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Upgrades at Port?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by DisneyHobbit, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. DisneyHobbit

    DisneyHobbit New Member

    Just wanted to see if anyone has upgraded recently when checking in, and if DCL is still having some pretty good deals. I'm currently booked in a stateroom with a verandah, but was hoping to maybe upgrade at the port to a Conceriege Family. I thought it might be a little treat since it's during my birthday! :cheer2: So what experience have ya'll had!!
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  3. Nikki'sMommy

    Nikki'sMommy New Member

    We're hoping the same thing in Sept... I keep checking to see how many conceirge rooms are still available..good luck.
  4. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    Is it usually a pretty good deal to upgrade at port?

    Do you happen to know how many concierge rooms there are on the Dream? We are booked for a 3 night next July and there are alot of cabins in every category still available. I know it's still a year away, but we were also looking at the middle of December 2013 and there seems to be alot less availability for that time than 5 months earlier in July :confused:. I'm sure with December being quite a bit cheaper that's a factor, but I figured more families would go in July since school is not an issue. Is there any way to tell how booked up a cruise is other than looking at your dates on the DCL site to see what is still available?
  5. DisneyHobbit

    DisneyHobbit New Member

    It usually is a really good deal, but it does depend on how many are available and how booked the ship is. I'm really hoping since we set sail in January some pixie dust will come my way! :tink:
  6. kcashner

    kcashner New Member

    Upgrades at the port are a great deal...provided they are available on YOUR sailing date and at the very minute that you walk up to the supervisor's desk. Concierge upgrades are the best value, but you have not been able to take advantage of the shoreside services in advance (so you are really not getting quite the same deal as someone who paid the bigger bucks in advance).

    There is no way to predict availability; it's just luck. We did a B2B and upgraded the first leg. The second leg we were the first people in the terminal--full ship, no upgrades available.

    Good luck to all above, but always book a cabin where you will be happy.
  7. mommyz

    mommyz New Member

    We were originally booked in a Cat 8D (Oceanview Family Stateroom) for 5 people (2 adults, 3 kids - 12, 5, and 3). The only cabin available for upgrade was the Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom W/Verandah (Stateroom 11000). At the port it was an additional $1336. I know when I looked about a week before the total price would have been over $15k for that stateroom.

    We had no intention to upgrade but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Not sure if it was a great deal or not but we loved it and would do it again for that price in a heartbeat.

    I will have to say that you probably have to get their super early. We were at the port at 10:30 and checking in probably around 10:45. We had the 11-11:30am boarding pass. I am sure if we came later it would have been gone. The ship was full and the list of cabins available were less than 5 total.
  8. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    Thanks.....and good luck on getting some pixie dust on your January cruise :wizard:.

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but where is the supervisor's desk...is it in the terminal? If so, I take it upgrades are done at arrival at the terminal before you board the ship or are they done after you board? This is our first Disney cruise so I'm still learning how things work :goodvibes.

    We are booked in a Cat 08B Deluxe Family Oceanview (3 night cruise) and while I would love to go with concierge, the difference in price right now is $1698. That isn't too bad for what you get with concierge, IMO, but I keep wondering that since all your food, drinks, etc. is included in the cruise, is it really worth it to pay that extra for a lounge with snacks, drinks, etc. But then again, with it not be that big of a difference in price now, I wonder what the cost would be at port to upgrade at that time if there are still concierge cabins available :confused:.
  9. Cambsuk

    Cambsuk New Member

    This is just a personal experience, we have done concierge on the wonder on both a 4 night and a 7 night cruise, we loved it both times, on the dream we were in a category 4A on a 4 night and we really enjoyed it. we found that the 'perks' of concierge weren't worth it for us on a new ship, with so many things to see, and only 4 days to explore it. Now, on a 7 day cruise, I think its good to do concierge as they offer extra events for concierge families and you are on the ships longer.
  10. sweetpee_1993

    sweetpee_1993 New Member

    I forget the category we had booked on a verandah on the Magic in May. I know it wasn't the bigger one. We upgraded at the port to a 1-bdrm concierge. I realize on the Magic it's not with the cool-factor that's on the newer ships since there's not a concierge lounge. We paid $1200 to upgrade. Worth it? Yeah. It was fun. Not something we'd ever book ahead of time. I wasn't going to go for it but it was my hubby's 40th bday cruise and he wanted to do it so we did. We enjoyed the priority boarding and the welcome reception. Having a concierge assigned to us was nice. She took care of little things we would've had to do like go get the extra Wave phone (which we never were charged additional for), booking a tasting, make sure our shipped box arrived, etc. All sorts of little surprises were left for us during the stay...even arcade cards for our boys to go play with. It was sweet. We really enjoyed it so no regrets.

    When you walk in the terminal there's a looooong desk to the left where everyone is being checked-in. You'll have to get that done first. Then, the supervisor's desk will be all the way down at the farthest end of the long desk you were just checked-in at. It'll be all the way at the end closest to the ship, away from where the terminal entrance is. There's a separate line down there. :thumbsup2

    One of my favorite perks that I wish we had taken advantage of was that concierge guests can order from the main dining rooms' menus and have it delivered to their stateroom. As much as we keep spending on dress clothes for our sons who outgrow stuff so dang fast nowadays, I'd rather spend the money on concierge level and eat in our stateroom a night or two vs. dressing up and being on a schedule. Would be all the same food we love without having to spend time dressing up, etc. We could just relaaaaax... :cool2:

    Forgot to mention the standing room service order for the mornings. During our welcome meeting with our concierge onboard the ship (in a nice lounge with free cocktails included) we set up a standing order for coffee & milk at 8:30 every morning. Every morning without fail we received a call at 8:15 confirming we were present for the delivery then at 8:30 the tray arrived. I got so spoiled! When I returned home the first morning getting up, walking down the stairs, and making my own coffee was brutal! Seriously. I was fighting back the tears! LOL!
  11. mommyz

    mommyz New Member

    The supervisor's desk (in PC) is located to the far right almost the last station. We had to first check in get our KTTW cards and then see what they had left. Again I stress to get their early.

    We've only been on one 3 nt cruise...will only do 7nt now but not sure Concierge is worth it for such a short stay.

    We really enjoyed the "extra special" service but we wanted to upgrade b/c we wanted more space....it was worth it especially to have a large bathroom.
  12. Disney's Fan

    Disney's Fan New Member

    Just to make sure I understand....you check in completely at the long desk, get your assigned room, then go over to the supervisor's and see if an upgrade is available? Do you have to let them know at the first check in desk you are interested in doing that? Thanks in advance for any clarification! :)
  13. mommyz

    mommyz New Member

    You can let them know that you are interested but they will tell you after checking in completely to go over to the supervisor and wait in line there. Luckily it wasn't a long line. No one knows the inventory but the higher ups.
  14. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    The bolded part is one concern of mine. I know we won't be in the cabin much at all since there's so much to see and do on a cruise (especially since this is our first Disney cruise), so that's something that is keeping me from doing the upgrade now. With that said, if I can upgrade at port for a little less than what it would cost now, it might be worth it. Thanks for your input :).

    Thanks for your input on concierge as well as where to go/what to do for check in and then to check for upgrades ;). Getting coffee every morning at a specific time would be great, I would love that!!!! LOL on being back home having to make your own coffee......it stinks coming home from a vacation, especially when you've been spoiled :laughing:.

    Thank you :flower3:. Space is probably the main reason for me considering the upgrade (although having a lounge and being pampered would be nice, too :goodvibes). The concierge cabin would be 304 sq. ft. vs 241 sq. ft. for the family deluxe oceanview and I know the difference isn't huge, but I keep thinking it would be nice to have that little extra space with 4 of us. Plus I noticed there is a bathroom with the shower, sink, & vanity along with a 1/2 bath with the toliet, sink, & vanity......and that would come in handy :thumbsup2.
  15. kcashner

    kcashner New Member

    You need to check in for the cabin you have booked and then proceed to the supervisor's desk. As noted, the supervisor's station is at the far end of the counter nearest to the ship. The CMs at any of the regular stations will be happy to direct you.

    You can attempt to upgrade at Guest Services after the ship has sailed, but chances are that by then all the upgrades available will have been sold at the terminal.
  16. UmmGooD

    UmmGooD New Member

    I wanted to say the size difference that you are stating between a cat 8 and a cat 4 or V is the size of the verandah. So the extra size for your family of 4 would not be on the inside of the room. The bathrooms are the same on both the cat 8 and cat V other than finishes. Unless you have a cat 8a square room and I then think those rooms are bigger than the cat V except for the bathrooms which are sometimes single rooms instead of split.
  17. Purdue Mouse

    Purdue Mouse New Member

    Does anyone know the uprade procedurein Seattle?
  18. outahere

    outahere <img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/images/plat_life.

    Just so everyone knows...... unless this has recently changed, only guests staying in a suite can order from the MDR menus. On the Magic and Wonder, all the concierge cabins are suites, but that's not the case on the Dream and Fantasy. Guests staying in a cat V (Concierge Family stateroom) order from the regular room service menu. There really isn't room in the cat V cabins for a MDR room service meal, since there is no dining table.
  19. thefamilymouse

    thefamilymouse New Member

    Is the amount you pay for the upgrade calculated from the cost of your room or from the amount that you paid for your room?

    For example I booked a 11B for 3adults, it should have been 2400 but because of the special deal for Canadians I paid 2000. So would the cost of upgrade be calculated from 2000 or from 2400.
  20. luv2sleep

    luv2sleep New Member

    Before you sail is there a way to predict if there might be upgrades available at port?
  21. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 New Member

    Thank you :flower3:.

    After looking at each them on the DCL site, the concierge cabin (OOV) states a full bath (vanity, sink, round tub & shower) and half bath (vanity, sink, & toliet), vs a deluxe family oceanview (08B) with just a split bath (round tub & shower) :confused3.

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