Using busses from AKL and back; EMH park hopping NEWBIE NEEDS HELP!!

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by dryomama, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. dryomama

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    Jul 8, 2009
    This is our first onsite vaca and I am trying like mad to iron out as many wrinkles as I can before we get there......:eek:

    We are staying at AKL from 7-27 to 8-3 :woohoo: and the loose plan is to hit the early EMH park in the morning and head back to AKL pool for the hot part of the afternoon. Then we will head to the late EMH in the evening til close (or until we are ready to head back).

    How are the transit times using the buses?? :confused3 How much time will it take up?? We have a CB at Tusker House @ 9:45 on a EMH day, so we will already be at AK long before check-in time. :confused:

    B :earsboy:
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  3. wdwgoofeeee

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    Dec 28, 2002
    I have not stayed at the AKL so can't answer your question. This will bump you to the top for some responses.
  4. Jestocost

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    Dec 3, 2003
    Our experience at AKL in June was great. We never waited more than 10 minutes for a bus at AKL or at any of the parks. If you're staying until close or at another heavy travel time you might not be as lucky leaving the parks, but you never know.

    As far as actual driving times, AK is almost nothing and the drives to DHS and Epcot are relatively short too. Getting to the MK takes a little bit longer because it's at the opposite end of the "World." Going back to AKL from the parks almost always involved a stop at Kidani Village before the bus would go to Jambo House (the original AKL), so return times are a few minutes longer than the times heading out to the parks.

    I would budget at least 30 minutes (and probably 45 minutes to be safe) for getting from AKL to the bus depots at AK, DHS or Epcot, then add in your own estimate for how long it will take your group to get from there to the gates. For the MK, I would plan on 45 minutes to 60 minutes plus the time to get into the park itself. You may very well get there quicker, but if you've just missed the bus or there are glitches in the system you never know.
  5. helenk

    helenk I wish I was in Disney World

    Jan 4, 2000
    The buses for all of the resorts start running around 6:30 for the MK and around 7:00 for the other parks. They run early for the Character Breakfasts and the tours.
    The ride from the AKL to the AK takes about 5 minutes, maybe a bit more but not much. It took about 20 minutes to get to the MK and about 15 minutes to get to Epcot and DHS. This is timing from the time we left Jambo House. The buses for the parks stop at the Kidani Village first and then go over to the Jambo House, after that they head over to the parks. When the buses return from the parks they drop off at Kidani first. Going to and from Downtown Disney Jambo House is first to be picked up and dropped off.
    What I try to do is to get to the bus stop about 45 minutes prior to the MK opening and 30 minutes prior to the park opening of the other parks and I have been fine with getting to the parks on time.
    When you leave the parks at night, especially if its after the fireworks or Illuminations etc, the lines for the buses get very long. Be prepared to wait and possible stand going back to your resort. I either leave before the fireworks I hang out in the park for awhile so that it clears out. I'll get a snack and sit and people watch and then head out, you miss the mad rush to the exit and the lines for the buses have thinned out as well.
  6. TheWog

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    Apr 1, 2004
    We stayed at AKL in April/May and had great experiences with the bus system. Longest trip to MK was 16 mins and shortest was 12 mins. The 16 min trip was also because a supervisor or someone was stopping all busses at the entrance and asking questions of the drivers. :confused3 To AK was less than 5 mins usually about 3, Epcot and DHS was also about 10-15 depending on traffic, lights, etc. We only waited longer than 10 mins for a bus once and that was to DTD in the middle of the day (27 min wait), so I don't think that is a good guage. Trip to DTD was about 20 mins each time. Usual wait time was between 5-8 mins upon arriving at the bus area.

    They now have the AKV bus stop so that adds a couple mins to each trip. No big deal though. Good luck and have fun!

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