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Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by SAT887, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    A Disneyversary! 13 is our lucky number….. :flower3:

    Celebrating our 13th Anniversary….. Disney style! So we have been planning this trip for a while. Nothing definite, but just in the backs of our brains that Disney could be a fun celebration…. We are hoping this year is lucky 13 for us in more than just our personal life….

    So the the story goes like this. On our arrival day, 13 years earlier, by a stroke of luck my husband was forced to hang out with me – and who knew it would turn into marriage! We had worked together and he gave me a ride home. At the time I didn’t drive (I was 18, didn’t really feel the urge to, lived in NJ and had plenty of people around me who I could get rides to and from) Well, my gracious fellow co worker said he would give me a ride home. I was pretty pleased about this, not because I liked him or anything, but this way I didn’t have to call my mom…. After all I was 18 with priorities…  Well, he drove me home and as he dropped me off in my driveway (which was a dead end dirt road) a fire truck blocked him in. Apparently there was a propane leak next door and he wasn’t going anywhere! We spent a few hours together waiting for the area to be cleared and we decided that since we already spent the first half of the night hanging out, might as well spend the rest of it hanging out. Well, after many cups of coffee the rest is history.

    Well, 4 years after that we were married, then we did the whole house thing and then the kid thing…. Now we decided we need a few days to just do our thing! We feel bad about leaving our 2 kids at home (they will be 4 and 2 when we go) but sometimes you just need to have fun! So finally after many discussions we are booked!!

    The Cast… Zack & Me (Sarah)
    This is from our recent December trip….

    When … Oct 6 –Oct 10

    Where… BLT Lakeview Studio!

    We had preplanned for this trip slightly… PAP’s was super discounted in December with a DVC discount, I think we spent about $5o more on our tickets then (however we made it up easily with discounts) and we purchased a TiW card. Both are still valid for October and we plan to take full advantage.

    We haven’t planned any of the details of our trip. Lots of ideas and I think we are just enjoying the idea of 4 nights with no one but ourselves to take care of! We are so happy and thankful that my MIL will watch our two girls while we are away (she rocks!) Some of the things we have in mind are Signature ADR’s, Kona Café, MNSSHP, F&W and basically just walking around holding hands…. :) Well as things progress and my 180 day window opens up I will be updating! Hopefully I can do better at this PTR/TR than I did at my first one.
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  3. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

  4. wlwilliams9

    wlwilliams9 "It's green and evil...I call it greevil!!" -Dr. H

    Sounds great so far! Can't wait to hear more!!
  5. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    :welcome: I have some ideas but waiting on park hours and ADRs. Do you have a trip planned?
  6. wlwilliams9

    wlwilliams9 "It's green and evil...I call it greevil!!" -Dr. H

    We'll be at WDW Oct 17-26! I haven't been since May 2012, so a year and a 1/2 to wait has been killing me!
  7. helenlovesdestroy

    helenlovesdestroy New Member

    Finally I'm in! Hello im from the FB group !
  8. joshswif

    joshswif New Member

    I've subscribed! From the fb group:) Can't wait to hear your plans!
  9. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    That was like us on our Dec trip- it was over a year and I wanted to change the dates and go back sooner..... It was worth the wait though - Christmas in Disney was spectacular.....

    :welcome: I really like your screen name :) I need to start figuring out who is who off of the FB group.... :yay:

    :welcome: I just read your last update!

    So my 180 mark is less than 2 weeks away, while I know it is only a 4 night trip I need to get moving and do some planning! Since its just my husband and I, I've been thinking of things we can do that we wouldn't normally be able to do with our kiddos in tow.... Any suggestions from my fellow DISers will be appreciated!
  10. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    Wow... I've been really slacking in PTR land... I do plan on doing an update with park plans and my ADR's that I have made... :) One of these days... Hopefully by weeks end!
  11. Valgoof

    Valgoof New Member

    Thought I would join in here since I dont have enough places to talk to you. :rotfl2:
  12. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    :welcome: haha :)

    I've been really slacking on this. I have been collecting some web images of my numerous ADR locations.... Yeah I added a few breakfasts... Hehe I wonder how many of them I will keep or let go!
  13. Valgoof

    Valgoof New Member

    You only have 5 months to make changes. That is like nanoseconds in Disney planning. :). I know you posted them on the thread, but I forget what they were. Sooo I will patiently wait until you post them here. popcorn::
  14. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    I hope your smiley has a lot of popcorn! Hehehe
  15. benji2012

    benji2012 New Member

    Joining in! October is such a great time of year and I love BLT!
  16. OrangeJuice

    OrangeJuice New Member

    Joining in too. Hope to hear more soon :P
  17. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    :welcome: October is our favorite month overall - so excited to be in Disney for it! I bet we will be loving BLT too!

    :welcome: I am trying!
  18. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    So delayed.... as promised! I have had a lot of real life changes and I'm trying to adjust. It's been a lot of ups and downs - but we are getting there! I am now at home full time and trying to adjust to this. My husband got a promotion and the next few months are pretty busy with him training and traveling. Needless to say I am looking forward to our week in NC in June!!

    So this is mostly going to be a post about ADR's and not too heavy on park plans. We actually might just wing it- a little..... :) not fully decided though!

    Sunday -

    Our arrival time in MCO is 9:50 am on Sunday October 6th. First, hotel check in.... I am excited for our stay at BLT and made a few requests in hope for a view of MK - only lake view was available when I booked the trip.

    We plan on heading over to Epcot and start gathering PP+, switch our APs to RFID card (or bands! If they have them) and then off to F&W for lunch. We have no idea where we might go but we will go somewhere! :)

    After lunch we will go back to our room if it ready. We will relax, maybe take a dip in the pool, get coffee and get ready for dinner at 5:30 here.....


    We have a 5:30 ADR at Artist's Point. I'm so excited! This will be on our actual anniversary day and should be a wonderful meal. Afterwards we will head to MK and go to MNSSHP!!

    Monday -

    While some might think 7:30 is early, this is a late breakfast for us! I was planning on quick service, but most places just don't have anything I would eat. I have a hard time stomaching breakfast and having something a little fresh, and good coffee is sort of important.... Plus my husband is an egg kind of guy and the scrambled eggs everyday probably wouldn't go over well.... So on this day we are dining at Kouzzina.... Opa!


    For dinner we have an ADR at The Yachtsman.... I have always heard such great reviews and have to try!



    Again with our 7:30 breakfast! This time it is at Kona....


    Not for this.....


    But this!


    I love coffee so I am excited to try it and see what it's all about. :)

    Tonight's dinner will be at the Flying Fish. I have been wanting to try this place for ages! Our ADR is at 5:30 because we enjoy early meals. Plus it leaves us plenty of time for snacking later on!



    Yes... I couldn't help myself...... Guess where our next breakfast ADR is.... Here is a hint....


    Yep! Cinderella's Royal Table. We will dine with royalty and its an 8:25 AM ADR and right now that means pre park opening!!! So I am hoping to get in early enough to get quite a few pre park photos :)


    So here it is... our last signature dinner..... 5:30 at......

    Citricos! My husband chose this over Narcossee and I am curious to try it. I have to say there may have been other places I wanted to try, but this made the most sense for this trip. I do plan on now incorporating signature dining with my kids, and we picked places we felt that would not be as kid friendly on this trip. Our plan with the kids is Jiko and in park signature.....


    Thursday - departure day.... Our flight does leave around 6 so I planned a breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe.... At 7:30! We will then head over to MK and spend the morning there.... Luckily the Disney Depression shouldn't be too bad since we will be heading back out to the world in January....


    So there you have it... My ADRs at a glance! I will post eventually my park plans. Probably like a month out when the hours are more accurate. Also, just not having kids in tow will make this such an "easy" trip. Our focus is going to be, hanging out, trying new things and thrill rides that my girls might not be able to enjoy in January...... :)

    My thing that I am planning now is clothing..... :) it's more of what summer clothes am I going to buy that will also be great in Florida... I am thinking lots of sundresses!

    ***ALL images were obtained through google images - I tried to pick pictures that gave original photographer credit***
  19. Valgoof

    Valgoof New Member

    Love the choices!!! I cant wait to hear about Kouzzina and GF Cafe breakfasts. Those two are on my list! The castle is too, if I can convince DH. We ate at Kona last year, but we arent big coffee drinkers so no pressed pot for us. I want to try a signature next time. Probably Yachtsman or Cali Grill, depending where we stay. Are you renting a car or using busses and/or taxis for your resort meals?
  20. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    We always rent a car. I have control issues!! Also we usually have the kids and its just easier because we leave a ton of stuff in the car instead of lugging it everywhere....

    I will definitely do a better job with my dining experiences this TR... I will probably only do iPhone shots of food - I can't say how comfy I would be pulling out my DSLR at dinner ;) I love Cali Grill- it has always been a favorite- I'm curious to see how things rank after this trip though :)
  21. SAT887

    SAT887 New Member

    Ok.... This trip is in complete overhaul....

    Like going September 7th to the 14th and bringing the kids :) I felt too guilty leaving them home....

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