Member

    I agree. They usually take as many days as possible before they let a contract pass
  9. lville23

    lville23 New Member

    The longer you go the better the odds. My last contract was ROFR'd on day ten, which inluded two weekends and one Monday Holiday (MLK).
  10. ELMC

    ELMC New Member

    Agreed. If you are the type to worry about passing ROFR, you really only need to worry for the first two weeks. If you hit that mark without hearing anything, you are more than likely home free.
  11. Sandisw

    Sandisw Moderator Moderator

    That's good to hear...we hit 30 days this week...we went to Disney on 1/28 and its a BLT Dec UY, so maybe the fact that we made it this far is a good sign they might not take it...
  12. ELMC

    ELMC New Member

    Here's hoping! :goodvibes Good luck to you.

    KAT4DISNEY <font color=red>Glad to be a test subject<br><font

    I had one that had a verbal OK after 1 day and the written notice came 6 days later. :p

    Not the norm though. And the reason there was a verbal ok was that it was a contract Disney had begun foreclosure on several weeks earlier but then a clerk had accidentally pulled the file so rather than continue the foreclosure they let the owners sell it.
  14. shellbelle1971

    shellbelle1971 7 young DIS-ers in our castle

    Guess what...we just got news that our contract passed ROFR today--20 days after it was submitted. Hooray! :)
  15. Joey7295

    Joey7295 New Member

    I passed today at 22 days
  16. WDWfanatic2

    WDWfanatic2 New Member

    I passed today at 18 days :)
  17. cm8

    cm8 <font color=blue>Half of the time we're rushing ar

    :cheer2::thumbsup2 Welcome Home :wave2:

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